Sunday, June 12, 2022

The declutter shuffle

 Just got a tip for moving rather than copying files. I'll check that out later today. It's super important to be MOVING files and NOT copying -- otherwise, you end up in a huge mess which is partially the problem I have with some of those photos. 

This is the status of my new hard drive. It's the D Drive in the photo, and it's almost 75% full - of PHOTOS. That's so silly, and I hope to make good headway in deleting want I don't want or need and then keep it neat and tidy going forward. 

Almost filled the new hard disk

I also have documents that need to be moved (I'll test my new skills), which also need to be dealt with. I'm pretty good at filing, but not quite everything is in the correct place, and a lot of it can go. 

So I didn't empty any boxes, but I did make some changes to the office, and in doing so, I found MONEY. Over $100 in US dollars. Who knew that was there? 

Found money!

I decided to tackle the outside of this buffet. This is not the most efficient storage space, but it used to belong to my grandparents, who purchased it from Eaton's, and so it has sentimental value to me. When I'm gone, I suspect the buffet will become firewood! 

Cleaning the outer parts of the buffet

Let's just say there is a bit of dust on it. 

A bit dusty

But the top is cleared -- well, there's a stack of magazines on the surface that I would like to read, so that will become my priority reading material. I must learn to SKIM the magazines and NOT read every word. I'm trying! It looks much better, and I'm OK with that. 

I consolidated the crap on the desktop, so it now holds a lot more, and I put two buckets on the floor on this surface. 

The fun that awaits me in July

I found these empty bottles of wine on the buffet. OK -- so I like the labels, but how do you remove a label from a wine bottle without damaging it? I don't think it can be done. OH -- I just Googled it, and apparently, if I pour boiling water INTO the bottles, that'll release the label. I must try that today, and then the bottles can go in the appropriate bin. So many new skills I'm learning!

Neat wine bottle labels

Then I moved everything sitting on the kitchen floor and the kitchen table to the table in the office. YES -- I know -- I couldn't help myself. But at least (and yet again), the office is the only dumping ground in the house. I'm seriously OK with this -- my brain seems to love having this dumping ground, but I'm trying to keep things off the floor, so it doesn't look super messy. It will get done -- I've made huge leaps and bounds. I know there are a few more boxes of stuff in Studio U that will make their way to the office to be sorted, but the space is full for the moment!

And this is my little workstation. The two tubs are what's left to deal with from all the stuff on the table. One is for writing, and the other is things I'd like to investigate further. So I'm in good shape, but I almost feel like I should deal with those containers before continuing. I'll see how I feel when I get back. 

Stuff to deal with

Miss Murphy and I went out for a bike ride last night. She LOVES it; the only thing we need to work on is directions. OH -- she must also learn to NOT stop and sniff at everything. She's pretty good, but when she spotted the rabbit in the forest? Well, it was a good thing we were going slow. I didn't fall, but I lost my footing on the pedals. Of course, that bike has pedals with clips which is NOT the best when wearing regular running shoes. 

But she is strong and loves to pull? And the small hills in the forest -- she just whips up them, pulling me along. Now the hill wasn't large, but still -- you could feel her power! I think I've just become further entertainment for the neighborhood. 

My two presentations are ready for this morning, and I managed to complete my embroidery project. I was hoping to make a jacket to take to Quilt Canada -- didn't even get started, but I now have all the fabric. 

I also managed to get the last customer quilt done that I planned to do. I still need to trim one more quilt today, and everything is ready for pickup. 

Customer quilt - DONE

On my afternoon walk, I stopped by Chapter's and spotted this little dish. I had seen it on the sale rack, and there was still a stack of them. So I splurged and bought one. 

A cute dish

And I filled it with my snack when I got home. I love eating off a small plate, and I think I might just make this my dinner plate. It was only $7, and I bought only one!

Filled with my snack

There has been no time for the gazebo these days. Lots to be done, and I didn't get any gardening done. But that's OK -- it was more fun to be out riding my bike with Murphy! I forgot to get a picture of her in her fancy red harness. And I'll see if I can get some video -- I'm sure it's hilarious, with me yelling "NO, Murphy," and my hands on the brakes at all times! 

I'm using my mountain bike which is totally different from my other bikes as it has a suspension system on it, so I'm trying to get used to that! Oh -- the fun we are having! 

Lexi and I spotted this beautiful flower on the walk yesterday. 

Gorgeous rose

So we all know that Lexi is a princess. I didn't quite get my camera out in time, but her head was inside the door, and she was whimpering. "I can't get in -- please open the door for me!" 

"Mom - help - open the door for me!"

Meanwhile, Murphy would have just shoved the rest of the door open, and she'd be in. And if Lexi really wanted to get in, she could have squeezed in there. What a princess!!! She is NOT happy with the situation in the backyard, and for a while, we thought she jumped that gate. She was tucked WAY under the deck and had zero interest in coming out. 

I've been having even more difficulty with my phone, especially around the house. My Libby app (for audiobooks) was a bear to get to work. Then for some reason, I checked and OH MY GOSH --- the WiFi was turned off. Now it's always in the ON position and should default to WiFi when I'm in the house. I see that I've already used 4 GB of cellular data this month! It's only ten days in. I wonder if that will affect the phone calls?? I sure hope so. I might have to test it out later today. Now, why did that happen? 

OK -- so what's the store of the brick?  - Wait -- I'll tell you that tomorrow. 

On that note, I need to get the girls out for their walk and then two presentations - back to back. 

Have a great day!!!



  1. There have been a number of things that come to mind with your recent blogposts. First…LOVE the haircut! Are you still able to put it in a ponytail? Second…I can just envision how you’ve become a new source of amusement for your neighbours with Murphy’s antics while you bike 😂. Third….that hutch is beautiful. I hope it does NOT become firewood. And fourth…Princess Lexi! Isn’t it funny how some dogs just don’t always problem-solve like others!?!? Jade is the same at times.

    1. I never thought of Lexi's issue as a lack of problem solving, but you are so right. We used to have a dog that did a two-step process to open that screen door. Murphy just barges through the small opening and Lexi -- she just whines for help!! We'll see what happens to the hutch -- for the moment, it's MINE! Nope -- the hair is now too short for a ponytail, but I can live with that. Have a super day!!!

  2. Oh…I seem to be anonymous again! 😩 Maryke