Thursday, December 22, 2016


I was tired last night. I did get some of my project completed and I know that I'm leaving way too much to be done tonight. But I'm also in the middle of an exciting book and I wanted to spend some time just sitting and relaxing. See - I truly am my own worst enemy.  Not too worry - I'm making good progress on one of the tasks from The Task Master. I know my biggest problem is going to be ME.  While this task was in the book, it was related to something else and of course, now I'm trying to do two things at the same time!   NO - just say NO!!!!!

Anyway - I went to bed, read for a bit and then promptly fell asleep once the light was out. Around 11 PM, I woke up. I thought I heard the dogs growling at each other/something else?  And so like the heroine in the movie, I crept down the stairs to see what the issue was. I think their beds were just a tad too close to each other and one woke up and forgot that there are now two dogs in the house!

Might as well put them out for a pee!  Lexi went out and a minute later was back in but I had to put my boots on and get Murphy who was cavorting in the snow!

Back to bed and needless to say, I now couldn't get back to sleep. I really wanted to go to sleep as I had plans to work on my project in the morning. Nope - wasn't going to happen. So I decided to read a bit.  I know - you're asking, how can you read an action book (near the end) and have that put you to sleep?  Easy!  I read until I thought I was tired and turned out the light. NOPE - wasn't tired enough. Light back on and read some more.

Thirty-seven pages from the end of the book - the bad guys are in the helicopter which two captured good guys and one good guy hidden and YEP - now I'm tired!  I lay the book down and turned off the light and promptly fell asleep.  Action books don't keep me awake!  I think creepy horror books would, but not action books.

I think I slept through my alarm or I woke up and ignored it. Then I went back to sleep. Slept right through my morning prep time. Got the dogs walked and fed, hopped in the car and now I'm going to be burning the midnight candles tonight to get my project complete!!!!

I sure wish we could have a switch. I'm asleep, now I'm awake!!

However,  the day is going great so I can't complain. I may take a nap when I get home, then get up to work!

Have a super day!!!!!


PS - I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see how the hidden good guy rescues the kidnapped good guys in the helicopter with four bad guys flying the helicopter and guarding the prisoners.

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  1. Must be a Clive Cussler and no I will not tell you how it ends.