Saturday, February 12, 2022

Thrift store finds

I hope I didn't upset anyone working from a kit or duplicating a quilt exactly like the original. There is NOTHING wrong with doing it. I remember a speaker at a guild who said that if you are working from a kit, you're NOT a quilter. Or was that a panel that she referred to? YIKES!!!! Anyway, both are harsh. Kits are VERY economical to use, easy for shopping, and if that works for you, then go for it. 

I'm trying to say there's so much opportunity to step out of the box and make that pattern UNIQUELY yours. Trust me, this is NOT an easy process for most of us. You'll second guess yourself and your colors, and you'll hate the quilt, but you'll eventually come around to loving it. 

We need to start small and with a quilt that you don't really care about. Pick your colors, experiment with monochromatic colorways, and all the other possibilities. It took me a LONG time to start experimenting, and I wish someone had kicked me in the butt sooner and told me to venture out on my own. That's why I'm suggesting it to you!

Basically, do NOT be afraid to make any designer's quilt -- YOURS by switching up the blocks and the colors. Then you can say you were INSPIRED by that person's quilt but didn't end up with an exact duplicate. I still make some quilts similar to the original and probably will until I stop quilting. 

Almost ready for Part 2 of the Free Motion quilting class today. A couple more photos to take, and I'm set. There's so MUCH information that it's hard to cram it all into two two-hour sessions. I'll do the best I can. 

Today, I'm going to share more of what I found in the closet. Here's a project that I had forgotten. Years ago, a small group of us had the challenge to create something from a piece of clothing found at the thrift store. I didn't think the project was done, so I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled it out and saw that the quilt top was DONE. 

Wall hanging made from a garment

I had purchased a bright-colored caftan with a metallic thread running through it and some embroideries. Hmm -- I didn't use any of the embroideries in my project, but there's enough to make the backing, which I think I might do. Just because I can. Hmm  -- it would be nice to use that red for the binding. It's not wide enough, but it might be wide enough for piping in the binding? That would be awesome. Hmmm -- I just thought of that as I'm writing. I need to put a note with the quilt. 

The leftovers from the garment

I put it in a container, NOT a bag, and put it in the closet. But technically, this wouldn't take long to get to the quilting stage. Good grief -- why do we leave so much stuff hanging around? 

I did get a good laugh from this because yesterday, I was back at the thrift store. I also belong to a Mixed Media group where we push ourselves to THINK out of the box and incorporate non-quilting stuff into a project. Hey -- the entire project can be done with whatever we feel like -- it's NOT quilting. The theme for this month is KITCHEN. Most of what we make or use has to be inspired by the kitchen, and I wanted to take a trip to the thrift store to gather some inspiration. 

Look what I found in the book section. 

A book on Mixed Media!

That's perfect, and I'll be scouring the book for some inspiration, although I do have my basic idea formulated in my head. Now to get to work on that. 

I had to laugh as there was a label on the book. Looks like a local guild gave up the book, or it belonged to someone, and they donated it. Don't you ever wonder when you donate something if you'll find it in the thrift store? 

A label from a local guild

Anyway, I wandered throughout the store looking for inspiration and other things. I bought three items, including the book. Of course -- I'm NOT sharing what I purchased as I want my group to be surprised when they see what was in those bags. I'm excited --- I found some things that will work, a couple of things I will have to play with, and then I have lots of stuff at home to incorporate in the process. I need to make sure that I give myself TIME to do this project justice. OH MY -- I just dug in the kitchen, and OH MY!!! I found some perfect things to use. 

Inspiration at the thrift store

This will be one of those projects where I need LOTS of time to practice and experiment because I envision a lot of failures before I get the look I want. I can't wait to dive in. 

Back to the closet. Here's a basket of batiks leftover from a batik quilt that is totally finished. There were a few extra pieces of blocks. I disassembled EVERYTHING and put these batiks with the rest of my batiks. Like -- how hard was that? I was going to make a second quilt. Seriously???? What the heck am I thinking when an idea like that comes into my head. Make a second quilt to use up two extra blocks? 

Sorting batik scraps

There was a HUGE pile of half-square triangles already sewn. They are on the ironing board, so I can press them, trim them and decide what to do with the lot.  

And when putting those batiks away, I dug out more fabric for Diane to sew into quilts. Good grief -- this isn't even close to the stuff from the closet, but I had unearthed two tubs of projects when I was switching the rooms upstairs. They've been sitting at the bottom of the stairs. So I compressed most of the projects into one tub and found space under the long arm for it. The remainder of the second tub is now with the rest of the stuff from the closet. See what I mean -- one thing leads to another. 

Stuff at the bottom of the stairs -- it's now clear!

Thankfully, I'm running out of stuff that got shoved in an odd place, and it's almost altogether in the appropriate spot, which makes me very happy. 

This is one of the bags of scraps that I found in the closet. All sorted and now back in the appropriate scrap box. 

Sorting scraps

When I was pulling stuff out for Diane to sew, I spotted this bag of coordinating fabric all bundled up, and it was taking up a lot of space. 

A bundle of unsorted fabrics

So I put on an episode of The Great British Baking Show and started ironing. 

Pressing the scraps

And this is how much fabric was in that bag. I put it NEATLY back in the tubs, but I think it might end up going to Diane so she can make a quilt from it. There's enough to make at least one quilt, and I'm thinking probably two quilts and leftovers for a scrap quilt. 

Nice and neat bundle of fabric

So here's the pile still to be sorted -- OH, the tub with a few projects is missing. But you get the picture. Sorting the closet is almost over, and most of those are single projects, so easy to sort and determine what to do. The orange basket has small stuff in it, and it'll take a bit longer. 

What's left from the closet

But here's the thing. I went to QuiltCon in 2019. The SMALL bag of giveaway stuff that I picked up was still in the bag, and NOTHING had been sorted or dealt with. Seriously??? I was SO DESPERATE to get all those free things and haven't touched them in three years?? Those marketing people know how to suck you in. It's FREE, and then you have to deal with the mess when you get home. Like I said, the bag was pretty small compared to what I've brought home in the past. A lot of it went into the recycling; the few bits of fabric are in the appropriate baskets. 

The next show? If I can't take a picture of it -- I don't want it. FREE is NOT good unless it's absolutely something that you want to use NOW. Otherwise, FREE just creates clutter! Marketing departments are HUGE generators of free stuff, and I would bet that more than 50% ends up in the landfill, which is sad. 

Gosh -- it's hard to remember from day to day what I did the previous day. But more computer work in the morning -- I'm close to being on top of things, but I really need to remind people to put a subject on their e-mails. An e-mail entitled "homework" just doesn't cut it. Which class? I got a quilt loaded on the long arm and was going to squeeze it in, but that didn't happen, so that will happen tomorrow, and then I need to push all next week to get caught up!

I stopped by the pet store to pick up dog food. OK -- so I'm going to attempt to groom Murphy myself. Any advice on dog clippers??? I want a powerful clipper and probably rechargeable. And I think I need one of those grooming stands as well. Oh boy, this should be fun! 

On that note, I'm out of here!!

Have a super day!!


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  1. When the doggie bench arrives and is in front of the 'window lookout', put a towel on it for the grooming? Maybe the view will keep Murphy occupied while you trim the fur???

    Oh yes, the freebies. When I went to national Nursing conferences, the freebies were everywhere. My peers could NOT believe I didn't want every damn thing that was there. They would bring an extra suitcase or ship boxes home with all the crap. you, I am relatively certain that 90% of it is the landfill. I only took an item if I knew I would use it.

    Happy Saturday to you!