Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The scoreboard

Yesterday was a long, intense day, but I got so much accomplished and still got time to read and play with the girls. And I walked to the library!!!

I spend a good part of the morning on the computer and got some tasks crossed off the list. A few more urgent ones to do this morning and then I should be able to let that be for today.

But here's the best news of all.  Yep, I fired up the long arm and got three more of the #Humboldtstrong quilts done!!!

The quilting "to do" scoreboard
 While I didn't have to look at the videos or make any calls, I did have a couple of tiny mishaps. No quilts were damaged, but I learned a few things. I learned that you had better optimize the ends of the rows so that there are NO stops and starts as the pattern goes off the edge of the side of the quilt. I did that on row one but forgot on row two. I'll never do that again. The computer stopped at each time the needle ran off the end of the quilt. If you optimize, it moves to the next spot without stopping.

I also couldn't figure out why I had to optimize row two when I had already optimized row one. Then I figured it out. Row two is different than row one. The skates are reversed so it's a different row. AHA -- well, I won't make that mistake and I figured something out on my own. I was feeling pretty good about that.

I do seem to have some issues with getting started and getting the pattern on the screen. Not sure why that is and I'll try to figure it out today. But once the pattern is on the tablet (which is still upside down), I'm good to go.

And here they are. They look the same, but in fact, there are three different quilts.

#Humboldtstrong - quilt one - done!

#Humboldtstrong - quilt two - done!

#Humboldtstrong - quilt three - done!

I hope to be all finished the quilts by tomorrow and then to get the binding on. I only have to bind four of the ten so that's not too bad. The backing and the top of the next one is already loaded and waiting for me to tackle it this afternoon.

When I bought the computer, someone mentioned to me that I would ask myself why I didn't do it sooner and you know what? They're right!!!  I love it and I've only scratched the surface of what I can do with it.

So while the long arm was quilting, I was trying to get some other stuff tidied up. Trust me, you can't walk far away and you can't do anything that requires concentration. At least I can't.  So I started by trimming up this table runner. The binding is made and just needs to be sewn on.

The table runner is trimmed and ready for the binding to be sewn on

I sewed this table runner before I went away on the retreat. It's for the table runner class so that's why you haven't seen it yet. The class saw it a couple of weeks ago and I'm just getting to unpacking that bag of stuff. There's supposed to be a dark skinny border around the outer edge. No more fabric - it will just have a dark binding.

Table runner 
The binding and the backing were also made for this one. It's now been moved to the "to be quilted" pile, which is getting bigger every day or so it seems.

Backing and binding are made for the table runner

This is a table runner that I sewed at the retreat. It's from a previous class on table runners that I did several years ago. This one never got sew together and the bag of bits has been in my retreat bag for several retreats. Time to get it done. So I laid it out on the design wall at the retreat and sewed it together. The edges are wonky because of the way that I cut the side triangles. It will all get trimmed up once it's quilted.

Table runner - sewn!
 Actually, I seem to have a very bad habit and for some reason, I cut two of most things. Why? I've no idea. So this is the second table runner that had bits in the bag. Although there were triangles in the bag, I was missing two of them that filled in the gaps. The other ones were going in the opposite direction.
This table runner is missing two triangles

So I stole some fabric from the bundle of reds for the 150 Canadian Women and made the last two triangles. And the binding. These two are now together and waiting for quilting.

Both tops of the table runner - DONE

I found a red fabric in my stash that had been bundled up for years and made the binding. These two are now in the "to be quilted" pile.

Two table runners waiting to be quilted

This was the book that we used in that class.  Let's Do Lunch by Terri Atkinson. (Atkinson Designs).

Let's Do Lunch by Atkinson Designs

I managed a little more clean up as well. So things are going in the right direction - just not fast enough!

It was such a glorious day that how could you not go outside. I ate lunch outside, I read outside for a bit and I had to go for a walk so I walked down to the library to return one book and pick up two more. I know!  I shouldn't have done that, but they had been put on hold. I'm even reading my book on my tablet. I hate having those e-deadlines. You can't cheat that system - when the due date is up, the book is gone. I much prefer the physical system where I can hold onto the book if needed (and pay a fine), but I get to finish the book.

I must find out when DH is coming home because the kitchen looks like a tornado hit. I've been cooking for myself - that's a shock! And while the dishes are put away, there's paperwork all over the table and the kitchen island. 

I popped into the gym this morning for a spin class. Gosh, I look like a tomato. My face is red!  But the workout was good - it always when Joseph is leading the class. He's a masochist for sure.

On that note, I'd better get the day started as there is a lot to accomplish.

Have a super day!!!


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