Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Who turned out the lights?

Last night when I needed some extra light as I worked on the computer, I realized that my Ott-Lite bulb finally gave up and died. So I need to get a new one. I know that stores were allowed to reopen yesterday. I didn't go out, and I didn't even check it out on my walk since my walk with the girls is a bit shorter these days. I wonder if Micheal's is open? It's the only place to get this bulb, and it is NOT cheap.

All shops have different rules so I'll check later today. Honestly, I don't have time to go out and do that errand! I'm up to my eyeballs getting stuff ready for the three classes this weekend, blog posts that are due next week (shhh - they were supposed to be done by now), a presentation to put together, and a couple of magazine quilts to design and one to make. Yep - it's a busy, busy week.

But that didn't stop me from having a nice long nap outside. I couldn't help myself. I went out there right after lunch to take a phone call. After the call, I was lulled to sleep by the wind in the trees and the water rushing through the waterfalls. It was glorious!

I managed to get in 7 Miles of walking, so I'm trying to be well rounded in what I do. I don't just sit on my sewing chair all day. I would like to do some yoga, and there's no excuse as I have access to some great classes online from my gym. I MUST make that a priority next week as I know that I need more stretching than I've allowed myself.

And it's time to start on the next audiobook, which is due in a couple of weeks and with one person waiting already, I won't be able to renew it. It's 15 hours long, so not bad.

I posted the information about my over the ear headphones yesterday. If any of you went to the link - do NOT be shocked by the price of the headphones. I did NOT pay that price. There's a newer version of that model, so I got these for a good deal by buying online from the same store that I tried to buy them from in person. That was just before the lockdown. OH -- I decided I should read the manual to learn how to use them properly. I bet if I did that, the issue with talking on the phone wouldn't be an issue. YIKES - the manual is FIFTY pages long! I downloaded it to my iPad, so I could sit outside and read that. Yes - BUT not this week!

I've subscribed to some podcasts, and I must include those in my listening mix as well. I hear the library is going to be open soon (well - let me phrase that better) - the libraries can open soon for pickups. Not sure about drop-offs, but I do have a book waiting at the library for me, and I have several to return. I'm going to have to suspend part of my hold list because well -there are quite a few on hold. OH - 36 to be exact. Now, how the heck did that happen?

I know - I subscribe to a newsletter from a great bookshop in New York. The Mysterious Book Shop and every week, they are providing a list of new books or must-reads. I think I shouldn't open up any more of their e-mails for a while. I can't do anything small it would appear. I'm OK with that. That's why the library system allows you to suspend holds!

I'm trying to NOT let things slip during this crazy time. Do not leave a project half-finished, but because of the "crisis" this week, I've had to leave some stuff while I work on something else.

I was going to put my Aviatrix Medallion quilt away but decided that NO - I must get it up to the point that it's supposed to be. The borders were made for the class last week, but not sewn on.

Now they are sewn on. This project is up-to-date. It's going back on the ongoing project shelf later today.

My Aviatrix Medallion quilt so far

That sure looks different from the original quilt which you can see here. Personally, I feel that the original is very jumbly so I changed it up and used only one color family and trying to get the values to do things in the quilt. Like the plus signs in the outermost border - they stand out in my version, and not so much in the original. It's all about personalizing the quilt.

The pattern cover for Aviatrix Medallion

Here's the show n tell from the students. I didn't receive everyone's homework, but it worked slick to incorporate the pictures into the Zoom class.

The first one belongs to Dana. She decided to go for the complex center star block and is using a variety of colors like the pattern.

Dana's version of Aviatrix Medallion

This one is Corrie's. I LOVE those gorgeous jewel tones. She's following the pattern except for the center star which I offered as a simplified version.

Corrie's jewel-tone quilt

This one belongs to Gisele. I LOVE that yellow she's using for the framing. It sets off the colors perfectly.

Gisele's Aviatrix Medallion

And the last one is Cathy's. That yellow background makes the star pop and I love the L shapes in the outer border.

Cathy's version of Aviatrix Medallion

Hopefully, I'll get pictures from everyone for the next class.

I see the robin is back at it this morning, but not as vigorous as yesterday. I did manage to get a picture of one of the robins with a HUGE mouth full of dried grass for the nest.

Robin making a nest

Helen Anne posted a picture yesterday of a robin with a mouth full of gross stuff. I guess they are ahead of us in the nesting/laying egg/having baby process although she doesn't live that far from me! These robins are late!

I noticed this sign as I walked past a local school yesterday. I don't think this is the right message to be passing along. We're going to drive each other crazy if we stay in! We should be OUT - getting fresh air, getting exercise. You can physical distance, you can ride your bike, you can sit in the middle of the soccer field with your kid - get out and enjoy the weather. Otherwise, we're all going to be sick, have no immune systems, and be pale as ghosts.


Don't get me wrong - I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble, but I've not broken a single law by getting out every day. It's allowed - just respect each other's distance. And for the most part, the people are doing that.

Back to the borders for the Aviatrix Medallion quilt. PHEW - that was cutting it close. I had JUST enough fabric to get the four skinny borders. That was close! Remember, I'm making this up as I go along. I still have more skinny borders to add and I'll just use something else. That's how to use up the stash!!!

Just enough fabric for the four skinny borders

I don't normally pin things together before sewing them, BUT I do pin borders. Here's a little tip - put the pins in perpendicular to the seam. Then it's easy to pick the pins out as you're sewing. Do NOT sew over the pins. Just don't.

Stick the pins perpendicular to the seam
I thought I'd share a photo of the backyard from this morning. The leaves are coming in full force and that creates this HUGE green wall to make the space very private. I'm in love with that backyard and you can see why it's easy to spend so much time out there. 

The backyard

Starting today, for the next couple of days, the weather is going to be beautiful. That's BAD. I have work to do in the house - of course, I could take the laptop outside and work outside. That's allowed! Just no napping!

I do want to thank everyone for following along on the blog and posting comments. I'm behind in getting back to you! It's great fun to get phone calls, e-mails, or comments and it's fun to know that you're all there! I do the blog mostly for me, but if my silly endeavors entertain someone, then so much the better.

Don't forget the virtual retreat scheduled for May 27 - 31. The links to the Zoom meetup will be posted next week. The Zoom meeting will run from 9 AM EST - 9 PM EST on each of the days. I hope you're getting your projects prepped. Trust me - you get so much more done in a shorter time frame if you prep.

How do I know that? I was working on a fairly simple project. I had the list of supplies and did I prep? Oh no - and it took hours to complete something that should have taken an hour or so. You get to see that next week.

Have a super day!!!!



  1. In the 1980's I had to have the entire needle shaft replaced on a sewing machine because it was bent. DO NOT sew over pins! That part cost me $600 way back then. The reason it was bent was because I sewed over pins. Every once in a while the needle would hit one of those pins. The bent needle shaft was the result. I learned an expensive lesson. DO NOT sew over pins. Like you, I have the end of the pin pointing to the left and as it gets close to the presser foot, I use my sewing awl to lift the head of the pin and pinch it with my finger and pull it out. I then drop it onto my magnetic pin bowl. That way I don't have to put the awl down and can continue to sew down the seam.

  2. I know what you say about turning off the lights. During the last week we have had to replace a bulb in the ceiling of my sewing room, spare bedroom in fact, plus a bulb in the light stand next to my sewing machine. Must have been all that extra time spent inside sewing away!