Thursday, October 23, 2014

Road trip!!!!!!!!!!!

OH - perhaps I should say TRAIN trip. My adventure was downtown yesterday and instead of fighting the traffic and paying for parking - I decided to take the train.  M had already purchased me (OK - I paid for it - she got it for me) - a PRESTO card for the train.  Found my way to the NEW parking garage at Clarkson GO station.

Parking garage at Clarkson GO - it is still under construction but at least you can park there. 
I want to know where everyone parked before these extra 1,500 spaces became available.  I had to park on the 4th level - NO elevator!!!   That was fun climbing up those flights of stairs on my way home.  I was  considerably weighted down with my backpack and my stupid leg.

Then I was on the train and on my way!!!!

I arrived at Union and had to take pictures - OK - so I looked like a tourist.   It was very easy to find my way to my destination. Follow me....................

Into the Skywalk

There's the CN Tower peeking through the glass

On the way to the Convention Centre

Yep - it is CREATIVFESTIVAL time!!!!!!!!!!!   

Just lectures and classes yesterday. Today is set-up day which I have NO part in this time.  Yeah!!!!!!!

I attended a lecture and then a hands on session for Machine Embroidery.  It was lead by one of the Husqvarna Viking software specialists.  Boy - she knew her stuff and well - I wanted to buy the top package, but I don't think so. I don't use it enough to justify the cost. I have the first level and for what I want to do - that level will be just fine.

But these pictures are amazing stitched out on the machine

And the kitty cat -
Other cool designs
Colour gradated filles

But my big interest in in the lettering.  I LOVE lettering and hope to do LOTS!!!!!!

Anyway - I am a DOLT!!!!   Oh yes - we were told to bring a laptop with Windows 7 or 8 on it.  No problem.  But when I got there after lugging my stupidly big laptop - I forgot that it had Vista on it - so I couldn't use my laptop.  No worries - I just sat with this retired man (there were TWO men in the class). He was a very nice man and he started off by doing all the computer work for his wife and now he stitches more than she does!!!!!   And YES - he already has the top of the line software and top of the line embroidery machine.  I find men don't skimp - they go for the whole thing!!!!

Learned a lot and just itching to get the software loaded and take it for a whirl!!!!!

I did a bit of knitting while I was listening.

One more square done - the colours are getting a bit weird since I am using up left overs

Twenty seven in the pile - three to go

Started on another one and that is all the wool I have left.  I think I am going to have to buy one more skein

Can't wait to start a new project - I have so MANY knitting ones sitting there!!!!

On that note - it is sewing day today and I have to get going.  Just so many exciting things to do and so little time to do them all!!!!

Oh yes - I will get those times for the QUILTSocial presentation.  I don't have them handy.

Have a great day!!!


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