Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A slow start.

Ever have one of those days when you just can't get going?  I know there are lots of people like that, but I'm usually the one that gets up at 5 AM, pops out of bed and 5 minutes later I'm sewing. Well not so today. I got up late, I puttered, took the dogs for a walk and finally getting myself going. Nothing seems to have gone well this morning. Nothing bad, it's just not a normal morning for me! 

I'm even breaking precedent and NOT getting a tea from Tim's. I'm working from home so making my own tea. 

Then I stepped into the dining room (aka the office) and I was disgusted. How I could possibly spread out my paperwork in this mess.  So in a total of 10 minutes, I crammed everything from the table into boxes

What a disaster!

So I had some place to lay out my work.  I did find a surprise under all that stuff which I'll take a picture for tomorrow.

Now that's better!
 Now if I were smart - at the end of the day, I would take those two boxes and I would sort through the stuff so I could get rid of it once and for all and not have to do a clean sweep of the table just because I want to work.  I am so tired of this paper mess.  I think I need someone to help me. Not because I can't do it by myself. Nope - it's because I would rather be sewing!!!!

The other day when I was doing my errands, I bought myself something special. Well, technically not for me, but to help me.  I bought a wireless mouse for my work laptop.  I'm fine with the built in mouse on my home laptop, but the one on my work laptop is terrible.  Ronda had one of these at one of our retreats and when I was at Staples the other day I saw them and thought - I want one of those.

Wireless mouse
It works like a charm. The key is going to be remembering to use it. I find myself using the darn laptop mouse and then remembering the wireless one.  Train the brain!!!!

On that note, I'm off to write patterns, articles and hopefully get a bit of sewing done as well - got a few new things to create.

Have a super day.


PS - If you didn't catch Lexi's blog yesterday, she has a big announcement.

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