Saturday, March 24, 2018

I'm FREE!!!

If you didn't get a chance to go to the Etobicoke Quilt Show yesterday, then you had better get to the show today (Saturday).  I went yesterday and it was so nice to see so many quilters out. The show seemed to have great attendance even late in the day when I was still there. I met so many people and chatted up a storm - I almost didn't have time to see the quilts.

But I did and oh boy - there are some great quilts. I got a few machine quilting ideas, I got a few ideas for future projects (colorways - OK - a couple of patterns too) and just being immersed in walls of quilts is fun! I didn't win any of the mini-quilts in the draw. Oh - well, not like I need more mini quilts!

I did take a peek into the members' boutique which consisted of a lot of finished items and of course, older books, magazines and fabric. You'll be happy to note that I only spent $6. But what did I find? It's hilarious as the FIRST box of books that I looked in and the second book in the box was a book that I was looking for! What are the chances of that? And the book was reasonably priced at $2.00.  I bought two other book items for a total of $6.  I was very good!

The book that I was looking for
I think it was referenced in one of the quilt books that I just finished. I believe the library didn't have the book. So now I can read it. Along with the 23 other books that I have from the library. How does that happen? I plan on having a wee bit more free time in the next couple of weeks. OK - who am I kidding. That's not going to happen. But I do plan on a little more relaxed pace for sure.

I also found some red FQs for the 150 Canadian Women Quilt. There was only one vendor there who had red FWs (reds that read as a solid). I'm not using red/white or any other color in my quilt.  And I got a few different values which will help with those blocks that have 2 or more reds. I ran into someone who offered me their reds when they're finished their quilt. Well, I plan to be finished in 10 or is that 11 weeks, so unless it gets to me prior to that, it'll be too late. I'm on a roll with that quilt.

More red FQ for the quilt
I did buy a few other small things. Some stuff to experiment with.

I know - you're wanting to know about the long arm? And the quilts? Right?  I managed to finish the last project at 10 AM. It took me two hours to finish the blocks. Yeah - my brain was like a laser beam - never deviated from the task at hand. I counted down those blocks as I completed each one. I'll share that with you tomorrow as I have permission from the designer. I LOVE the quilt and I LOVE the quilting. I wanted to be able to get that box to the courier BEFORE the quilt show so I could cross that off my list.

At 10:05, with hex keys and screwdriver in hand, the machine started to come apart. The two back rails - GONE. The head came off - it's not that heavy, but awkward. Then as I waited for the instructions of what needed to be shipped - I still didn't find my copy despite going through everything (obviously NOT everything), I started to strip the machine down. Removing everything that I could. It's all laid out on the table below.

The long arm or what's left of it!

That space feels so absolutely empty!!  I do feel a wee bit lost without it in the house. Isn't that silly when I have many other sewing machines to keep me company.

Here's the machine all tucked away in its shipping box. I added all the other bits that needed to go with the machine. All nicely wrapped in bubble wrap that I found in the office! Go figure!

The long arm being prepped for shipping

I was surprised at how little it cost to ship the machine (weight of the box - 60 lbs) and that was including insurance. I mean we're talking several hundred dollars, but considering what I pay sometimes to ship a quilt - well I thought it would be more. I'm happy with the cost!!! It should arrive by Friday next week so it'll be ready for its spa treatment and upgrade during the first week of April. When I was getting the box ready, I noticed the date that the machine was shipped to me. January - 2005!!!  I always thought it was 2006.

I was in the studio this morning prepping for my three classes today. I'm not quite as far along in all three as I would have liked to be, but I've got enough done for what I need. The rest will come later. I had to rifle through the huge pile of stuff on the tables in order to find all the supplies, but I know where everything (mostly) got piled on the tables.

The "stuff" to deal with

Hm- I'm off to a sewing retreat in a couple of weeks. I should vow that whatever is left on the tables will come to the sewing retreat with me!!!  Once I get those quilts trimmed and delivered, it will make a huge different.

Today is weigh-in day at the gym. I've been really good this week. I'm shocked (I know I keep saying that), but I truly am shocked at how I do not crave sugar any more. While I can eat something like a few dried cranberries or fruit, that's enough to satisfy me. Wow - who knew it could be this easy as a detox program to make that happen. And let's not forget my newly found willpower and focus.

I figure I only have one life and I want to get the most out of it as I can! And I'm just choosing to eat better. It's as simple as that. But I do know that when I'm stressed out (which thankfully doesn't happen often), but stressed for time, I have two choices, get flustered and crave bad food or FOCUS and crave nothing. I've chosen the FOCUS path and boy has it made a huge difference.

I did manage to get the fourth blog post written, but it needs editing and one more post to load pictures and write. And one more pattern that's due. I think I did very well with that insane list of things to do. I've already got the outline for the next series of blog posts and am digging out the supplies for that tonight. And next week, I'm back to the mornings filled with paperwork and the afternoons quilting - ON MY OWN STUFF. Imagine that!!!!

But the next three days are filled with fun activites outside the house.

Don't forget to visit the Etobicoke Quilt Show TODAY (Saturday). I believe the show is open until four or five. You better check this link to get all the details.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!



  1. What sort of upgrades are you having done on your long arm? I also have a 2005 Millie.

    1. Getting an interchangeable hopping foot and the computer. I finally broke down!

  2. So glad you are doing so well with your new food regime. They say it takes 3 weeks to change a habit - must be true as I was about a month without solid food (and no chocolate). I am finding it very difficult to adapt back to a food pattern that will allow me to regain strength and energy.I am thinking the "grazing habit" will continue.

    1. Helen --- oh - sounds like you are having a lot of issues, but you still accomplish so much. I'm very impressed. Yes, it's very difficult to find a way to get the food thing under control and losing weight is only one variable in there. I don't mind grazing - keeps your blood sugar up!!! Stay rested!