Monday, May 4, 2020

Giving quilts

Yesterday was a glorious day - well almost. I took the girls for their walk and had already decided that it was the perfect day to go for a bike ride. After the walk, I got changed and headed out. The big question is always how far to go? I have a route that I can cut short at any time and work my way back, but I decided to go for it and go for a longer distance.

There was just one slight problem. There appeared to be a headwind. Not strong, but still a headwind. And I knew that when I turned north that it was going to get stronger. BUT when I made my next turn and started to head home, that the wind would be behind me and all would be good.

However, when I turned that corner and headed home, I found that I was faced with strong crosswinds. Stronger than the headwinds that I had experienced on my way out. Oh, good grief! I'm slow enough, I don't need a crosswind to contend with. You know it's strong when you have to fight to keep your bike upright. But I persevered and made it home without incident.

There were a TON of cyclists on the road and the drivers were all pretty courteous and I thank them for that. I also saw a lot of muscle cars - do we even use that term anymore? At one point, I saw 7 cars, Corvettes mostly, in bright yellow, red, and blue. And they must have coordinated their little parade because no two colors were behind each other.

I ended up doing 60 K which is a decent bike ride. Not as long as some of my rides, but for a leisurely ride, it was good. No sore spots (thanks to my leather Brooks saddle) and today I feel fine.

Stopping for a quick snack

Even with all my walking and I think my legs are strong, you use different muscles for the bike and my legs actually felt wobbly on a couple of hills. I hate hills, so I really should get out and practice!

For some reason, I had started to look through the catalogs for The Quilt Project. Oh yes - I was looking for clues as to what happened with the blue/white quilts that we had made with the blocks we sold. I didn't find the blue and white quilts but look at what I found. I guess I like to organize things!!!

The Quilt catalogs

I think The Quilt Project started in 1999? or perhaps in 1998. The first catalog I have is from 2000. I got inspired and so in 2001, I donated a quilt. No story - just a quilt! I remember making this one and I remember being so excited to see it hanging in the Armoury in Stratford during the show.

My donation quilt in 2001
 Then it was time to get my groups involved. In 2002, I got my online quilting group (The Canadian Quilt Swappers) involved in making a quilt to donate. I quilted this one on a domestic machine. Do you see how huge it is??   Yep - 97" by 126". HUGE!!!!

Group quilt donated in 2002

Then it looks like in 2003, I had a moment of insanity. Read the story - and see how many little rail fence blocks there are in this quilt and see how big it is???  Totally insanity. And why I donated it on behalf of my guild at the time is beyond me. No one else did any work on it.

Quilt donated in 2003

That same year, I, along with another member of the Canadian Quilt Swappers organized this quilt. This quilt is stunning and HUGE. I ended up buying the quilt even though I had enough blocks to make my own. Oh boy......

Group quilt donated in 2003

Then in 2004, our online group donated another quilt. This was a much easier one consisting of snowball blocks and nine-patches. I noticed there was another one very similar to this one that had been made by another group. Must have been a thing at that time.

Group quilt donated in 2004 

I do like that quilt though - scrappy which is my favorite kind of quilt.

The next year, we coordinated another quilt - this time we used the Snail's Trail block. And that border as HAND appliqued in place. I can't remember who did that, but it was a LOT of work.

Group quilt donated in 2005

I flipped through all the catalogs from front to back, which brought back a lot of memories. Not only of hours coordinating and making quilts, but volunteering behind the scenes.

I also found this quilt which I coordinated and assembled. I had completely forgotten about this one. We made two of them - one for Gail and one the auction.

Group quilt that I coordinated

All those blocks were hand-embroidered by the staff as that is one of Gail's favorite things to do.

I must have been totally crazy and no wonder I wasn't getting my own stuff done. I had a look at the 2006 catalog which is the last one I have.

I found this group quilt that I coordinated with my small sewing group.

Group quilt donated in 2006

I had coordinated another quilt from our online group with the leftovers from the previous year's quilt.

Another group quilt donated in 2006

But WAIT - there's another one. I coordinated one more quilt that year from our Monday Motivator sewing group. Good grief - what was I thinking to do all this work??? I look at that list of names and at least four of the group are no longer with us.

The THIRD group quilt for 2006

I know that I made three special quilts as well. I'm not sure what year - 2006??? They were in a small catalog by themselves and for the life of me, I cannot find that catalog. I don't even remember if 2006 was the last year. But it was all for a good cause, brings back some good memories and now it's all documented in one spot. Almost.

I had also purchased TWO quilts from the auction - well actually three quilts. I still have them all, but I wasn't able to find two of them in the catalogs. I think because my mind was tuned in to finding quilts that I had coordinated or made. I need to go through the catalogs one more time.

Does anyone have any other catalogs???  Before 2000 or after 2006 or perhaps that special catalog?

Back to the mini-quilt. The top is done!!! Hallelujah! It's a miracle and only took how many years? I'm not sure when I started it, but the top is done. That's all I care about. Did you notice how the dark half star blocks are sitting on the cornerstones in the border?  Yep - I think that was meant to be!!!

The mini quilt top is DONE
The binding is done and so is the back. It'll be moved downstairs later today and added to the "to be quilted" pile. 

Backing, binding and quilt top - ready for quilting

And there's that pack of Thangles - ½" and 3/4". There are still quite a few papers in the package and if anyone would like them - they are YOURS. You just have to ask and I'd be happy to wing them your way.

Pack of Thangles up for grabs

The Pony Express is a great thing, but I have something even better. I have the Ronda Express and so the other day, I had a porch drop off. This is a metal sunflower that I had purchased in the US on one of my travels. It was on sale and one of the petals (or was that two?) were not attached properly. I asked Shelly (who has all the tools) if she could solder it back together and now I have my sunflower back.

My sunflower is ready for the garden

I need to fashion a hanger with some wire and it'll go in the garden. Maybe even today since I need to get it off the kitchen table. I'm going to owe Shelly some quilting I think for all the small fix-it jobs that she's done for me. Thanks, Shelly!!!! (and The Ronda Express).

In case you're wondering what I did yesterday afternoon? The gazebo and a book. ALL afternoon. I even had a treat delivered by DH. A McFlurry. A friend of mine had posted a picture of one on IG a week or so ago. I don't usually eat that kind of thing, but I couldn't get that image out of my mind. Yesterday was an ice-cream kind of day. It was good. I've had my fix.

On that note, I'm out of here. Loads that I want to get done today.

Have a super day!!!!!



  1. Great day! 60k is quite a ride (for someone like me who tops at 6 miles ;-)

    I'm on a quilting bender again. In the last 10 days I have made another 7 quilt tops. 5 are Happy Blocks and those go darn quick.

    So yesterday afternoon, I quilted 4! And this morning I got 1 more done before hubster needed the desk for work-at-home. Yippee! Just 2 remain.

    The binding pile? HUGE! I hand stitch so there's a lot of sitting time involved and I just haven't found the mojo. There are still 4 remaining from the early April quilting marathon.

    Happy Monday. May the 4th be with you :-)

    1. HOLY!!!!! You are on a roll. That's so exciting! It's going to be time to make more quilts. BUT - you might want to learn to do those bindings by machine, especially for the donation quilts. It's so FAST. I can give you some good links (that I wrote) if you want.

      Have a super day!!!!!

    2. Sure. I'm up for the attempt to machine some bindings. Thank you!