Sunday, December 4, 2016

Set up for failure.....................

I'm super excited - one more sleep and then I'm revealing my list of 12 projects for 2017.  I've been bustling around this morning taking photos so I can share it with you.  Make sure you wach for that blog post - it's going to be the start of something awesome. I can't wait to get started!

I do think I'll have to reboot my computer today though as there are a lot of pictures and the computer is super slow.  We don't have time to waste!

I'm making great progress on my list of things to do which I'll be sharing with you as well.  Let's just say that I can't wait to get home tonight after my class so I can get started on something new!  Well, not new - just a different item on the list.

I did my pick up yesterday - 2 1/2 hours to complete that errand but it had to be done and all will be revealed on Thursday night.

Today I want to share with you a complete fail.  It's hilarious and based on our situations, I had to share it with you.

You're out there shopping for presents for people?  I know you are (thankfully, I'm not buying ONE single present this year - not even for Miss Lexi!)  OK - I'm lying a bit as I'lm going to buy two things - both for me!

Let's say that you're at the bookstore which is an excellent place to get gifts.  You see this stand.......

Page a day calendars!
AHA - look at all those cool topics - that would be perfect for Bob and Susie and Barb, etc.

Well - let me tell you a little story about those calendars.  In my cleaning up, sorting through, guess what I found????

Word of the day calendar
 Note the date of the exposed page - yes, the rest of the calendar is intact.  What year is this??  Well, TUESDAY, January 3 was in Jan 2012.

Then I found this calendar from Modern Family.

Modern Family page a day calendar

GOD - January 1 - I didn't even take one page off.  Thursday, January 1 was in 2015

But I'm not done!    Here is a Scrabble calendar.

Scrabble page a day calendar

Monday, January 9, 2012!

And then there's this calendar - not Scrabble, but that same type of thing.  Note the year is right on the calendar!  January 8, 2010.

Word play of the day
 BUT wait - there's more!!!!   Look at the date on this one!!!

Dog picture - page a day calendar
 Yep - no pages ripped off from 2005!!!!!

At least this one was slated for a project.  I think we had two of them that year and one was used to decoupage a box.

Decoupaging a box with dog pictures

I don't think I'm very good with this decoupage stuff
 That darn box is sticky - well not sticky, but it sticks.  Does that make sense???

Now you see why I failed at The Town and Country quilt which was making ONE block per day - I didn't even get started on that one, although I did buy my fabrics.

At least, I made it to February 17 with the 365 Block a Day challenge - the scrap one.

Now, not all is lost.   I have TWO page a day calendars this year.

TWO page a day calendars
I keep these on my desk and you can see that the one on the left is UP TO DATE.  The picture was taken a couple of weeks ago.  It's a beautiful calendar - art/inspiration and I have many of the little pieces of art hanging around my office.  I don't have time to load the picture this morning, but I'll find it.  The second calendar, I was doing great until I got stuck on a word and then no time to get back to it.  But I will - it's a good diversion.

Is there a lesson in all this????   Yep - be careful what you buy for people as many gifts will NEVER be used.  It's the thought that counts???  Or are we simply adding to their stress level?   Me?  I won't buy this for anyone ever again, BUT I'm going to buy the Inspiration one for me again this year.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that calendar.

Best Page a Day Calendar in the world!!!!

I also have this calendar for 2017.  Will I keep up???   Nope - I already feel myself behind!  But it might make a good take along project for road trips.

The New Hexagon

And then I received this calendar the other day.  (Thanks Elaine) This is perfect, as I keep a calendar of my schedule on my office door so people know where I am.   I plan to be very creative with my work schedule this year (OK - who am I kidding!)  But I do have a wicked travel schedule and vacation and so I'm going to post this calendar on my door to keep the others informed of my whereabouts. And a nice list to keep things under control!

Calendar for the office

Isn't that hysterical????   I couldn't believe how many of those calendars I had.  I can reuse the word a day one in 2017!!!!  (And one of the Scrabble ones as well.)   I have a feeling that is why the year got knocked off the calendars!!!   Anyway, if I take it to work, I'll be that much smarter by learning a new word everyday.  Here's the thing - if I could remember each new word, great!  But I can't and that is why I feel failure with these calendars.  I can't find the expert word score in Scrabble so I wait, hoping that one day I'll find the word.

Hello self????   It isn't going to happen, so rip those pages off, have fun, learn something that you will retain for 5 minutes and MOVE ON!!!!!

I love it!!!!!!

On that note, I'm a bit behind this morning because of the slow computer and I still have to finish quilting a quilt for a customer.

Have a super awesome day!!!



  1. Replies
    1. Mary - you're welcome!!! Oh - what a crazy life!

  2. We have a friend that buys my husband Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might be a Redneck" box calendar every year. I don't think he has ever opened one of them. . . and this has been going on for several years! LOL

    So your tale of the calendars makes perfect sense to me.

    Have a great day.

    1. Sherry - OMG!!! That is too funny, but I bet there are tons of those calendars NOT opened. At least, I did get mine out of the box! Guess what your husband is getting for Christmas this year????