Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 36 - Terrace Bay to White Lake

Today marks the HALF WAY mark of the trip!!!!!! - Both in number of days and distance.

It had rained in the night and started to really come down as people were getting ready to ride. That SUCKS. I do not mind getting caught in the rain, but I HATE having to start in the rain. It did let up a bit and people were off. I mean - who wants to start in the POURING rain?

Since we were on kitchen duty, we were the last to leave and by the time we left, it was still raining, but not that bad. HOWEVER, the bad news is that it rained for 100K. YES - it rained a long time and soon after we left, I put my BIG rain jacket and rain hat on. I put them on over my small wind breaker and kept those jackets on all day. It was cold all day and wet. We stopped a few times in small restaurants along the way, but no one wants to stop outside when it is raining. So we got lucky that we found a couple of places to stop.

Only one person did not ride today. Everyone else got on their bikes and rode which I think was a good thing!  Adam was waiting for us at the half way mark with a hot lunch. This was a nice touch for the day even though it was late by the time we got there. We weren't sure that he would have waited for us. We were the last to leave the camp and lagging behind because of all the stops!!!!!

Just as we were eating our soup, some idiot came up and asked if we had permission to stop where we were. It was in a parking of an abandoned hotel and yes - it was NO PARKING on the sign, but we were not a huge transport truck parked over night. Anyway - we scarfed down our lunch and Adam and Greig packed up right quick. The idiot drove across the road and watched them pack up. Some people just have no sense of diplomacy. He could tell we were there for a long time and it was a nice safe place. Anyway - no big deal and we were back on the road.

We have no communication with the rest of the group in the day and so from time to time we do meet up. But by this point, we thought we were WAY behind everyone else. However we did catch up to a group of the others so we weren't all that behind after all.

We stayed in a gorgeous camp ground. But we had to put the tents up in the rain - well it wasn't really raining, but it was wet. Had to do laundry - mostly to dry things, but decided to wash stuff as well. At this point, everything stinks and is wet - including my tent!!!   We had a long ride (5 K) into this campground, but it was beautiful. Well it would have been more beautiful if it wasn't raining!!!!   Some of the group decided to stay in a motel that they spotted at the entrance to the campground. Hey - where is that "this is going to be fun spirit!!!!". OK - I might have stayed in the motel if I was with that group, but the camping really wasn't a big deal. It wasn't that wet.

While we had loads of black flies the night before, we had tons of mosquitos tonight. Again, I wrapped my head in my scarf - it's becoming a new fashion trend!!!!  I have big lumps and bumps on my forehead and I found it difficult to have my helmet sit properly today!  I've scabs and cuts all over (from mosquitos, scraped my leg trying to pee in the bushes) and well - it just isn't pretty!!!!!   And I itch all over - mostly I think from dry skin as opposed to the bites - but a bit of both!!!!

As you know, Northern Ontario is known for it's beautiful rocks and trees, trees and rocks. I have to report that today, I did NOT see a single tree or rock. And why is that????   Because my head was down behind my rain drenched sunglasses (I know - sunglasses in the rain! - too lazy to put the lighter lens in for the day) and I focused on the NARROW shoulder all day. It was a day that even the ducks would have been happy to stay inside!!!!!

However we did NOT have rain for the last 40K of the day!

YES - today was a day that you question - why am I doing this? Why am I having to ride in the pouring rain? I could be home in a nice dry house doing something more exciting than riding through the rain. But on the other hand, I had something to prove to myself? that I can do this. And if every day was sunny and trouble free - where is the adventure in that?????   We can NOT complain about the lack of character building experiences on this trip!!!!!   That part just keeps on giving!!!!!!  (Thanks Bud for building that element into the trip a thousand fold this year!!!!)

Remember that bracelet that I bought in Moose Jaw - well the quote on it - Life is an adventure or nothing - Helen Keller. I am certainly getting an adventure out of this ride!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here!!!!!

Haev a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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