Saturday, September 10, 2016

Patterns in magazines

A number of people were asking me about the two patterns that were just recently published.

The first one is called Tree Lines and it is in the Quilter's Newsletter - Best Christmas Quilts.   Check out this blog post - there's my quilt!!!!  And the cover of the magazine is there also so you can readily see it on the newstand. It's the modern Christmas tree - I don't believe I have a photograph of the quilt myself. That was one of those situations where I literally got the binding sewn on and shoved it in a box to be shipped! No time for a label, but the sleeve did get put on. I'm hanging that on my wall at home instead of putting up a Christmas tree this year!!!!   (thanks to Linda for alerting me to that blog post!)

The second quilt is the big tote bag. That one is in the Fall 2016 issue of Quilts and More.  Here is the cover so you can find that one as well.

Fall 2016 Quilts and More

I know a number of people haven't been able to find Quilts and More.  Chapter's used to be a great source for quilting magazines. Especially the one at Sherway Gardens. That store had a HUGE magazine section and I loved going there. They moved a couple of months ago into the mall and their magazine section is NOTHING compared to what it was. I won't even go back.  I did stop in from time to time at Square One - they also used to have a good selection of quilting magazines, but no more. I never go there either.  The best one that I've found is the one on Dundas and 403. They still have a decent selection and some of the Indigo's - the one near me isn't too bad. Don't forget that Wal-Mart has the magazine (that's where I found it originally) and sometimes they put their quilting magazines in the craft section, not with the rest of the magazines.  Also check out the grocery store like Loblaw's.  They also carry some of the magazines. I think you can also buy the magazine digitally so maybe that is an option.

I hope that helps those that are looking for the magazine.

The other day when I went to the Oxford Quilter's Guild, I had the car full of stuff. But nowhere near the amount of stuff that I take to a retreat.  Of course as I'm taking this picture, some man is watching me. I guess people think it weird that someone would want to take a picture of the back seat of their car!!!!

Some of the stuff for my lecture!

And I know you are all wondering about the knee.  Well since I was going to the doctor yesterday, the knee is now starting to feel better.  The X-rays and ultrasound were not conclusive that there was any damage. There is arthritis (surprise surprise) and there was fluid on the knee. Water? Blood?  No idea.  The bottom line - keeping the knee up, icing the knee - heck I've been driving around with an ice pack on  my knee. And if I can keep the swelling down, I seem to be doing great. Even this morning, I'm noticing that I can at last put a bit more weight on it and not feel the knife driving to the core. Stairs are still an issue.

I have to laugh this morning as I came up from the studio. I remember how I could race up those stairs. Now I can't carry much at a time because I need to have a tight grasp on that hand rail!  Oh god - how we age quickly!  Well, hopefully in another week or so, things will be somewhat back to normal.  It was probably a twisted/sprained/strained muscle????  No idea - but take things easy for a bit and I'll be as good as new!!!!  I'm just glad that I can walk without excruciating pain. So is Lexi although we're going to the dog park and not for a walk. I think she likes the park better anyway.

On that note - I'm out of here!

Have an awesome day!!!!


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