Friday, March 9, 2018

Finally finished - well almost

Yesterday was a sit n sew day and we had a blast as usual. These are truly the best days and even though I was supposed to be working on other things, I know that it's important to make time for fun and friends.

Let's start with a bit of show n tell from some of the others.  This is the block that Diane is working on. I think I mentioned it before, but I had forgotten to take a picture. I love the color combination It isn't one that I would have chosen, but sometimes those are the best ones. Always good to see what colors others are using!  I'm not sure how many blocks she has to make, but the entire quilt is made from those blocks so she has a bit to make.

Diane's blocks

These next two quilts are Elaine's. I think this is called "This is Canada" by Wanda's Designs. A super nice quilt that represents all the provinces and territories of Canada. I bought the pattern, but well  - haven't started!

Elaine's version of This is Canada
 This is the quilt that Elaine was working on the last sit n sew day. The fabric is Russian themed with those little nesting dolls.  The picture doesn't do justice to the bright vibrant colors of the fabric. But the top is DONE!!!

Another finish by Elaine

It was a bit of a crazy day for me. I seemed to spend a fair bit of time running around getting stuff for the others. But that's OK. I still got a lot done.

I FINALLY finished making the blocks for the triple four patch quilt. Yes - I had planned on 144 blocks and I had to dig into the bag to get those bits that I mentioned last time I chatted about this quilt.

144  - triple four patch blocks
 Hm - I guess my math wasn't good the day I did the cutting or else, I've miscounted the stacks of 10, but I had 1 1/2 blocks leftover. I know - A half block!!!  I got a chuckle out of that.

1 1/2 extra blocks
 Thanks to Rose who brought me two more of those smaller plastic containers, all the blocks are in two containers. Just waiting for the moment when they can be sewn together! They are all trimmed up and ready to go!!

144 blocks in two plastic containers
 I decided that I don't want to buy a whole whack of these containers. I'm going to do my best to fill them with blocks while I'm making the blocks, then make the quilt and move onto the next one!

And more progress on the pixelated apple quilt. Block 7 is now complete.

Pixelated apple quilt
 I had to cut a few more red squares yesterday but while Pauline and I chatted - she sewed and I prepped Block 8. So I've started to work on it, but I forgot to take a picture. I think you can figure out what block 8 looks like.  Once that block is together, I'll be almost half done!!! I'm getting excited about this quilt even though there is still a LOT to do!!!

Thanks to Tish, I'm now the proud owner of this cute doggie print.  I was able to trade her some cat fabric that I found as I was cutting a few more squares for the triple four patches. I think I had to cut eight squares in total which was not bad!

Dog fabric
 But the real work of the day happened once everyone left. I needed to finish piecing that next urgent quilt or get to the long arm. I didn't feel like quilting so I decided to piece blocks. There are 16 in total (paper pieced - no less). I was just going to do a few, but then my brain kicked in and I realized that I had to get them all done. So I did. Two were already done and the other 14 were started.

Once the blocks were done, I thought I might as well trim them so I could start to remove the paper.

Trimming the paper pieced blocks
 I got out my iPod and listened to an audiobook while I removed the paper. I'm happy to report that this morning, the only thing left is to add the FINAL border. One border  - four pieces of fabric - four seams! However as I was ironing the very wrinkly fabric so I could cut the borders, I had an incident!

I normally keep my glass of drinking water on the ironing board. I know - stupid stupid stupid! I forgot to move it and grabbed the iron and BAM - there was water everywhere including on my fabric.

An incident with a glass of water

Let's just say that I'm waiting for the ironing board and my fabric to dry which is spread out downstairs. Doesn't matter, it won't take long to put that last border on. One seam for the backing and make the binding. I'm in good shape.

The big issue now is to get the custom quilt that's on the long arm - OFF.  I have today to finish it. I was booked to go to the gym, but I'm going to revert that to next week.  Not panicking, but time is tight! And I would really really like this quilt in a box by Monday afternoon. Normally wouldn't be an issue except that I have a meeting, a class, and a sit n sew day this weekend.  Say NOTHING!!!   I like living on the edge!

On that note, I'm out of here. Got some stuff to prep this morning for the meeting tomorrow, change that appointment, and it's heads-down on the long arm for the rest of the day!

Have a great day!!!!


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