Friday, December 16, 2016

The LONG way home.......

So we could see that it was snowing for most of the day where I work. It wasn't like that in the morning although it did take about 10 minutes extra to get to work. No big deal. All during the day, we could see the wind and the snow. It took one girl 2 1/2 hours to get to work. Now she does live far away, but that was about double her travel time.

Then we started to get a bit concerned as we watched the weather channel and we all decided to pack it in early. I left the office at 3:40  PM. I got home at 7:15 PM!   Granted, I did stop at the drug store to do an errand, but it took me THREE hours to get home. THREE HOURS!!!!   If I would have ended up somewhere exciting like a quilt retreat, that would have been OK.  I normally take the toll highway home - it takes me 35 minutes. I have a feeling that everyone else decided to take the toll highway because there would be less traffic on it. HAH!  It took me ONE HOUR just to get to the highway - a drive that normally takes less than 10 minutes.

Snowy roads 
(I was completely stopped when I took that picture and by the way, I don't look through the viewfinder - I just point and shoot and hope I get a good picture. I know that it's not allowed, but it was just a quick millisecond)

The highway was a disaster. There were about 7 lanes of traffic where there should be 4. The lines were covered with snow. No plows to be seen. Apparently, the plows had been pulled due to zero visibility conditions.  Nope - there was NO issue with the visibility for the entire time I was out. The problem was the roads weren't plowed!  But I have to say in that ENTIRE time - three hours, I did NOT see one accident or anyone in the ditch.  Now that's a miracle, to say the least!

I just sat back in the car and relaxed. I chatted to several people on the phone since I had nothing else to do. I had emergency chocolate in my purse to eat and I was happy as a clam. We literally crawled at 10 KM for most of the trip, although we did get up to the fast speed of nearly 50 KM as I got closer to home.  There were a couple of spots at the beginning of the highway that were sheer ice. A slight tap on the gas and oh boy - there is nothing to grip here!  And don't you worry, my snow tires are on the car!

Hopefully, everyone else made it home safely as well. We all filled our bags with work so in the event of bad weather today, we'd just work from home.  Yep - me included.  While there is no snow this morning, what's the point - the roads are still bad and it's going to snow again tonight!!!!

And now let's get to those pictures from yesterday.

Let's start off by showing you the surprise I found under the stack of stuff on the table.  Yep - that is a Row by Row License plate. Thank goodness for popping a note in it, otherwise, I would have had no idea why it was there. It belongs to CAROL!!!!!   I now have two for her. I do believe this one is from 2015.

Carol's license plate
 I know she has flown the coop for the winter, but we need to get together at some point. She has stuff for me, I have stuff for her!

When I had gotten home the previous night (not last night), I did not want to go and sew. But as I mentioned, The Task Master was on my case. So I went downstairs. And this is what I did..............

One pair of Christmas stocking - complete!!!!!
 Now you know that the second pair was wonky. A colleague suggested that I just ease them in and make them work instead of putting something different on the back- which would have had to have been quilted. So I pinned and I eased and I stretched and VOILA - I got the second pair of stockings together as well.

Second pair of Christmas stockings - COMPLETE

I took both pairs to work yesterday and they were donated to a good home. One of my good deeds for the year. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that when I stopped at Tim's on my way to work to get my breakfast, when I arrived at the window, I learned that the person in front of me had paid my bill!!!  OH!  Well - THANK YOU, whoever you are!   So I paid for the person behind me!!!!

Someone gave me this note when I was teaching a class a couple of years ago. I had to laugh as I found it when I was cleaning up that table. I kept the note because I will never forget that class!!!  There was a student who, well, let's just say she was interesting!   I've now put the note on my inspiration board at work!!!!  And after the drive home yesterday, I could believe that!  Almost..............

Note of inspiration!

By the time I got home last night and had dinner, I really didn't have any motivation to do any sewing. So I made a cup of tea and sat and read. Oh shoot - my usual cup is in the dishwasher and this cup isn't quite big enough - see there is still tea in the steeper thing!  Don't worry, I have several cups that are big enough. They were all dirty!

Not quite big enough cup
But this morning, after a good sleep, I was pumped. Also knowing that I wasn't going to waste time driving to work.  So I got the second fleece mitten DONE!!!!

Fleece mittens - DONE!!!!
 Yep - that was also on The Task Master's list. I mean seriously?  This has been sitting for over TEN years. Probably closer to 15.  And it took me less than ONE HOUR????   What is the matter with me?  So in addition to those 12 ongoing projects for 2017, I want to finish up a bunch of these little things that are almost complete. Those stockings would have sat around forever, but I got them in November, done in December!  That's my new plan!!!!

As I was finishing those mittens, which will become the dog park mittens, I thought of someone who would appreciate a pair. Now I don't want to give mine away, as I've waited 10+ years for them, but I could QUICKLY make another pair before Christmas?  Could I????  Let's see how things go.

Speaking of getting things done. That plastic tub was emptied. Everything in it found a home and the next project is already in the bucket. I hope to get this finished by Tuesday of next week which is going to be tight, but I think I can do it. My brain just has way too many ideas!!!!

Next project

And on that note, I think I will venture out this morning to get my Tim's tea. I'm an addict - yep - plain and simple. I like that tea. Or perhaps I just like the routine.

Have a super day!  Stay safe!


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