Friday, February 4, 2022

Creating a Master Sewing List

It was exciting to get downstairs and do some sewing, but not as much got done as I would have liked. But that's OK. What's important is that I completed the master task list for February, which was a job in itself to finish and get everything on one list. 

My master list for February with the patterns

The list contains the sew-along assignments, documents to write, and quilts to quilt. This is something I should have been doing a LONG, LONG time ago instead of scrambling the night before trying to figure out what to do. 

Now, if anyone asks me to do something for this month, I can easily say NO -- I'm booked solid for the month. And then I'll repeat the process next month and so on. It should be easier next month as the list structure is set up -- it's just a question of filling it. 

This is NOT my TODO list. That's primarily online, while some items are written in a book. I will try and get that a bit more organized, but I'm in good shape. 

Today will be a few errands as I have to take my MIL to the dentist, and maybe Murphy has to go to the vet. Her tummy is just not right, and we're monitoring the situation. And I have to shovel the driveway (again), but it is nowhere near what we had before. It's a 20-minute job that I'll do while the car is warming up to scrap the ICE off the windshield. 

Some crazy person (ME) decided to twirl the seams on the back of that hexagon quilt. How hard could it be? Well, it's been a nightmare, and I had to do a bit of reverse sewing yesterday to make that happen. 

Careful intersection matching for the hexagon seams

Now I've learned to add one row at a time (which I never do) and lay the blocks out on the ironing board one row at a time to make sure that everything is OK. I like to sew the quilt rows together in pairs to not stretch the top. That can't happen in this case -- too complicated to get those seams going in the correct direction. 

Checking each row for the direction of the seam allowances

This is the status of the scrap quilt at the moment. It's HALF sewn together. 

Scrap quilt half sewed together

I'm thrilled with the results. Yes -- I could have positioned some triangles around a bit more to get a clear definition of some of the hexagons, but I'm good with this. I didn't put the other triangles up - I added them as I started a new row. 

The bottom half should go together much faster than the top half did. This is one of my UFOs, so I'm anxious to get it done, so I can choose another one from the lists. I see lots of good things happening this year! Lots of progress, and I've got a folder with pictures of all my finishes each month, so I'll be able to see very quickly how much work got done at the end of the year. I just need to remember to put the pictures there! 

I managed to get some more hourglass units done. They are trimmed but not put away yet. 

More hourglass units are made

While I watched a new episode of the baking show, I got all the thread ends of the pet mats tucked in. They just need to be turned inside out, which I'll do when I need one. 

Completed pet mats

Thank goodness I cleaned up that sewing space because I had company yesterday. 

What happened to my sewing space?

Yes, M wanted to make a journal, so I dug out lots of supplies, and she went to town. 

M is making a journal

I think all the pages are done, so all that remains is the final assembly. I had to search to find stuff, like my paper cutter, and then it didn't seem to work well, so she cut everything with the rotary cutter or scissors. Gosh -- I haven't used some of those tools in eons!!! 

I had a pet mat tester for part of the day. 

Little Bear testing a pet mat

He was pretty happy to stay on the table and have a snooze using the pet mat and his blankie. He sure is a cutie and has his own wardrobe. 

Little Bear with a BIG attitude

And there's Lexi - no jumping on the sofa last night, and during the day, she was happy to be outside in the snow. 

Lexi in the snow

And while Murphy loves to lie in the snow, 

Murphy chilling in the snow

She's equally happy to be on a crocheted rug in Studio B. So cute with her little paw up by her face. That's probably to cover her nose quickly if she passes gas. Oh boy --- she has issues right now. As I said, I'm monitoring it, and she only got rice last night for dinner. Let's say that she was NOT happy about that and didn't even eat it all. Someone is picky!!

Oh, Murphy -- so cute!

Although I swear at night, she does the rounds of all the furniture to see if someone left a chair or a sofa spot open. I happened to do that last night, and sure enough, there she was, sleeping in a chair. But I've placed the order for her own raised bed, and so hopefully, that'll solve the problem. And we have a brand new cushy bed to put on it, and it'll be way comfier than any old chair!

Well, I have time to dash off a couple of e-mails before I need to shovel the driveway and get to the dentist. The walks will have to wait this morning, and Murphy will really be upset at that. 

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day!


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