Saturday, November 4, 2017

Quilt Festival - Day Two

We've survived another day at Quilt Festival!  I don't mean that in a bad way - it's just that the days are long. One of my knees, the non-surgery knee isn't all that happy with all of the standing around and it gets stiff real quick when I sit down.  But I'll survive and it's all part of the process.

I was over to the Convention Center at 8 AM and I was able to see the rest of the floor with my camera and my notebook.  I did find a few more treasures and I wrote them down in my notebook. Silly but I found, even more, license plates and well - I'm going to buy them.  Good grief - one day this has to stop. Maybe I'll cap it at 10 or I'll only buy the interesting ones?

Not a whole lot of fabric is on my list - a couple of patterns and a few odds and ends.  It won't take up much room.

Back to the booth where I got it set up for the day - sorting out the fabric for the giveaways and getting our handouts ready.  We've gone through a fair amount, but there is no danger that we'll run out.

While what we hand out is a very small little package of fabric with a link to a free pattern, it's amazing how many people want MORE than one.  Quilters are desperate to increase their stash.   Some of them signed up with us last year and we're OK with that. It's nice to see people come back and I'm totally OK if everyone signs up at each new show (once!).  But when asked if they did the project from last year?  NOPE -- so what is the big deal about getting a few more squares?  Giving it to charity?  You need a whole lot of these squares to make a quilt.  It would appear that quilters have a natural hoarding tendency.  It's pretty crazy!

So if you are one of the ones who want extra fabric here's a tip.  DO NOT wear clothing that is easily recognizable.  Like coming in with your friends in matching bright pink T-shirts for instance. It's pretty funny what people try and I'm not sure if they think they can fool us? trick us?  Anyway - that's part of the game for us!  And then to see how people react when we politely say, thank you, but didn't you already sign-up like an hour ago?

I did manage to get out and walk the floor a wee bit in the day - just taking breaks as we are not all needed in the booth at one given time. And we need to take breaks.  The day did seem to go by fast so that was great as the days are very long.  I'm not sure why the show is open until 7 PM, but that seems a bit long.

There was a parade for the Houston Astros (World Series champs) yesterday at 2 PM.  The downtown was a zoo and traffic was gridlocked for a long time.  I do hope that Audrey and Marilyn got out as they were planning to leave in the middle of the parade.  I think they may have changed their plans. It was great to see the two of them and they should be safely out of town by now and halfway back home. Well not quite, but on their way home.

We've got another couple of days before we head home. Today is the last long day of the show as it closes at 7 again and then tomorrow is 4 PM when we get the fun task of closing down the booth and packing up.

We all went out to dinner last night to an area not far from the hotel.  It was a zoo.  I think the parade had occurred on this street and there was ticker tape all over the street, the bars were full of wasted people and garbage was piled in bags on the street. We were able to find a quiet place just outside the crazy zone and had the best sweet potato fries that I've had in a long time.

No pictures today - I didn't sleep very well. I've no idea why but I had tons of design ideas for quilts that were tossed around in my head and I need to get them on paper!

Have a super day!


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