Monday, March 9, 2020

Back in business

Well, this wasn't the most productive weekend for me. I didn't turn on the long arm or even turn on a sewing machine. How the heck did that happen??? I did feel a wee bit guilty, but I'm over it already.

I didn't even get in lots of walking, although I still managed to get about 5.5 miles each day. That's OK too. I did spend a lot of time outside especially yesterday where the girls and I retired to the backyard to read a book. Well, I read the book, Lexi ate Murphy's pinecones and Murphy chased a ball that I kept throwing for her. It was GLORIOUS to be outside. Let's hope the warm weather stays!!

Based on that, I thought I had nothing quilting or sewing related to share with you today, however, when I went to my phone to look at the pictures, I found stuff. Quilting and sewing stuff will never go away. And I did get a bit more tidying done.

First, I found this box of green strips which I was using to make some scrappy triangles for a scrap quilt. There was a bag filled with pieced (and trimmed) triangles in the box. But I knew that I had more of the triangles in another bag...........somewhere. Guess what? I managed to locate both the box and the bag on the same day and now they are together. That's a huge thing to have accomplished.

The entire project is together in one box last

Did you know that needles for the sewing machine have codes on them for you to know which needle is which? Some of them have little bits of paint on the shaft that tell you what needle is what. Some needles have little bits of paint to tell you the size. However, if you don't have the little paint bits, then likely the number is written on the end of the needle. AH - but that's too small to read. Well, take a picture with your cell phone and enlarge the picture. VOILA -- you'll always be able to read what type and size of needle you have in your hand.

Use the phone to magnify the printing

This goes for ANYTHING. Instructions on pill containers, or the fine print. Take a picture and enlarge it and you should be good unless your eyesight is really bad.

As I was tidying, I found some quotes that I had saved from one of my calendars. I love these quotes and in light of all that goes on in our life, I think we need to really think about this one. We can do things, we can do anything, and we can be anything. Just do it, think positive and believe in yourself.

A great quote 

I know there are days when things don't seem to go right, but let it go. I didn't get a lot done this weekend, but I've already let it go. Do I want to say I worked and sewed all the time, or would I like to say that I got out and enjoyed my backyard? I also did some errands that took more time than planned. Errands are a time killer!!!

Here's another example of the kind of stuff that adds to my clutter. I saw someone use this type of clip for their long arm to keep the leaders from going all over the place. I found one place online that sold them, but I decided to try locally. I couldn't find them locally and I wasn't going to buy online. I know - why am I so anti-online shopping? I've no idea.

Anyway, I tried yesterday to find the clips online, but no way. Does anyone know if these can still be purchased and if so, where? They are actually clips for central vacuums. There are loads of other clips out there, but I want this one specifically.


I'm going to take a picture of that ad and create a visual shopping list on my phone. I found a couple of other things yesterday in the paperwork that I would like to get my hands on, but haven't been able to find. One of them is a book called The Traveller by Daniel Baylis. It's not at the library and so I've marked it as "want to read" on Goodreads and it'll go on my shopping list for the used book stores.

It's stupid things like that that have created this huge clutter mess. I did not get to the next box of paperwork as I had to do some searching upstairs for something else. Well, I wasn't really searching - I was more organizing a box of sewing supplies.

I did have to stop at Fabricland to pick up some thread that was on my shopping list. While I wandered the store having a look, I saw this Protractor ruler which I think would be an amazing ruler to have. But I wasn't going to pay $74 for it. I'll add that to my shopping list. A shopping list with pictures.

Protractor Ruler by Omnigrid
 One of the errands was to pick up my computer. That was fast as it was ready the day after I took it in. Apparently, the computer has two hard disks. One for data (of which it's mostly the programs that I use) and the second is a caching disk to speed up some often used websites. It appears that the caching disk failed. Why? No idea - it shouldn't be because I never shut the computer off and leave many, many windows open. But it probably is best to get in the habit of changing that. Sigh.....

Caching disk is dead

So it's Monday sewing and while I'm excited to go, I feel like I should be here getting stuff organized since I didn't get a lot this weekend. I'm leaving on Wednesday and have a LOT to get ready for my trip. I'll be coming home early today!!!

On that note, it's time to get moving.

Have a super day. Enjoy this amazing weather.


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