Friday, November 24, 2017


What a totally crazy day!  All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for IKEA bags. While I did not end up using them all, I used most of them in order to make that stuff disappear. It didn't really disappear - it got repositioned.

The tables were mostly clear and I managed to stuff all the goodies into the bags and carefully "hide" them under the tables.

Under the table storage

Under the table storage - side view
 OK - so a few boxes and bags did get moved out of the room entirely but only because I had run out of under the table storage space.  This is going to be a lesson to me. NO MORE BUYING. NONE. No trading. No swapping.

And there was one bag that ended up upstairs as it was moved because the space the bag was occupying was needed to position a light.

Bag that went upstairs and then came back down

Now I know that you want to know what this was all about. Well, technically I can't give you the details. Nope - none!

However, I will say this. As Audrey pointed out yesterday, the only thing that would make her clean up like this would be a photo shoot. And technically she's right. EXCEPT - it wasn't really a photo shoot. It was more of a TV shoot!  YES - how exciting is that. Lights! Camera! Action! The number of people in the house and the amount of equipment - well I have no idea. Let's just say there were a lot of people - double digits for sure!

We even had quilting "extras" who were called in with 24-hour notice and good sports they all were. But since one of the extras (Nancy) was willing to drive all the way to PEI several years ago to spend a week at the beach quilting with me, I thought she would be crazy enough for this opportunity. Ronda, who I've done a few road trips with - like all the way to MSQC and one day in the state of New York so we could visit eight quilt shops in one day. And let's not forget Audrey and Marilyn who are willing to drive anywhere. Matter of fact, the last time I saw them was in Houston where Marilyn picked up a ribbon for a prize on one of her quilts. All four of these girls are pretty crazy and they mercilessly harassed the crew (in a nice way of course!).  So if the crew thought that quilters were calm and quiet before, I bet they went home with a whole different perspective of quilting.

So what did the rest of my house look like? Never one to lose an opportunity, I opened the cupboards, unfolded the piles of quilts and this is what I got. Sorry - the pictures are dark as I had to take them early this morning.

But one of the reasons we bought the house was so that we could display quilts on this gorgeous railing.

The red/white section

The general section

The hallway upstairs
 And WHY or WHY - didn't I find another quilt to put on that quilt rack instead of the reverse side of that pink quilt?????  I know they did an interview upstairs, but I've no idea what happened or what was said or even what angle they shot. And how much of any of this gets into the show  - well that's anyone's guess.  This isn't about me per se - I'm the quick little consult with an industry (quilting) expert.

This is the quilt display downstairs.

Quilt display area in the basement

All in all, I think we impressed everyone. I impressed myself that I could turn that space around so quickly and I even managed to sneak in a manicure yesterday. Although here's what the manicurist said to me - "When did you know about this shoot? And why did you wait until the last minute to clean?"  DAMN HER!  She was very nice and not accusing - just making conversation!

Sorry - can't give more details than that at the moment. The episode airs in May and I'll provide more details and pictures at that time unless I slip and drop a hint or two in the next couple of weeks. Of course, I would never come right out and say what the show was so you may have to play detective.

Have a super day!!!!


And now back to boring reality. Although when I was photocopying some stuff for one of the crew, we were chatting and it becomes very routine for them!

PS   - the draw and the winners.  I did the draw yesterday and the three winners were e-mailed. I'm still waiting to hear back from two before I publish the names. So if you didn't get an e-mail from me last night, I'm sorry. But stick around - there's always something good for a laugh on the blog!


  1. Wow - what an exciting day. I had a similar experience in 1996 when I won the TVOntario elementary teacher of the year. The crew came to my classroom and home to do interviews, All I remember is that there was a ton of filming for a fifteen minute TV presentation. By the way - your house looked amazing.

    1. Thanks Helen! It doesn't always look that way! But it sure was exciting. My 15 minutes (or perhaps 2) of fame when the episode airs.