Friday, May 15, 2020

The scraps are going, the scraps are going...................

Yesterday was a crazy day. I'm not sure what gets into me sometimes, but I get on a roll and well - watch out!!!!! Let's just say the light at the end of the tunnel is going to be blinding soon. 

I had two one-hour webinars that I wanted to listen to. I didn't have to participate in any way, although I did ask questions in one. But that's two hours of valuable time so how can I get something done at the same time. I did a wee bit of sewing and I'm happy to report that the homework for Aviatrix Medallion is DONE and I love it! I do have to prep the presentation for tonight, but that shouldn't take long. All the pictures are done and just need to be loaded.

I looked at those boxes and bags of scraps and decided that I could sort through some of that. I knew that some of the boxes contained fabric yardage. There is a lesson to be learned here. When you're asking for a donation of something, you MUST be extremely clear on what you want. I thought I was clear, but obviously not clear enough.

I got t-shirt scraps from when someone cut up T-shirts for a quilt, yardages of velvet, tulle, polyester, cotton, and gosh knows what else. I went through box after box and sorted through it all. NONE of it was the small cuttings that are small and easy to stuff a pet mat with. I very neatly piled all that stuff back into the boxes and bags.

I have a connection who wants this kind of stuff so guess what? I have a delivery to make. This is what is going out of the house as soon as I can arrange a drop-off.

Bags and boxes of fabric to be donated
Did I keep anything from the boxes? NOTHING. I kept nothing. I already have so much to deal with that I didn't want to spend my time chopping up stuff that someone else could use. And I assume my contact has sources that they can pass some of this stuff along if they don't want it.

It makes me a wee bit mad when I see that people used my plea for scraps as a dumping ground to get rid of their stuff. Doesn't matter - let's move on. But that's a very valuable lesson. When you ask for something - there are a couple of things that you should do. Be very specific and ask them to drop it off at your house and you get to CHECK THROUGH it (before they leave) to see that it's what you want. Second, if someone has stuff - ask how much they have. I will NEVER do that again. If I'm looking for something, I'll be so specific that people will be afraid to offer up stuff!

I had asked for sheets and pillowcases so I could make the bags to put the scraps in. There wasn't a single pillowcase or sheet in all those boxes and bags.

Well - then I got totally crazy. I went through the stuff that was under the stairs and some of that is included in the above pile. You can tell by picking up the bag what's in it - heavy means yardage - light means scraps.

And then this happened. I went back to what was left under the stairs and I took it out of the tubs. Now the four tubs are EMPTY!! EMPTY!! I was practically giddy!

Four empty tubs

The best part - I don't want the tubs. They are up for grabs. I should sell these - I'm going to put on Facebook Marketplace. How about $15 for all four of them? If one of you wants them and can do a pickup - $15.

And look at all that space I'm going to have when the tubs are gone! There's even better news! There's NOTHING to be put in that space. It stays EMPTY. I'm giddy!!!

Soon to be empty space under the stairs

I'm not out of the woods yet. I did MOVE some of that stuff (see - managing the darn stuff yet again!). All the remaining bags that I haven't been through are now crammed into there four IKEA bags. That's so much more manageable than what I've been dealing with. Four IKEA bags. That's it!

Bags of scraps to sort through

OK - I'm lying. There's still this pile of scraps in Studio U. I checked it and these look like a simple process of opening the pet mat bag and dumping the scraps into them. Of course, I'll check through them first because I've found PINS and NEEDLES in the past. Good grief people - can no one think????

Bags of scraps to sort through in Studio U for pet mats

I even got rid of a box that was on "my" side of the window seat. So this is all that remains for the community projects scrap pile.

Community projects scrap pile

I bet I could take ONE day and get it all finished. I just have to be in the right mood and I seem to be in the mood these days. Well - I did say that I wanted to be done by the sewing retreat and that's just under two weeks away. I'll see how it goes. I do have other things to do.

But I'm on a roll and I can't imagine the MENTAL FREEDOM to have that mess cleaned up!!!! Then I move up the "fabric chain" and start to make things from what's been sorted. I like that part!

What I need are the bags to put the scraps in. I have three left from my pet mat making marathon the last time. I have a HUGE stack of upholstery samples that I'm using. I have my big ruler back, so it's a breeze to cut those pieces. I believe I got six of the samples cut up this morning. I'll share more of that process another day.

Cutting upholstery samples to make pet mat bags

I have a road trip planned for this morning. Oh yes - once I get an idea in my head - I want to get it done! And I just needed an excuse to get out of the house that doesn't involve walking!

I ran around yesterday to get ready for the trip. You'll see why tomorrow. But it involves getting rid of this sewing machine. It's a Husqvarna Viking 500 Computer sewing machine. I don't know what year it was made, but it's a super little sewing machine.  Just checked - the late 1990s. I've come to the realization that I do NOT need this machine. I have loads of other machines - we're not going to count them this morning and I have loaners as well.

Husqvarna Viking 500 sewing machine

So when I heard of someone that was looking for a used machine, I offered her this one. She's going to test it out.

The one thing it doesn't have which I seem to NEED for sewing now is the Exclusive Sensor System. Essentially, this machine is NOT automatic - it has a presser foot lever. Oh my - such an archaic way of sewing!! I've not really used a machine like this in over TWENTY years. I'm so used to the automatic presser foot, that well - I'm just spoiled.

The presser foot lever

But it's got a great design. I love how the extension table and the foot pedal fit on the back of the sewing machine to make one neat package.

The extension table and the foot pedal

Will I regret selling it? NO! I have no need for it as a sewing machine and I certainly don't want a ton of older machines hanging around just because. I'd just have to find a home for it eventually and now is a perfect time.

The cover was also very cleverly designed with room for the power cord and manual.

A slot for the power cord and the  manual

All the bits are there - I checked. I think Karen is going to be excited. She thinks this is a big fancy sewing machine. I dare not show her my EPIC 2!!!!

I tested it this morning while making the binding for the last of my quilts sitting on the table with no binding made. It worked like a charm - great tension. Although it took a bit to get the needle threaded - NO needle threader.

Binding is made for the North Star quilt

I managed to get some of the fabric recut for the magazine quilt and I trimmed all the half square triangles that had been sewn. And they are put away as well!!!

Half square triangles trimmed

That's one thing about the new me. I now have to run around the house actually putting things away. But everything has a home so it's a breeze to do. All the scraps from cutting - either go in the scrap bin or they go in the scrap box to be used for something else. Rulers get tucked back in the ruler holder, threads and tools back in the boxes so they don't disappear. It takes mere seconds to do that versus looking at a daunting task when the piles are so high you can't see the cutting table. I sure wish I had learned that lesson a LONG time ago.

However, I'm now in that frame of mind so I'm good. And I'm LOVING it.

I want to share this picture from the Route 66 Virtual Challenge this morning. I'll be getting to the Texas/Oklahoma border in a couple of days. The challenge actually follows Route 66. Some of the actual roads still exist, while other parts have been taken over by the interstates.

But look at this - this is what the highway USED TO LOOK LIKE. One narrow chunk of pavement for coming and going. Can you imagine driving for hours on that road?

Route 66 near the Texas/Oklahoma border

Ronda and her daughter drove Route 66 a couple of years ago. I want to drive it - it looks like so much fun. And stopping along the way to see some of the sites. One day!

When I was out walking yesterday, I saw this pile of furniture at the curb. I hate this - why can't people just call 1-800 got junk and not leave it strewn on their lawn? But look at those ORANGE chairs! I passed!

Orange chairs
Speaking of garbage, here's another thing I have an issue with. Have you ever noticed how attractive packaging is? And how unnecessary it is? This big box with folding parts and a little drawer held EIGHTEEN tea bags and a small spoon holder. Each tea bag was individually wrapped in a pyramid-shaped box. And some of the packaging that cell phones and other small electronics come in - they are so well designed and so heavy that you hate to throw them out. But they have logos and crap on them so why would you keep that in your house?

Fancy packaging

I'd rather buy something in a plain old brown box or plastic bag if it meant the cost would be less. I hate EXCESSIVE packaging or packaging that was made to make the product more attractive than it really is. What a WASTE!!!!! 

Oh well. It's not a perfect world by any means.

Don't forget the Virtual Sewing Retreat coming up on May 27 - 31. Someone asked me how it's going to work. Hmm - good question. I was thinking of having a Zoom call at one point during each day, but HEY - I can run Zoom all day, then people can drop in and out as they want to. I'll be in Studio U all day so why not.

If anyone has any other suggestions about hosting the Virtual Retreat, let me know. You can e-mail me. 

But if you're going to participate, you'd better start prepping!!! I have a scrap quilt and TWO bags prepped. I have one more project that I need to get prepped. Gosh - I thought I had five projects for the retreat. Maybe there's only four. And guess what? They fit in ONE laundry basket!!! I believe even the toolbox will fit in there.

So get yourself organized! Even if you only sew for one day! It'll be fun to pop in and see what everyone else is sewing that day.

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Congrats on all the scrappy success!!!! Great use of 2h listening.

    It is soooo GRAND to be organized and in just a minute or 2, everything is "home" where you'll find it next time you need it.

    Having a successful birthday fabric acquisition outing this morning (my LQS has an excellent/safe opening protocol so I went to support her), I need to attend the retreat and work off 40 yards!

    Wishing you and everyone a wonderful weekend!

    1. Elle -- -that's so cool. Was it an appointment only thing at the quilt store? I'm wondering how they are going to work it here. Was it well attended??? So nice to be able to shop in person!!! 40 yards - hmm - you might need more than 5 days!! Start cutting!

    2. The shop rules are: mask required. Must use hand sanitizer at the door-observed by an employee. Maintain social distancing even though mask is on (double safe IMO). Only 12 customers at a time in the 8000 square foot shop. 4 employees working.

      As a well trained infection preventionist, I couldn't think of anything she could add for safety.

      I sewed off 45 yards in the last 4 weeks so I'm not too concerned about the birthday acquisition ;-) My pink stash needed replenishing, 5y of blue patriotics are earmarked for Veteran quilts to accompany the white and red prints I have set aside and the rest is filling holes in my stash. It's been a crazy sewing year for me so far, with 162 yards already sewn into finished quilts and another 73 yards in progress (quilted awaiting binding or finished tops awaiting quilting AND binding).

      Shelter-in-place isn't a bother at all for me :-)