Monday, March 12, 2018

What we did at Sit n Sew

Yesterday was sit n sew and we worked up a storm. Quilters can be very heads down when they want to - how focused we are - well that's another whole story. And the stories that come out at Sit n Sew - well they stay at Sit n Sew.

Ronda was back with another quilt made from the organic cotton. The second top is done and it's being whisked away to be quilted and then gifted!!!  And that green/yellow color - is it green? is it yellow? is it acid green?  It's pretty bright!

Crazy 8's quilt by Ronda

France was working on a scrap quilt. She made those 9-patches from teeny tiny squares, not strip pieced. I should have taken a picture of her little box of squares. No one but quilters would appreciate the amount of work that goes into prepping a project like this!

Scrappy 9-patch blocks

Helen Anne is working on a Landry Basket quilt - the Common Bride I think is the name. That's a whole lot of half square triangles!!  But the quilt is looking amazing. She posted a picture of what she has completed so far on Facebook or Instagram and it's amazing. She was moving onto the applique at the end of the day.

Blocks for the Common Bride quilt
 Lynn was working on blocks from a retreat that she recently went to. She got all the blocks completed and ready to sew into a quilt. There is a second quilt made with the cut-offs and she got those all sewn and pressed as well. I tell you - we were smoking hot!!!

Blocks by Lynn
 I didn't get pictures of what the others were working on, but Joyce was working on a Border Creek Mystery and making flying geese. Paula was cutting something - I didn't catch what that was and Pam was working on a tablecloth that was almost together when she left.

We had one minor mishap during the day. By the noise that was made when it happened, I thought something serious like fabric had been miscut. Nope - it was just my tape measure!  No worries, I have extras. This was one of my short ones (60 inches) but easily replaced. A miscut block is not!!

Now, this tape measure is good for fifty inches - not sixty inches!!!!

What did I work on? Several things - which I'll show you later this week as I complete some of them. But this is one thing I worked on. This is a pattern by Helene Knott called "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"  or something like that. I'll post more as I'll be working on this. This project has been carted to MANY retreats and is on the 2017 UFO list. Not a typo - this is from last year.  It's fiddly to sew because each block has four fabrics in it. The contrast could have been better in that one block, but I'll quilt it with light thread to get the contrast needed. There is a LOT of applique to come in this quilt - oh great. I'm very slow at applique and tend to pass it by for easy piecing!

Snail's trail block for my doggy quilt
 Personally, I think there is too much fabric cut for the quilt - let's see what happens as I keep sewing. As I'm looking at this block some ideas come to mind. I might just have to change things up a bit!

As usual, I worked on my enders and leaders project and look what happened!!!!!   Block Eight is TOGETHER and the bottom part of the quilt is sewn together!!!  I'm super excited about this.

The bottom part of pixelated apple quilt - DONE

I laid out the next block - that would be nine and I'm ready to go!!!

Block nine
I decided to get smart and found a way to transport the new block to Monday sewing. I shoved the board that the block is sitting on into a plastic bag and it's holding perfect. I have a great need for enders and leaders on Monday so I can get these blocks done much faster. There are eight full blocks (equivalent to the size that's already done) and 4 half blocks. So still a LOT of sewing to get the quilt done. But I'm making great progress and can get one done per sit n sew day. If I bundle that up with Monday sewing - I could potentially get the blocks done in 2 months!!!

Ready for transport!

I hadn't had a chance to prep my 150 Canadian Women blocks for Monday sewing. So I did that last night. I have six blocks ready to go. They are MUCH easier than last week so hopefully, it won't take all day because I have other stuff prepped as well.

Cutting 150 Canadian Women blocks

I don't have nearly enough red to finish this quilt. That is great news as I now have something to put on my shopping list when I visit the Etobicoke Quilt Show next weekend. I have three things on my list - red fabric, fabrics from the Purely Canadian Eh collection and Fancy Forest????  collection - I can't find the picture of that collection. Super cute all of them.

On that note, I'm out of here. Got a sewing day, did NOT get any quilting done so now I'm behind and that quilt will not leave until tomorrow.

Have a super day!!!


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