Wednesday, February 9, 2022


WOW --- what a crazy day, but I feel so accomplished! 

It's a long story about me getting my third shot, but it finally got booked for yesterday at 10:45 at the local pharmacy, so I could walk. Hey -- if I don't need to use my car, I won't, and I got lots of extra steps in the day. I arrive at the pharmacy and see two people ahead of me in the line. The guy's appointment was for 11, and his wife was for 12:45. 

The pharmacy wasn't giving the shots until 11 AM, so the couple and another person were ahead of me. I had to wait, but seriously --- once 11 AM rolled around, it went quick. I browsed the drugstore as I needed a few things and found a couple more that I didn't know I needed! OK -- so a NEW tape dispenser for packages -- I've been meaning to buy a new one for a while and a nice big fat Sharpie! Just perfect for doodling quilt designs!

And then, of course, one has to take their blood pressure just to make sure that all is fine. 

Blood pressure is Optimal!

And it was -- I'm in the Optimal range. I love how Optimal is green, NORMAL is yellow, which means caution, and then there's red. So I don't think I have anything to worry about - just keep doing what I'm doing. 

Then it was back home, and after lunch, I tackled my sewing project, which was to finish the background strips on BOHO Heart. There are sixty-eight 1½" strips for the background, which had been cut. 

I had started to sub-cut them the previous day and hang them on the design wall. 

As I finished a section, I sorted the blocks, carefully folded the well-labeled pairs of strips, and placed all components for Section One in a bag. 

Section One -- DONE

It was a long process, and I didn't finish until well after dinner. But it was getting exciting as I neared the end of the strips. 

Down to the last bit of strips

And then, before I knew it (OK -- hours later), the strips had been sub-cut, stitched (where possible), labeled, and bagged. That is HUGE! And why did that get done? Well, it was the homework assignment for January -- I just hadn't quite finished doing the sub-cutting. Some people were only planning to cut their background strips, and that's OK. But I wanted to get some of the sewing done, so I did. I recommended it to the group, but I know some are hanging back, which is fine. I'll encourage them to do it next month. 

The partially completed four sections 

The homework for this month is done. The photos are taken, and now I just need to put them in the presentation. Then I can move on to the next project for this month. I don't think the homework is quite finished for this next project, and I can't seem to find the fabrics that I set aside for it. I even had to look at my presentation to see what I had chosen. It MUST be on the current project table, but where? 

After all the cutting was done, I now have a nice pile of 1½" black and white strips leftover. 

Black on white fabric strips leftover

Hmm --- what am I going to do with those?? I must come up with something as I love black and white. My apple quilt was made from black on white scraps, cut into 1½" squares. I'm not making another one, but well, I'll figure something out. 

A scrap quilt

Next week, I'll be doing a presentation (via Zoom) on scrap quilts with the Oakville Quilter's Guild. I'm sure they have a few spots for guests. Get signed up!!!!

And I as sewed those pairs of pieces together for the background; I used the hourglass units as the enders and leaders. 

Bits and pieces of hourglass units

They are in various states of completion. I might do some trimming this afternoon, and I have to clean off the cutting table from the previous project and make room for the fabrics and pattern of the next one I'm working on. My master TO DO list for February keeps me right on track, and I know exactly what I should be doing. It's all slow and steady, making sure that I watch those deadlines. 

It's been super easy to keep up with the work as I feel like I have ENTIRE days to do what I want, which has been true to some extent. But I think that we might be on the road in a couple of months, which will make keeping up a bit more tricky. If possible, I might try and work ahead a wee bit. But first, I must complete what needs to be done for this month. 

M finished off her journal last night by binding it. 

M with her completed journal

OK -- so I made the holes and the binding. It doesn't matter; she also cleaned up the table to the point that she could, and I now need to put those supplies away, which I'll try to do this afternoon as well. At least, the homework for the next project isn't quite as intense as the one I just finished, which took a couple of days to get everything done. 

And I had a helper all day. He was pretty content to sleep in that makeshift dog basket, and it was easy to carry him from place to place. I know!!! But he's so tiny and doesn't do stairs and well, this way, I didn't disturb him. 

Sleepy Little Bear

We went for a long walk in the afternoon. I did carry him for part of the way; otherwise, I'd still be out there. He is so slow, and even when the tank is empty, he still needs to mark every yellow spot in the snow. 

He went mad and ran up and down the hallway when we got back. Why? OH -- he was playing with this big toy. 

Little Berar playing with a big toy

Then he crashed! Silly boy!!!

That's hard work!

The rabbit must have temporarily vacated the backyard as the girls were NOT as frantic as they have been. Thank goodness for that. No mud-encrusted iceballs to deal with. 

Well, it's a happy/sad day as M leaves for the airport this morning, and she's taking Little Bear with her. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   And then DH arrives shortly after she leaves. They did NOT time their trips well. 

I know --- I only had the house to myself for one night when M visited a friend. Now that was bad timing to be sure. But at least the chef is home tonight! Don't worry -- I've managed just fine on my own!!!

Now it's off to spin class, then paperwork in the morning, and back to the sewing and embroidery machine this afternoon. I also hope to get a quilt loaded on the long arm, which I've neglected for a while. And I have one presentation tonight, which is all prepped - I just have to review it and reset the space for that. 

All in all, it should be an easy day!!!

I don't know about you, but the weather is making some definite improvements and how could you not love that? I've sometimes been walking without my hat, and it feels glorious - but that is only in the afternoon when the sun is out. It will be above freezing today and tomorrow -- at least during the afternoon. It's all about timing the walk to suit the weather!!! And the days are definitely much longer. 

Have a super day!!!!


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