Friday, December 23, 2016

What's in your purse?

In case you're wondering, I did NOT get my project done for today.  Not even close. I've made this before and I had forgotten how fiddly the last part is and I wasn't in the mood last night to fiddle for hours.  No big deal, the deadline was my own.  I will work on the project over the next week and get it done - little by little!  

However, this has been a BIG learning tip for The Task Master.  In my book, I wrote - "finish project X".  That was it!!!   Grossly underestimating the number of steps and how long it was going to take. I set myself up for a major fail on this one!!!!   I needed to break it down into steps and then I could check them off and make me feel better about it rather than missing a potential deadline. 

Big lesson learned!!!!!  So I'm behind, but that's OK - I have FOUR consecutive days (yep - even Christmas day) where I can sew to my heart's content and I hope to make The Task Master happy. 

I must make myself a HUGE HUGE sign about Delusional Doability and POST it in The Task Master.  I'm my own worst enemy!!!  And not to worry - I'm not beating myself up - just learned a lesson.  Time to move on!

The good news was that I was able to finish my book last night!   Yep - the good guys prevailed, the bad guys all got thrown out of the helicopter!

Here is another area that needs a bit of tidying!  That would be my purse!  I didn't carry a purse for years. Then I splurged and bought this beautiful orange purse!  Yeah!   However, it has become a dumping ground and there are ALL kinds of stuff in it.  I don't have time to unpack the purse today. That will happen tomorrow. 

My overflowing purse
Just for curiosity sake, I weighed that purse.  Yikes!!!!

That says 2.575 Ks

That's a lot of crap!!!!!   I will remove everything that shouldn't be there.  Don't worry - I'll take a picture for you. And I'll reweigh the purse.  I bet it will be shocking what's in there!!!!

Now here's another question for you - about quilt labels.  Last night, I was asked if I had a baby quilt that DH could give to a work colleague who had had a baby.  As a matter of fact, I do have one.  The baby is a boy - the quilt is blue and yellow - perfect!    Now - how to label said quilt???   What do you do on a quilt like this????  There is zero personal connection and there is NO pattern.  I know exactly what I want to do - no time for it, but I'm ordering something for future quilts.

I'll reveal all that tomorrow.

Have a super, super day and don't forget - tell me what's in your purse?????


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  1. My purse is very small. I carry only ID, credit and other cards plus some cash and a spare car key. I just went and looked and I also have a pen but no paper. that's it. Last winter I carried a cell phone in a small pouch with my ID and credit cards - not even any cash.