Monday, May 16, 2022

Cross Canada Challenge!!

Have you ever had one of those nights when you are tired - but you just can't fall asleep? There were zero reasons for that to happen except to annoy me. I did not nap during the day, I didn't have any earth-shattering thing on my mind, all the work for the day got completed, and I just couldn't fall asleep. 

I did get up and go to spin class. Let's just say that it took me an extra 10 minutes to get my 30 KM. I think a nap this morning or this afternoon will be necessary, but one must be careful, or I won't sleep tonight. 

There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to sleep. Should I get up and do some work? I often do that, but I didn't last night. I should have, and then the blog wouldn't be late. Sigh.............

Remember these panels that I posted the other day? There are coordinates to go with it, and I think there are six in total. Turns out that there's a challenge around those panels. 

The challenge is being hosted by Trendtex, and you can check out all the details here.   There's also a website with a list of stores selling this challenge fabric. Who knew????  They should have signs where the fabric is sold in the store, or maybe they did, and I didn't spot it.

I went downtown yesterday -- always an adventure, but I choose to go on Sunday when the traffic and parking would be better. It was a great adventure, although there were tons of people out. I'll share my experience with you later this week. My ultimate goal was Patagonia to take in my jacket for repair. I had washed it, and it's been sitting by the front door for weeks. It takes 6 - 8 weeks to repair, and I'd like to get it back before September. 

I was so IMPRESSED with Patagonia as the woman at the counter looked at the jacket and noted ALL the places that needed repair. Not only does the zipper need to be replaced, but there is wear at the elbow seams, and some of the down has been lost. No worries -- they fix that. I was shocked. And the best part? The repair is FREE!!!  You can't beat that. Their motto is Repair, Reuse, and Recycle or something to that effect. 

It's in all the labels of their clothing. Let's just say that when I need new adventure clothes (and I need new ones soon), guess where I'll be shopping? It's well worth the price. This stuff lasts and lasts and lasts, and if it wears, they fix it! 

So much of what we buy today is in the landfill before the tags even come off. That's not good. I've worn that jacket for years, and I LOVE it, and I'm so happy it can be repaired. If you are checking out their website, there is a website for franchise stores and a corporate store in Toronto. 

Here's my flower of the day. I believe this is jack in the pulpit. 

Jack in the pulpit

When I was at the dollar store the other day, I spotted these mini balls of yarn. I have ZERO need for them, but they were so cute and only $4.00, so I couldn't leave them in the store. That darn cuteness factor wins again. I could use them for couching so they won't go to waste, or if I ever decided to make those little knitted and crocheted (amigurumi) animals, this will come in handy!

Mini balls of yarn

I picked up the latest copy of Threads magazine. I LOVE this magazine and so many exciting techniques. If only I could learn it all and retain it!!!

The latest Threads magazine

I saw something that we all need. A corset -- NOT!!! Can you imagine breathing in that thing? I'd be dead within minutes. But it looks pretty! 

A corset!

And one of the freelance educators for SVP Worldwide (Husqvarna Viking, PFAFF, and Singer) is a frequent contributor to the magazine. Katrina is a whiz on the serger and does a lot of classes in garment making, and I should sign up for one, just to learn a few of her tips and techniques. 

Hello, Katrina!

It's going to be short and sweet this morning. I managed to get ALL the follow-up paperwork out the door for the classes/clubs this weekend. That was a great feeling, and if I can keep up with that, it will be good. I might be switching to videos instead of written notes -- it's just faster. 

It's Monday sewing and then a significant writing assignment this week and prepping for four more classes this coming weekend. 

Anyway -- have a super day!!!!



  1. Happy Monday!

    They are turning our power off from 10-3 today. I'll be walking at 1000 instead of 0900. BTW, I have walked 72 miles the recent 14 days! I'm powering through :-) Again, I appreciate you posting your walking routines as I find it encouraging. (Oh, and I've lost 7 pounds!!!!)

    1. WOW WOW - that's so exciting!!!! Keep up the good work!!! And the weight loss is a bonus!