Sunday, May 6, 2018

Oh - will you look at the time.....

I'm messing around with the computer tonight. I was just too tired after teaching all day to wrap my head around the long arm. So I'm e-mailing everybody that I can think of!  While I was messing around on the internet, I found this link. It's pictures of ME and parts of my trunk show when I presented at York Heritage Quilter's Guild earlier this year.  Take a peek!!! Pretty funny.

Then as I'm sitting here, I realized that I won't have time to blog in the morning and we can't let that happen. Nope - I'll be up way before the crack of dawn as it's Marathon Day. It's the Toronto Marathon and I'm once again driving a truck around the marathon route, dropping off supplies and then picking up supplies and getting them back to the finish line. Ah - there is never a dull day at my house!

I do have some quilt pictures to share with you as I said that I would. Actually, these are more acquisitions not quilts.

When we were at the latest retreat, Ronda and Laura popped off to Wal-Mart to do some shopping. They asked if we needed anything. Of course, we didn't need anything. But we decided to have fun with it. I put in a list of demands - like a photo of a Wal-Mart person. Which they weren't sure what I meant - did I mean - a Wal-Mart staff person or a "people of Wal-Mart". (Seriously????) While I meant the latter, I didn't get either. One of the other requests was ice cream sandwiches - didn't get that either. But I did request the cutest FQ and this is what I got. I think it's pretty cute!!!

Cute FQ from Wal-Mart
 Next time, I think Ronda and Laura need to up their game and at least get TWO of the many things I requested. Even if I wasn't going to eat the ice-cream sandwiches, I'm sure someone else would have. Or they could have gotten the pregnancy test! (That was a joke because did you know you can buy a pregnancy test from the dollar store????)

I also acquired this cute bicycle fabric. Thanks to our host, Kim. I've got a plan for this!!!!

You can never have too much bicycle fabric
 And then there was this. This next purchase actually took place at the previous retreat when we were in Orillia. I have had one of these boards FOREVER and I love it. It's got felt on one side (beneath which is a sandpaper board) and on the other side is a nice white flat surface (great for marking things).

I've used it a lot and recently it was commandeered for the pixelated apple quilt. It worked perfectly for that.
Perfect board for laying out blocks
 I bought this at my local quilt shop but I haven't seen one in years. Then at the retreat, some of the ladies went to Fabricland. Notice there's a lot of shopping on these retreats?  Anyway, one of them came back with this board. OH MY - I WANT another of these boards.

Packaging for the board

If memory serves me correctly, Ronda hopped in the car immediately upon learning about the board and went to Fabricland and cleaned them out for us. Thanks, Ronda (I guess she did redeem herself on that trip!). Surprisingly the boards were a very reasonable price considering how unreasonable some of the other prices can be at this fabric store.

My pixel board is currently having a rest, but it will soon be pulled back into action. That's part of a new ender/leader project. And the new one is currently hosting the pieces for a Bonnie Hunter mystery that I must get back to working on.

Board - great for holding pieces

Once I decided to NOT quilt tonight, I was going to go downstairs and at least sew for a bit. But that didn't work out. But the good news is that I've cranked out a whole pile of e-mail tonight and I'm sure by tomorrow evening, my mailbox will be brimming with good things. Well, one can hope.

Let's hope that the rain that we have now is GONE by the morning. I hate to be outside schlepping tables around when it's rainging and imagine all those runners - cold and wet. Not fun!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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