Saturday, May 12, 2018

The learning just never stops!

Did you see my TWO posts yesterday??  What do you think of the quilting industry shakeup? It's going to be totally crazy and I'd love to have been a fly on the wall during that meeting.  But things move forward and we'll just have to wait to see if any more news comes down the pipeline at Market next week.

Yesterday was another day of learning. ACK!!! I have to admit that self-training is the best way to learn. At least for me. I'm in the privacy of my own home, no one to roll their eyes at me. So this is how "silly" I can be at times. I had an expense report to fill out. I have the Excel spreadsheet, but it has protected cells except where we're supposed to fill in the information. I'm supposed to put my signature on that document, but how when the cell is protected? I was told to take a picture of my signature and insert it - well that just didn't work! I needed to send the document as a PDF and the only way I know how is to print it (see where this is going?) and then scan and save. YES, I'm sure there's a way to do it on the computer, but I don't know how. So then it hit me - if I have the actual document in my hand, I could just sign it with a pen and then scan and send. DUH!!!  That was a lightbulb moment for sure!

Here's another learning experience from yesterday. Remember how I said that I was struggling to open the folders on the tablet for the long arm? I think I figured it out. And I may just have confirmed it this morning as I was opening folders to save the pictures for today. What do I do with the mouse to open a folder? Why I DOUBLE click the folder of course.  It's second nature, but I do that with the mouse. I think that's what required on the tablet - a double tab with the finger and the files open. I think it was only from frustration - tap, TAP, tap tap on the tablet that the files finally opened!!!  I'll test it out next time the machine is fired up. What a laugh! Something so simple  - good thing I didn't call about that one!

Happy to report that the 10th (and final) quilt for #Humboldtstrong is done! For some reason, this one was a charm to quilt. It was just the day I suppose. It seemed to go so fast compared to the previous day's quilt.

The TENTH  #Humboldtstrong quilt - DONE

I got the binding made for the second one that needs to be bound and I've cut the strips and ready to join them for numbers 3 and 4.

Binding for quilt number two

I've made up a schedule of quilts to do this week, one for me, one for my Mom and a HUGE one for a customer. That's all I'll be able to work into the schedule as I have a couple of other things going on this week. I'm OK with that. Oh - the other thing I learned - it's VERY important to measure the quilt before loading it. Before the computer was added, it wasn't critical - I mean once the backing and the batting were chosen, but now I have to base the quilt design on the length (or width depending on how the quilt is loaded). All these little things, but surprisingly everything is coming together quite nicely and it wasn't that hard to learn how to do a basic panto.

I did a little bit of sorting yesterday. All the stuff at the bottom of the stairs is gone. I took a load of electronics to the recycling depot. That emptied a wee bit out of the garage. We had all sorts of bits and pieces of old equipment, wires, etc. and it's all gone. It didn't take that long and felt really really great as I drove away.

I've gone through a few more file folders and basically putting 98% of the stuff in the "to be shredded" box. The rest, I'll go through later or file and then sort through it later. Not sure. But I did find the bill of sale for my FIRST Husqvarna Viking sewing machine. The Designer I which I purchased on June 6, 1999. I still use that machine as my travel machine. A few broken features on it which can no longer be repaired, but I'm good with that. I love that machine. It cost me $6000 at that time. A LOT of money, but the top of the line today is way more than that.

I'm sure DH wasn't impressed when he came home to find the kitchen table and the kitchen island covered with stuff. Hopefully after our guild meeting this morning, I can get rid of more. Surprisingly I have NOTHING scheduled for the remainder of the weekend after my meeting. NOTHING. I see bike riding, walking, reading and perhaps a bit of personal sewing in the near future!!!

Here's something else I unearthed when I was tidying up. A brand new candle. I seem to have a few of them but never use them. So in honor of Ronda (who burns a lot of candles), I now have it sitting in my office and during my morning paperwork session, I burn the candle. BTW - I did get a lot done on the paperwork side yesterday and that felt great. I now have SIX critical things (things with a deadline) left to do and then unless something new comes in, I'll be cleaning up. I know there will be more stuff coming in but hopefully, I'll keep on top of it.

The candle is burning bright!

Here's the inspirational quote for today. This is so true!!!!   That's exactly how I feel. I remember as a kid thinking that anyone as old as I am now was ANCIENT. However, I don't feel the least bit old and certainly not ready to act old. Oh god - that's for OLD people.

Inspirational quote

As many of you know, I've been very fortunate to have a number of quilts published in various quilting magazines. There are way more than I've posted. I feel guilty to post them all. But here's one that is out in the Summer 2018 issue of Quilts and More.

Cover of Sumer 2018 - Quilts and More

The quilt - Just my Type

And I absolutely adore this beautiful photo they took of the quilt. The setting is perfect.

Perfect setting for this quilt

(Photos) Used with permission from Quilts and More magazine. ©2018 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

The collection used for this quilt is called LetterPress by Northcott. It's one of my absolutely favorite collections, although I see they have some new amazing collections coming out. I had better get myself organized and get back to the drawing board.  

The Quilts and More magazine is out NOW so you can pick up your copy!  

And I've managed to keep my desk clean for ONE entire day. There are three things on the desk top for today, although technically I'm not doing paperwork today, but I have a couple of e-mails to address. Rather than wait for next week, I'd better do it today. 

On that note, I'm off to get ready for the dog park, the guild meeting and then???  Who knows!!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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