Friday, October 17, 2014

Do you get it?????

First - I have a NEW look to show you. Got to figure out how to incorporate this onto my blog page.

Do you get it?????   Saw the sign at a store while we were on the retreat and well - the rest is history!!!!

I have had a task that I didn't want to do. It was quilting a table runner of my own. You know how it is - you can do stuff for others, but never for yourself.  I started to quilt the runner a long time ago and never got it finished as I wasn't liking what was happening. Joyce very politely told me that it looked horrible as a sample with all the extra batting hanging off of it. So two choices - trim it off and leave it or finish the quilting. I took it one step further - I ripped out all the previous quilting and started over. I think I ended up doing the same style of quilting - go figure!!!!

But it wasn't without some trials and tribulations. Have a look................

The runner was made with the Simply Curves ruler and I wanted some quilting lines to follow the curves.   Hmmm - this template is the same curve. |But that is going to be a lot of work since the curve alternates up and down. 

I could use a regular ruler and use it as a guide

I can't use the Simply Curve ruler as it is too thin and will get caught under the hopping foot on the long arm. 

Well - I could mark lines 

Using my NEW marking pencil - I just LOVE this marking pencil - it is chalk. 

Then I could use a smaller ruler to follow those lines

Oh yes - I tried a bunch of things and then said - SCREW IT - this is MY table runner. I need the practice and I don't want to spend a lot of time with it.  So I just free handed those lines after I marked them with the chalk pencil.  I know - most of the lines are pretty straight - no wobbles - that part is easy.  They are not necessarily equal distance from each other. I know I can live with that.   Hey Mary - did you hear that?????

The table runner

The quilting
 Someone is here today to rent the machine so I have no choice but to get some of the stuff trimmed and bindings on what I have quilted this past week.  So Joyce - your persistence paid off - I'll bring it on Monday for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes - if you want to learn how to use this ruler - there is a class at The Hobby Horse. You don't have to make this runner - there are other patterns to make as well.  But a good class to learn how to sew curves!!!!
The date is Friday, November 7th!!!  

OK - so I spent a bit of time yesterday trying to find that T-shirt.  Ooops - I guess I haven't finished unpacking from my summer bike trip - I found it shoved inside a stuff sack in my duffle bag.    Do you not love this T-shirt and think it is appropriate in those moments of DILLUSIONAL DOABLITY (which I seem to be getting a lot of!!!!)

Super slogan

The shirt comes from my gym which is called LIFETIME.  So - do you get that????   I can do it all in my GYM!!!!    I had to haggle to get this - apparently it is only available in the US.  This is where gym friends come in handy.  Norm had one and I don't know why, but I wanted one. He managed to get me one and I traded him my Founding member jacket from Lifetime. A fair trade since I never wore the jacket.

I also found the quote - oh yes - I was a busy bee yesterday.  First I have to say that the last two books I have picked up to read - Brave New Quilts by Kathreen  Ricketson  and Tornado Hunter by Stefan Bechtel with Tim Samaras. - Well both authors died in accidents in May 2013.    I just happened to see this book on the book shelf at the library - those damn librarians - always putting out books to entice us!!!!  Anyway - I started to read the book and then I thought - I wonder if this is the guy that was killed by a tornado last year. Yep - it was.  Just terrible as the more I read - this guy who never went to college was BRILLIANT.

Tornado Hunter

Anyway - I am NOT equating myself to Tim at all. But I thought this is so me.............

"They (Tim Samaras and Carsten Peter) were among the fortunate few whose profession was their passion, whose avocation (hobby) was their vocation. Living in that "sweet spot" where work, play and joy were all the same thing, they exuded a kind of perpetual youthfulness, as if their energy were inexhaustible."  

I think that is so well said and pretty much sums up my life.  I hate when people say - oh you are spread pretty thin. Oh you are doing so much.  You know what - I LOVE my life. And let's face it - I am NOT retired - I do work for a living. It just happens to be something that I love.  No one ever said to me when I worked as a sales rep and did a thousand things on that job that I was spread too thin!!!   So next time you think that I am busy - I am just doing my job!!!!  But something that I love!!!!  (OK - so I get paid a pittance compared to my sales job but I am a thousand times happier)

On that note - I am out of here.  I have tons more to share with you, but I better get to work!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!



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