Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The backyard

I couldn't help myself. When I got home from Monday sewing (I left early as I had things to do at home), I made my urgent phone calls and then I went into the backyard. It was such a beautiful day, I couldn't resist. I played ball with Murphy for a bit and Lexi and I hung out. But then it was time for ME. I dug out my favorite blue chair from the shed. I sat on the deck for a short while and then decided to move to the gazebo.

I know  - it's not even summer and I'm a slug in the backyard. You know what? I'm good with that. I read for a bit, chatted with the girls and watched the fish. Oh yes, all the ice is off the pond and the other day I had only seen the large fish. BUT there's a plethora of goldfish in there. Lots of little ones which were the babies last year. I can't imagine what's going to happen when the new babies come out this year. Anyone want a free goldfish or two or three???

Two of the big goldfish in the pond
I truly am going to have to set up the sewing machine in the backyard this summer (it won't be the first time). I'm just so in love with that backyard and I want to spend more time there. Plus - I'll be getting my Vitamin D to help my immune system!

I was working on those little seasonal wall hangings yesterday. Gosh - I worked on them last week and didn't make any progress when I got home. It was time to busy. I managed to get the April one together. I have to do all the satin stitching on it, but at least the tracing and fusing is done. This might make a good retreat project except that it requires a lot of different thread colors. I'll think about that. I'd like to get them totally completed by the end of the year.

April wallhanging

Speaking of rain - it's raining today so I won't be in the backyard. I'll be downstairs working! Sometimes, a rainy day is a good thing as my discipline for working isn't always the best when the weather is nice.

I took a picture of a quilt that Helen Anne finished yesterday. This was a piece she made after being inspired in a Jane Sassaman workshop. It's very pretty and I love the way she quilted words into the background. Nicely done!!!

Helen Anne's milkweed wall hanging

Here's my quote for today. I think it's important to embrace the unknown even though it can be scary. Courage allows us to move forward. If we stuck with what we know, we wouldn't be growing as people. It's all about learning and doing new things. Remember the advice in the Sunscreen song? "Do one thing that scares you EVERY DAY!!!"   Imagine how different we would be if we all did that?

Quote of the day

One of my errands on Sunday was to stop at Fabricland. I had found a postcard advertising some new threads by Coats. Hey - I want to try those threads. I managed to find this one called eloflex. It's a stretchy, elastic thread that you can use in the sewing machine.

A spool of eloflex stretchy thread
 Now technically, I don't need this thread. If I'm going to sew knits, I'll use a serger. But I like to experiment and try out new things (although this isn't going to be scary - at least I hope not!). I would guess that you need to put in the bobbin as well and how the heck would you wind the bobbin with stretchy thread? Very carefully!!!

I found some Button & Craft thread as well, which I'm going to use to hand sew the skirt hook to my skirt. I was introduced to this by our sewing instructor. I'd never seen it before, but it's very thick so the buttonholes get filled up quickly - fewer hand stitches to take!

Button & Craft thread

What I was also looking for was Secura thread - also by Coats. This is a button thread that you heat once the button is sewn on and it fuses to itself. Now that would be awesome. Fabricland didn't have any. And it wasn't listed in the Coats thread guide that was by the thread stands. Perhaps it came and went???  Holy -- if you have a look at the Coats website - they have a ton of threads that I never knew about.

Secura thread

See - it's stuff like the above that has been cluttering up the office. I picked up the card and thought I'd like to try the thread, but never pursued buying the thread. This picture will go into my virtual shopping list.

Then it was off to start packing the sample suitcase for my weekend classes in Saskatoon. I didn't get very far, but yet I did. I had to find some presser feet and some of the supplies. Then I had to make a wee sample. I'm trying to be super organized and all "like" things are going in a Ziploc baggie.

The sample suitcase

I have my weighscale so I'll know when I hit the 50 lbs or just under and once that's hit, that it. No more! Obviously, I start with the most important stuff and work my way done to the extras.

That'll be a job for today to get that thing filled.

Could I even possibly work on another box of stuff from the office? I'd like to and since it's a rainy day, I might be motivated to do that. OR - I might clear everything off the desk so I can have space to actually work and find a nice spot to put my pending items so they don't get lost. Decisions, decisions.

Just a quick update on my Virtual Challenges - I'll be walking "past" Mount Robson in BC today, which means that I'm very close to the provincial border. I'm getting excited! I'm way ahead of my pace marker on both challenges. I'm OK with that. Once I got myself organized, it's actually not been difficult to meet and exceed those numbers. It's all about making a commitment and sticking to it!

So has anyone read any of Anne Hazelwood's books on quilting? I think I have one or two of her books, but I haven't read them yet. It worries me when I look at that list as she sometimes writes TWO books in a year. Does that mean they are full of fluff???? I know that sometimes, I get caught up in getting books from a particular author and then not liking the author although that doesn't happen too often.

I'll have to have a chat with myself about some of my favorite authors. They are dying off!! But speaking of writing here's my most recent stats on how much I've written. That's a LOT of words in a couple of years.

On that note, I'd better get moving. It's time to go for a walk in the rain!

Have a great day!!



  1. Every time you mention Fabricland, I get a pang, as all of ours in Washington state closed. I miss them.

    Today, I went to a sharing gathering at a local sewing and craft store and I found out that another local quilting store in our area is going to be an online store only. Dropping like flies around here. Sigh. I really appreciate your shopping local, as I try to do that here also.

    1. Torry!! Holy -- that's not good news and unfortunately it's happening everywhere. People don't want to pay a bit higher price for customer service and a place to visit. I don't get it!!!! Good luck and hopefully someone new will open up?