Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Health Check

I have so many pictures to post -- there just isn't enough time. I'm teaching an in-person class today, and everything is prepped and ready to load into the car! Yeah! 

I still have pictures from the weekend to post, and I don't think I'll get them all done today. Let's see what happens. 

Maryke, Carol, and I did some swapping; here is part of what we exchanged. I loaned Maryke some templates, and I got two books in return. The first one, I've put with my Mixed Media projects for the year, and I need to find a way to incorporate some of those techniques into my projects. I'm behind in the assignments -- what else is new, and I mostly do quilt-related things, which will take me out of my box. 

Mixed Media book

I put the second book on my shelf as I won't have time to deal with both at the moment. 

Mixed media book 

And I also was the recipient of some GORGEOUS paper. I will be sharing it with someone, and when they see this picture, they'll know who they are. I see these are also in this person's favorite color!! How neat is that? 

Gorgeous paper

While there's no picture of us together, Maryke did send a picture of her view. It's stunning, and I can see a lot of time "wasted" sitting on the deck, just chilling out. Murphy would be in her glory, running up and down the hill to the lake!

The view from the lake

I got one other thing from Carol, but I haven't even opened it yet. I'll try to get that done tomorrow. 

And in case you were wondering, the girls were ecstatic to see me when I got home on Sunday afternoon. I don't think they really cared two hoots about me -- it was the WALK that they wanted. Even Lexi, who is pretty aloof, was jumping around, and when we did get out, she was having fun on that extension leash!! Yep -- she made a point of being in FRONT of Murphy, which wasn't good for Muphy. 

I'd have been whizzing down the street at a pretty good clip if I had roller blades on!

Out for a walk with the girls

I did get them to calm down enough to take a picture in the forest, but they didn't want anything to do with picture taking, as you can see. The girls would rather watch the forest happenings than be seen posing for pictures.  

MOM - Don't take our picture! 

But there are the flowers. The trilliums are in bloom, and they are so beautiful. They usually don't hang like this, but perhaps it's the one I saw. 

Trillium in bloom

And there are loads of yellow trout lilies. 

Yellow trout lily in bloom

Speaking of the girls, this was the other sight that greeted me shortly after I arrived home. That would be Murphy and her ball. So hopeful that I would toss it for her. She doesn't give up! 

MOM -- now that you are finally home let's play ball!

I unloaded the car, and everything got brought downstairs, and it was all tidied up before Sunday night was over. Well, mostly tidied up. There is ZERO downtime this week -- I have the class today and a presentation on Thursday. There is homework to be prepped for this weekend and two UFOs that need to be done because I REFUSE to pay $10 again. And we need to get samples done for Quilt Canada. 

The car was emptied

This is NOT a thing with me, but it was recently. Over or under? I found this at my house when I arrived -- I'm just lucky that I remembered to put it on the holder. It usually sits on the edge of the tub until the morning the cleaning lady comes. Then it gets placed on the holder. LOL --- this is NOT a priority at my house. But we had extensive discussions about it recently. 

Over or under?

I had to stop by the drugstore yesterday and decided to use the blood pressure machine. OH MY -- we have a new device. Well, let's check it out. You can create an account with the drugstore to allow you to sign in so your vitals can be stored, but I didn't bother. 

A new health check-up machine

It looked very weird with a top on it as well. I didn't get a very good picture of it, so I'll try next time I go. 

Well, this is normal for my blood pressure. You can't see the little dial pointing to the extreme lower left, which is the bottom of the normal. 

Excellent blood pressure

Check out the health advice -- Well Done!!!  Yippeeee!!! 

OK -- next thing -- this machine measures your BMI. Seriously?? How? OH -- there's a little bar under the seat, and you put your feet on that so it can weigh you! No WAY!!!  Yep -- I put in my height, and there are the results. 

I'm in the green range, which is good, but I would like my BMI to be less. Notice, I got LOTS of advice on this one. 

BMI is acceptable

While it's all good advice, it missed the one thing that causes my BMI to be higher. East LESS chocolate, as the chocolate just goes to my waistline the moment I eat it. 

So unless I give up the sweets, this will NOT change because I already do everything they suggested! 

I didn't take my temperature, but it's pretty neat. A robot nurse, I suppose! Anyway -- that was an interesting stop! 

We had our Monday sewing, and it was a very productive day, but I don't have time to share those photos with you today. 

As I was prepping for my class today, I dug out some of my GO dies. YES -- I have the Apple Core die, so there is no need to borrow that from someone. I also have the small tumbler die, so there is no need to borrow that one either. I felt something weird on the back of one of the die packages. What the heck is that? OH MY -- it's a weeding tool. Who knew that was there -- obviously, I've never used this die before! I'll take that off and put it with my other weeding tools in the Scan and Cut. 

A weeding tool

I was looking for something in the office, and well, I had no idea where to start. So the table with all the crap got moved back to the corner. It's only been sitting in the middle of the room for 6 months! And it's time to start whittling away at the junk in here. It's really the only disaster area of the house, and it really would be nice if it were a bit more functional. 

The office

I'm NOT good at filing, so I grabbed a massive pile of paper that needed to be sorted and filed. 

Paper to file and sort

I managed to get some of it sorted and filed. When I'm done with the filing, it'll be time to clean out the filing cabinet. There's so much junk in those drawers, and I'll deal with it the same way I did in Studio B. Get everything into a home, and then bit by bit, do another sort and purge. 

The file cabinet drawers are getting FULL

If I focused a wee bit every day, it could happen. I must try to make that a new "habit" for myself. I know the feeling it would give me when it's done, and every little bit will help. 

Here's a list of quilt shows in my neighborhood! Note that June 2-3 should be June 3 -4. I'll make that change, and several other shows need to be added. I'll add it here as soon as I get the updated information. 

I plan on getting to the Hamilton Show and Quilt Canada in Vancouver. 

Here's something else you may want to check out. I plan to do that on Friday. The OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) hosts its graduate art show on May 11 - 15. I've never been to this show, but when I went to Sheridan, their annual show would blow your socks off. 

I need to get moving -- lots to do, and I need to be on the road soon.

Have a super day!!!



  1. Thanks so much for the events list, I'm always on the hunt for these for my quilt club newsletter.

  2. That is not a weeding tool that was attached to the GO die. It is to clean your dies from fabric that gets caught in the blades. I believe it is called a GO Pick. If you had the rag die, you use the pick almost each time you cut fabric since 'sew' much fabric gets caught in the blade.