Sunday, September 17, 2017

I could have been poisoned!

We had a super meeting yesterday morning.  It was the first official meeting of the West End Modern Quilt Guild.  And we are now an official member of the Modern Quilt Guild.  We're almost at the capacity of the tier for which we signed up. We do have a few spots left from what our initial goal was but not everyone was at this meeting although we did people sign up even if they weren't there. And that's on the first meeting!  I'm super excited about the response and can't wait to get to know these ladies better although I do know a fair number of them already.

Then I was home to get down to work!  I scanned the meager contents of our fridge and found something for lunch. If ever there is a major event and we can't get to the stores, we'll die from lack of food. And if there is ever a major event where we lose electricity, we won't lose any food!  The pros and cons of a nearly empty fridge. But we could drink because who would want to waste all that beer and wine!

After lunch, I felt like I needed a little something sweet. I went to my chocolate stash and pulled the LAST item from the stash. I've decided to NOT buy more - I'll probably die from lack of chocolate and if there is a power outage, there are no reserves anymore!  Anyway, I pulled out the last item and laid it on my cutting table. Then I had a really good look at it.  Oh, my!  This is a critical situation.

Ah - check out the expiry date

Yes, indeed. Check out that expiry date.  Sept 15, 2017. And what was yesterday's date?  Sept 15, 2017. Good thing I discovered that because well I could have been poisoned eating chocolate past its expiration date!!!  Phew!

As I was merrily sewing, I was using one of my UFO projects as my ender and leader. I grabbed one of the blocks and OH! This doesn't seem quite right.

Does this look right to you?
 Indeed when I look at the good one (on the right) and the one on the left, there's a mistake.

 So I ripped off the last section I had sewn on. But when I went to sew it back on, I realized that I had made another mistake on the block so had to rip off the light section as well. Then it was ready to sew back together.  I hope there aren't other mistakes in the other blocks.

I'm getting down to nearly nothing left of this light fabric. I still have a few blocks to go (forgot to take a picture), but I should be OK. But just!  How's that for calculating fabric by the seat of your pants!

Hopefully enough fabric to finish!

I'm not even sure how many blocks I'm making, but the end quilt will be a lap size - or should be.  I have one more strip to sew on after I'm done adding the one that I'm currently sewing on which is a strip of the light which you didn't see. And that last strip has those silly little corner things that have to be cut, marked and sewn on BEFORE that strip can be sewn to the blocks. I'm not out of the woods on getting this done, but I'm getting closer!!!

I'll give you a total recap of what else got done yesterday when I do my Motivational Monday report.  Let's just say that if you're focused - a lot can happen!

We did go out to dinner last night. DH had been away the entire week and previous weekend and I talked his ear off - poor guy! I had no one else to talk to in the evening all week and there was a lot stored up waiting to be said! I wasn't quite like the couple I saw on vacation - it wasn't 100/0, but well maybe 80/20  - OH GOD!

As I was madly working yesterday, I had to clear off the ironing board. So yes it's clear.

Ironing board - clear
 And where did everything go???   I did a CLEAN SWEEP - yes right onto the floor. This is stuff that needs to be dealt with in the near future, but I had more pressing things to take care of yesterday!!

Clean sweep - right onto the floor
 And yes - I did find another block that needed to be fixed! This one still has to be ripped out. No time for that yesterday!

One more block to fix
 And that chocolate?  Oh yes - it was good!  And it's all gone and right on time!

Yum yum!

So no more chocolate - I can deal with that!  I can!  I will!

And on that note, I have a couple of very anxious girls who are begging to go to the park!  We're off!

Have a super day!!!!


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