Friday, May 25, 2018

What we did at the sit n sew!

Sit n sews are the best days ever! It's a day of great conversations, loads of laughs, inspiration, creativity, and we get a bit of work done as well. It's time spent with friends and that's what life is all about!

While I wasn't as productive as I would have hoped, I still got things accomplished.

I started the day off by sewing the backing together for a quilt. I also made the binding. This project has been added to the "to be quilted" pile. That pile is getting higher and higher. I'm trying to get one of my own quilts quilted every week. I didn't get one done last week. I'm on a bit of a learning curve with the computer.  I had to call the support team yesterday for another question and OH BOY - there's so much I have no clue about!! 

Backing, binding, and top - ready to be quilted 

I didn't take pictures, but there's stuff crammed EVERYWHERE downstairs in order to clear the tables for the sit n sew. I'm going to try and work away at one or two of the piles, just to get things done. So this top and binding and the backing fabric were sitting there and all that needed to be done was to sew the backing fabrics together. Now, this quilt is also ready to be quilted.

Backing, binding, and top ready to be quilted

I got six more blocks sewn for the 150 Canadian Women quilt. That makes 138 blocks done. You know what that means. I've only TWELVE blocks left to go. I'm so excited about that.

Six blocks for 150 Canadian Women quilt
When I sew these blocks at Monday, I always seem to screw up the cutting or piecing on at least one of them. Oh shoot - I'm looking at the picture above - do you see what I see???  Yep - there's a boo-boo in one of the blocks. Anyway, since I was sewing these at home, there weren't any fabric mishaps. Of course - just when I had easy access to the rest of the fabric.

The white had been cut for the remainder of the blocks and I decided to bite the bullet yesterday and I cut EVERYTHING for the last 12 blocks. Now to sew them together. I wonder how far along Peggy is?  Will she beat me? I could sew them today to beat her. But I have work to do so that isn't going to happen. I'm going to keep on my schedule of 6 a week. That means two more weeks and I'm done the blocks.

Remaining 12 blocks are cut out.

I also did a few of these little pinwheels as my enders and leaders. They are small and they are fiddly, but better to get them done as enders and leaders so I don't drive myself crazy.

Pinwheels as enders and leaders

I didn't get pictures of all the projects that the others were working on, but here's what I got pictures of.

Claudette finally finished her Vintage Moments quilt (by Marsha McCloskey). I ran this as a class twice and Claudette attended both classes, but she got the quilt done!!!  I have to say that mine is on my UFO list for 2018. I think just the last two borders need to be sewn on. Yes - I'm going to be focusing on those UFOs, so mine will be done before long. It's a gorgeous quilt and lots of learning.

Claudette's version of Vintage Moments
 Claudette has several long-term projects that she brings to the various sewing days. All of them are VERY labor intensive. This one is called Wild and Goosey - it's a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  The pattern is paper pieced and I think you can find it on the link I've provided. Otherwise, just search for Wild and Goosey and the link to the pattern will come up.

Claudette's blocks for Wild and Goosey
 I've no idea how big she's making it and no idea how many blocks she has completed, but it's pretty cool. Actually, this would be a good use of those cut-off triangles I have from making binding and borders. I have THOUSANDS of them. Now to get those paper patterns printed.

Linda was working on That Town and Country quilt by The Gourmet Quilter. I absolutely adore this quilt (you see what happens on a sew day?  I like everything that all the others are working on).  I did buy the pattern for this. I've met Susan-Claire (the designer) and she's a hoot. I love her and I got to ride around Quilt Market one year on her scooter, but I digress.

That's me on Susan-Claire's scooter at Quilt Market

Anyway, the pattern is also available as a book.  While I know it's super easy to borrow this or any other pattern from your friend, sales of patterns are HOW DESIGNERS MAKE A LIVING so they can provide more patterns for you. I can only ask that you respect copyright.

Linda's That Town and Country quilt to date
 Here's a close up of a couple of the blocks. Linda has done an amazing job with all the stitching by machine and by hand.  LOVE IT - LOVE IT!!!!!

Linda's version of That Town and Country quilt

Linda was also working on this small wall hanging. I LOVE the contrast in this piece. It's gorgeous.

Red cardinal wall hanging
 I'm sure I have the pattern to that little guy somewhere. I'm not sure who the designer is, but I can see the pattern in my head.

Pat was working on the borders to her embroidered elves (I had posted that quilt last sit n sew day). Then she worked on a couple of pillowcases.

Pillowcases by Pat

Pat was also working on a shoe quilt for a very special person's birthday (not me!)  I love the blocks and she had used fabrics that were special to the recipient. That's a great idea to customize a quilt like that. I think Pauline should be making one for herself s she did an inventory of her shoes and well, let's just say that she has a lot of shoes. The pattern for the shoe quilt is by Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.   I couldn't find her pattern on the website, but you could always contact her if you wanted to buy it.

Pat's shoe blocks

Pauline was working on a table runner from batiks and laser cuts.  I love it.
Pauline's table runner
 Now here's an interesting thing about the pattern. I was at Thimbles and Things in Orillia this past week and saw some patterns that I loved. They looked like row by row patterns and in fact, they were. This designer in Alaska had an amazing response to her rows (from Row by Row Experience) that she decided to put them together as real patterns. I think some of them have been rejigged to make table runners like the one above.

Yep - just checked out the webpage for the shop (the owner is the designer - Marie Noah) and that's the same designer. Check out this link. The patterns are to die for. And how about that big quilt with the six rows. I'd make that in a heartbeat. I love it. I didn't buy any from Thimbles and Things when I was there because I think????  that I got the dog sled one when it was part of the Row by Row?? I'm not sure. I need to check.  But I love all that stuff. And how about this pattern - it's gorgeous.  I know that Sue has it at her shop in Orillia.

The last project that I took a picture of yesterday was also Pauline's. These were made from scraps of fabric (purple batiks) that she had hanging around. They'll make a nice wheelchair quilt or small lap for someone.

Pauline's blocks

Let's see - Diane was working on Night Sky by Jaybird, Linda K. was working on blocks for a quilt that I didn't see and Ruth was working on her blocks for Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.  It was a super day and I thank everyone for coming out. Even though I don't get a lot done myself on these days (well sometimes I do), it was a fun day.

And did you ever want to know about cremation and burials? I learned a whole lot yesterday!!!  Not sure that I want to be cremated now. But I guess I won't really care. It's something that we should all be thinking about and then the big question - what do you do with those ashes. I'll have to tell you the ash story another day!

Before I close today, I'm going to list the quilt shows in the area that are happening this weekend. I won't be able to attend them as I'm teaching all day on Saturday and have another Sit n Sew on Sunday, but you might be able to get out there and support the local guilds as well as get some inspiration.

Upcoming Quilt shows

New Millennium Quilter's Guild -- Friday, May 25 and Saturday, May 26  - Mildmay, Ontario

Oh - that's the only one I could find for this weekend, besides the St. Jacob's show I mentioned yesterday, as well as The Quilts of Iceland in Ailsa Craig and don't forget the small quilts at the St. Mary's Museum, in St. Mary's.  (there is no information about the show on their website, but the quilts are there).

There are a TON of shows next weekend and I'll post those this weekend. I have a ton of stuff to do today. Not sure where I'm going to start, but I'll just pick something and do it and then move on.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a SUPER day!!!!



  1. The Mennonite relief sale(also a great quilt show for those who are not buying) is on in New Hamburg today and tomorrow

    1. Shelly - yes -- good point. I never thought of it as a quilt show. I've never been. Next year!

  2. I'm pretty sure you are going to beat me - I am quilting a large quilt and a mega stand mixer cover at the moment, so won't be sewing any for a few days. I have several blocks cut ready to sew, but still quite a few of the 23 to cut too. It'll be great to get them all done, but then, of course, we still have to make quilts out of them!

    1. Oh Peggy - I hear you!!! I'm making it my focus to finish the blocks. Then I'll have to sort out the making of the quilts. Good luck on your quilting!!!