Friday, December 30, 2016

A miracle - it's a miracle!

NO - I'm not quite done that fiddly project yet.  I'm so close, I'm getting blinded by the light at the end of the tunnel.  That darn NAGGING Task Master. I was going to only do so much last night. Then I was nudged into doing just a bit more. OK - I'll do a bit more.  Then I was nudged just a bit more and I complied! Next thing I knew, there were two more fiddly bits DONE!   I'm beyond excitement, to say the least.

BUT that is NOT the miracle.    Nope - this has to do with my Mom.  We're all given gifts to someone. Some are more appreciated than others. As quilters, we give quilts and how many times have you given a quilt and it's ended up in the closet?  A while back, I gave my parents each a quilt. My Mom's got tucked away in some hiding spot in the house. God forbid that we use it - it will get dirty. It's flannel and it has roses all over it. One of her favorite flowers!   My Dad's quilt was used as a head rest on his chair. Folded up so you couldn't see it. Yes, one of the tractor quilts.

When they moved from the farm into their apartment, they bought two big lazy boy type chairs. I noticed when I was there this summer that BOTH quilts are spread over their respective chairs.  TO PROTECT the chairs!  None the less, the quilts are being used.  I do get a huge laugh out of the fact that the front of the quilts are FACING the chairs so you see the BACK of the quilts!!   I guess that is a lesson to be learned for us all - make sure the back is as pretty as the front!   Doesn't matter - they are being used!!!

BUT, it gets even better. Do you remember this bag???

Everyday market tote bag
I made it for my Mom and I sent it off to her just before Christmas. Not as a Christmas present, just because.  I called yesterday and YES she had received the box. Loved the bag and OH MY GOD - it's a MIRACLE, within ONE DAY of receiving the bag, she is using it for her yarn INSTEAD of the unsightly cardboard box that she had her yarn in! (in the living room no less!)

And the little matching bag??  Oh yes, according to my Mom that little bag will be good for scissors, extra crochet hooks or whatever.

Matching zippered pouch

You could have knocked me over when she said that she had already employed both of the items within ONE day.

Yeah to my MOM!!!!!!   It's been over one year since my parents moved to their apartment and they couldn't be happier and my Mom's health has certainly improved a LOT. That is also a blessing and a miracle. I never thought I would see the day when this would happen and that they would be happy about it.  I am blessed. I am lucky. And please let me realize when it's time for me to move - but I can't, I have way too much stuff. (OH GOD - I sound just like my Mom!)

Remember when I joked yesterday that it was Thursday and time to start FIVE projects???  Did I really say that?  Yes - well, guess what - I cut out THREE new projects yesterday.  They were on the "to do" list - two of them urgently need to be completed in the next three weeks.  One I can't decide if I like the dark background or the light background.  Don't let me make both so I can decide when they are both made!

On that note, my rotary cutter is fired up - I've got a big bag of fabric and I feel another cutting session coming on!

Have a super day!!!!


PS - I just saw this quilt on the CQA blog.  It's from a guild in Alberta.  Anyone have the name of the pattern???

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