Sunday, March 4, 2018

I've got gas!

NO - not that kind of gas - gas for the car.

I was teaching two classes yesterday (welcome to all the students if you're reading the blog!) and I didn't get a lot of chance to get any sewing done for myself. I'm an "early to bed" person and I had had two late nights (for me) the previous two nights so I was tired.

Anyway, on Friday night when I was coming home, I knew that I had to fill up the car with gas, but I was tired. The price of gas in my neighborhood was 115.7 a liter. That's a good price. I knew the price would be higher in the morning, but I was too tired to care. It makes me mad when the price of gas fluctuates on the hour - why is that? Higher in the morning when people are off to work, lower at night when people are tired and it's dark and you're not likely to stop for gas.

I was up bright and early yesterday morning and ready to get a few errands done before heading off to class. BUT a certain blond decided to make my life difficult. Sweet little Lexi popped into the car from the dog park, but little Miss Murphy wasn't having anything to do with going home. That set the mood for the next couple of hours.

I finally deposited the girls at home and off to fill up the car. I pull into the gas station (where I can get a discount) and wouldn't you know it - the pumps weren't working. Thankfully, I wasn't on an empty tank. So I headed off to the gym for my weekly weigh-in.

I thought the results were going to be bad but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I'd lost almost 2 pounds from the week before. Yahoo!!!  That's awesome news. I was pretty excited about that and that made up for the fact that Murphy had been a naughty girl. Since I started this 60-day challenge, I've lost 5.5 pounds and since I did the Detox in January, I've lost 10 pounds. I'm very excited about the whole thing. Has it been hard? Not really - the Dtox thing really, really helped because it got rid of the cravings for sugar. I've only eaten chocolate (90% cocoa) once or maybe twice, but I don't crave the sweets. I've even eaten some cookies, but I choose very wisely about what and how much goes in me. Portion size is HUGE!!! Well - not huge, but portion size is extremely important and I strongly suggest to anyone who is interested in losing weight - download one of those calorie counting apps on your Smartphone - you can scan your food items in to give you an idea of how much you're eating. Trust me - the first couple of days, you'll think you're going to starve, but once you get the hang of it, I'm not hungry at all.

Just a quick aside on calorie counting - imagine if your calorie intake is 1600 calories for the day. Mine is just slightly less than that. Let's say that you walk into Tim's for a snack - that Fruit Explosion muffin has 340 calories and 22 grams of fat. If you had a snack size helping of almonds (24 almonds - there are 160 calories in that snack and while the almonds are high in fat, you need to have fat every day in order to live. TWO servings of almonds are fewer calories than ONE muffin. I like to savor those almonds and eat them slowly. They're very chewy and you can get a lot more satisfaction from chewing the almonds than scarfing down a muffin. The almonds are a lot easier to eat, less messy and nutritionally, they're better for you. It's easy to carry them on the road or on a trip as they don't go bad easily and are easy to pack. Just make sure you count out the 24 for a serving. See how easy that was - a nice snack and a better choice for you!  There are lots of other healthy choices to make and easy to make or carry with you. I don't leave the house now without some kind of snack in the event I need something.

Then it was off to class. I had to stop for gas along the way and this time the gas pumps were working. I got my tea (no sugar) and managed to make it to the store just in time for the class to start. Thankfully the rest of the day went fine!

Today is going to be a crazy busy day and I have a few errands to do and a meeting later tonight. BUT I managed to get the next quilt loaded on the long arm.

Quilt loaded and ready to go later this morning
I also got one part of the binding on a quilt that needs to be delivered later this afternoon.

Binding is half on a quilt
 I have one more quilt that needs to be ready to leave tomorrow and so it's going to be a crazy busy day as I get all that done!

Here's a picture of my kid in costume for a show that just aired. Legends of Time?  I think that was it - she sent me the information, but with all the places that one can find information, I can't seem to find it. Was it Facebook? E-mail? or Messenger?  I don't know!!!

M as a wench!
And if you look closely on the left-hand side of the photo, there's my wench!!  She's just to the right of the candle.

Oh - so sweet!!

M as a wench!

Hopefully, there'll be a whole lot more about quilting tomorrow. Just depends on what is happening in my life! But things are moving along and there's another sit n sew day this week and I need to get that space cleaned up. Not cleaned up as in, let's put things away, but cleaned up as in - let's get these things finished and out the door! It's going to be nuts! Plus there are still a few patterns that need to be finished up! Once March 23rd hits, there's going to be a lovely lull in my life and I can't wait!

Have a super day!!!


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