Saturday, March 14, 2020

When life gives you lemons

I think this quote is very appropriate for today.

Quote of the day

The world is in quite a turmoil and that's probably putting it mildly. I get all the safety precautions and travel plans and everything else that's gone totally haywire. I just don't get the toilet paper thing. What's up with that? This is NOT a stomach virus. Sigh..............   Just goes to show how a small detail from the media can get blown out of proportion and then we all become lemmings and have to do what everyone else is doing. Hopefully, that means we're all washing our hands.

I wonder if DH stocked up on TP at home????  We're not the stock-up kind of people so we may be eating lentils for weeks. Then we might need that extra TP.

The events were quiet yesterday, but that's OK. We do what we can with what and who we have. Today is another day with another class.

My aunt popped in briefly to say hello. Unfortunately, I wasn't in a position to take a few minutes to chat. Hello Aunt Irene and thanks for stopping by!!!!  I was chatting on Facebook with another one of my aunts who asked if I was stopping by. She works at Wal-Mart. I told her I would stop but only if she had TP which she did! But alas, there is no time on this trip - I shortened it to as short as I could make which means that my flight tomorrow is at 5 AM. Yikes!!!!  But I'm staying right by the airport and well - how much traffic will there be in Saskatoon early on a Sunday morning? NONE.

I checked in this morning and the plane is 1/3 full so that is good for me. Fewer people to have to deal with.

I was a total slug yesterday and logged LESS THAN 5,000 steps. That is the FIRST time this year that I've logged less than 10,000 per day. However, while I had loads of time, the temperature outside is minus a billion degrees (OK - this morning it's minus 19 with a windchill of minus 31). I brought warm clothes, but not that warm. Today is supposed to be the same - I won't be walking today either. Thankfully, I have loads of extra miles banked, so I can take a breather. Perhaps I'll be walking in the hotel, but the hall isn't that long, but I could still log a few steps that way.

I finished my book last night - I couldn't help myself. It was a page-turner and I haven't read one of those in a while. It's called Last Day by Luanne Rice.  I've only got audiobooks left to read and I usually fall asleep when I listen to them and do nothing else. I guess that means, I'll be walking the hallways later today while I listen to the audiobook. Sounds like a plan.

So here's the thing. Most of my calendar has been cleared for the next couple of weeks. I still have a couple of events at my house before the end of the month, but in light of who is coming and the fact that they are just sewing days, I'll be getting in touch with everyone and they will likely be canceled. Why compromise someone if they don't need to be. I'll see how that goes.

The library is closed! Whatever will I do? OH - yes - I forgot that I have a stack of books at home and I have audiobooks - I'm good for a couple of weeks. And I could clean that darn office!

But in all seriousness - we all probably have a lot of time on our hands in the next couple of weeks. What are we going to do? Well, we can sew. We are the LUCKY ones that we have a hobby that'll keep us occupied and while we do want to support our local shops, I bet that NONE of us really need to get out and shop to sew for the next couple of weeks. I want to know what those (like DH) are going to do who are hooked on watching sports. Perhaps, we could encourage them to help us with our UFOs????

In light of the situation, I think it's perfectly acceptable to pull out a BRAND new project or a kit and work on it. Make a game of it - can you finish the darn thing during the shutdown? You'll get a great story out of that quilt for the future. Or it's a great way to make progress on a crazy UFO that you have. Luckily, we all have access to social media so that we can keep in touch with each other rather than having to visit in person. Should you pull out a UFO and you are stuck - send me a picture and your problem - let's see if we can get some of those UFOs finished!!!  Let's take advantage of this shutdown and make it work in our favor!!!!

I know that I shouldn't start any new project so I'm going to tackle a project that is sitting on that table. I think it might be Paula's double wedding ring quilt. I'm going to make that the focus of the shutdown. How much can I get done?

Hey - we could have a show and tell in three weeks of how much everyone accomplished. If you want to send me a before and after picture - by all means - do that and I'd be happy to post the picture. We need to take advantage of this situation and make the best of our time. Like I said - we quilters are the LUCKY ones because this quiet time is just what we want. If you have to take care of grandchildren, then perhaps this is the perfect time to teach them to sew. Or it's the perfect time to get them involved in learning something totally new like a complex software program. It's going to be a challenge, but we are strong and we WILL make it through this.

Speaking of finding something to do during this downtime, here's the PERFECT quilt to make. The pattern is by Java House Quilts. I think I might even have that pattern at home. Hmm - maybe not. I don't remember.

And you MUST read this story about Privy Bags.  Believe it or not (and I'm not that old), I grew up in an era (or a part of the country) where the outhouse (YES - the OUTHOUSE) was stocked with catalogs or newspaper. I've got a whole shelf of magazines in case we have a shortage of TP at our house. Let's just say from experience, that the newsprint is much softer than the catalogs. OH my - I have a quilt at home that I must share with you. I'll make a note to take a picture when I get home.

On that happy note. Stay safe - wash your hands!

Have a great day!!!



  1. I'm with you. Sane choices. Do what we need to do. Wash hands. Don't touch face! This bug will die off if people will act intelligently!

    Safe travels home. :-)

    1. Just catching up on comments. The key is act intelligently. I wonder is some people even have intelligence? But that is being nasty, however true! Have a great day!

  2. Haha..we put in a powder room last fall and it happens to be in what was the closet under the stairs in my sewing room. I started the "We're On A Roll" wallhanging for the door at retreat in Nov. Might be the right time to finish it!

    1. Hey Mary -- Did I see your finished TP quilt on social media?? Send me a picture so I can post it!! Hope you are all well in your area!