Saturday, November 25, 2017

A very tight squeeze

I almost didn't know what to do with myself last night. DH has just as stupid schedule as I do sometimes and originally I was looking forward to going out to dinner and catch up on the news of the week. But then he reminded me (I'm constantly forgetting when he's here and when he's not!) that he was going out with his buddies for dinner.

Yahoo!!!!  I think I danced around the house a wee bit too exuberantly when he mentioned that. You see, there was NOTHING critical to get done for this morning, it would be just the girls and me. And well, you can't ask for more than that! I whipped off to the grocery store to pick up something from the deli for dinner (got lunch for today as well). DH complained when I got home because I didn't buy him a dessert. Good grief - he's not home for dinner - why would I buy him dessert?

Then he was gone and I was having a very enjoyable dinner with my cool beverage and peace and quiet. I was having a super time!  Hey Ronda - I even lit my candle!

I did have one thing that I was hoping to get done for today - a nice to have for the show n tell and so I went to work on that. It was amazing to work in that space and NOT be crowded, cluttered, etc. I'm leaving it this way - I LOVE it. But it means that I have to be even better with my lists so nothing gets forgotten.

In preparation for a class on tuffets that I'm teaching next weekend, I had to pick up another roll of that upholstery batting. You remember that huge roll???

I arrive at the warehouse to pick up the roll and remember the struggle it was to get the darn thing in the car. Finally one of the staff came out to help me! That was last time - this time - NOPE - I'm on my own. I finally figured out that if you push from the bottom, rather than the top - it would get into the car and within 5 minutes, I was good!

A tight squeeze in there
 Thank goodness this thing doesn't weigh very much - 20 pounds I believe and that it compresses nicely. Otherwise, I would have needed a big truck to pick the darn thing up! Made it home safely although it's a bit weird when you can't see out the back window.

And of course, since I had removed my regular tires from the car, my air pressure sensor light is flashing. While I love that feature, I hate the fact that it flashes like crazy when those sensors are not on the car. I wasn't paying to have those sensors installed on my winter rims. It just means that from time to time, I must check the tire pressure.

How did that huge thing get in there?
 Oh, I should mention that after I got that roll stuffed into the car, I realized that there were two trucks parked in the back by the loading docks and I'm sure they were killing themselves laughing at me stuffing that into the back of the car!

Last time, I left the huge roll in the living room. This time, I decided to take it downstairs. Of course, DH asked - "how will you get it downstairs?" Poor guy has no sense of spatial relationship at all!

Getting it downstairs was easy! I didn't have to remove the pictures from the wall.

Going down!

My god - this thing looks like a giant roll of toilet paper! And it's huge!  But look how nicely it fits on top of those WORK tables!

Waiting to be cut
Just so you know, I did clean up that table. Put the sewing machine away, and cleared whatever else was on it. I PUT it away, I didn't just move the stuff.

Then it was easy to roll out the batting and measure it and cut off the piece that someone was coming to get.

Toilet paper anyone?

Now I need to make some "hoods" for the tuffet class this coming weekend. Whoever signed up for that class is in for a treat. If you thought the previous class was easy - this one will be a breeze. I'm thinking about one hour for the final assembly. Of course, I have a few things to do in prep for the class to make it easy for the students but that's OK. There are only 10 in the class.

So - if you're thinking of making a tuffet, let me know. I can get you all the kit supplies you could possibly want. I think the total cost including legs (small bed legs) is about $100 - somewhere in that range. A great deal, a great method for assembly (thanks to Paul who perfected the technique).

On that note, I'm out of here. I have so little to do - I don't know what to do with myself.  Just kidding - I have two more blog posts to finish this weekend and a quilt to sew, quilt and bind so it can be shipped out on Monday. Then one more quilt to make by Thursday so I'm not out of the woods, but a whole lot more relaxed doing ONE thing at a time, not a hundred!

Have a super day!!!



  1. Building a tuffet is on my sewing list, I'd love to hear more about your easier assembly! Perhaps you can share someday for those of us not in your teaching zone. Thanks for sharing all you do!

    1. Terri-- no problem. thanks for following along! I'll be posting about the tuffet kits so you can see what we do to make it super easy for the class to finish in a very short time!