Monday, March 16, 2020

Travel Day

Even though I'm an early bird, when my alarm went off yesterday at a RIDICULOUS hour, I didn't want to get up. But the thought of falling back asleep and missing that plane soon had me out of bed and out into the beautiful snow and cold temperature.

The airport was quiet which is to be expected at that crazy hour and the flight was about 1/3 full. Which made it easy to get on and off and I had no issue finding space for my carryon suitcase. 

I hope you all realize that while I may be tongue in cheek about some aspects of the current situation, I'm taking this just as seriously as any of us should. It's just that if we can't laugh at some of the stuff going on and we're always doom and gloom, it's going to be a very sad world indeed.

I know that not everyone appreciates my sense of humor. I remember years ago when my co-workers were on our way to a funeral for someone (I think a co-worker's husband). I don't even remember the details, but I think someone else in our department had fallen ill as well.

I said to my "very new and very young boss with her fancy MBA" - what are you doing to the department? Let's just say that that comment was very much frowned upon. Oh well. It wasn't meant to be mean, it was meant to make light of a sad day but it wasn't the "right" thing to say because funerals are supposed to be sad and dreary. If people do NOT laugh at my celebration of life, I shall come back to haunt them!!! 

But enough of that.

This is the view from the plane as we waited to leave. Yep - there was snow - light fluffy snow, but the plane had sat at the gate all night and so we had to go through the de-icing process. And despite the snow, the temperature was cold, although it didn't feel so bad. I think that was because there was no wind. It was HOT on the plane. So hot that I wasn't wearing a jacket - for me - that's HOT!

The plane needs to be de-iced
It's always fun to fly into the day. This was taken from the window as we progressed east. 

Ther sunrise

And then just as we were about to land - there's a beautiful sunny day. It was very nice to get back home and still have some time in the day to do something. Of course, it would have been nice to get home the night before, but there was nothing on the schedule that fit my plans. All is good!!!!

A nice sunny day back home

The girls were happy. That's all I need to say! Happy!!  After we went for our walk, I couldn't resist being outside (hey - I'm building up that immune system of mine). I did some cleaning up in the backyard, playing with Murphy and her ball which we lost in the bushes by the pond. She was NOT happy. And then I sat in the gazebo with my coat on. The sun was pouring in and it was glorious.

When it started to get too cold to sit outside, I was back in the house where I got to work. I got this fabric quilted (with foam on the inside) so the owner can start cutting out her backpack that she'll be making with it.

Fabric quilted

Detail of the quilting pattern

I sometimes refer to the long arm quilting as "feeding the beast". Once a quilt is off, it's time to get the next one loaded. I've got the next quilt loaded and I had to join the batting for that one. I even went so far as to join the batting for the next one as well. Those are Quilts of Valour quilts. I plan to get a lot of quilting done this week.

I did some quilt trimming and I started to cut out my backpack. Yes - we're still planning on our retreat in a couple of weeks. I don't see why we can't go, but we'll have to take things one day at a time. But I want to get ready and if I don't sew at the retreat, then I'll sew at home.

Cutting out my backpack

I checked this morning for that quilt I wanted to show you. I couldn't find it so a more thorough look is in order. But I did dig this out of my suitcase. The Sewing Machine Store in Saskatoon carries these patterns for making bras!! How cool is that? I couldn't help myself - I bought one.

Bra pattern

But what makes it even better is the fact that she had the fabric kits AND all the findings for making the bra so no running around trying to find all the bits. That made it a no brainer to buy.

The pieces to make the bra

I know - very subdued colors! She had a findings pack in bright orange, but no fabrics to match. I've got to see about finding some fabric once I get myself organized!!!!

It was nice to have my own breakfast here, but alas - whoever bought all the bananas this weekend - I hope you are enjoying them!

On that note, it's time to get moving!!

Remember - make the best of this situation! I hear people are going to use this time to tidy up their house and get organized. That sounds like the perfect task - it has to be done. I know that I'm going to try and get one box a day done in this office. Wouldn't that be amazing? I do have a major computer project to get done this week so that might consume a lot of my time, but I will need a break here and there.

The other thing to remember is that we (and by we - I mean the ENTIRE WORLD) are in the same situation. No one has been left out. We're just got to deal with it ONE day at a time!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. The company that designed your bra pattern is in Hamilton.
    I have no affiliation, I just took a class and made two bras.

    1. Kate -- that's so exciting!! Do you like your bras??? I might check out her website and try and get some bright orange to make a bra - just for the fun of it!!

  2. Welcome home :-) I'm holed up in the mountains and sewing up a storm. I got here Friday and am staying until Thursday morning. My 3rd quilt top is all cut and ready to stitch. I've sent an email with photos :-)

    1. Elle -- when you're holed up in the mountains? Were you at a retreat or your own cottage/cabin?? You're lucky to be able to get away. I'm sure you're back home and sewing up a storm there!!! Have a great day!!! Elaine

  3. well, your sense of humor would totally fit with our family! Before I had my knee surgery, my husband joking asked me if I wanted him to amputate! Um, no, I guess I'll just get surgery scheduled!

    1. Torry -- thanks so much!!! I'm so glad to hear that there are others like myself out there. Life is just too short to be constantly worried about things and to not have fun!!! Hope you and your family are weathering this virus situation safely. Elaine