Thursday, April 9, 2020

Living in my own little world

I know this is a totally scary time for everyone. Life is upside down compared to what we knew it. This is also a time for everyone to realize how important they are to the functioning of our world. Obviously, neither of us is that important since our lives haven't really changed a whole lot.

Yes - we did go out for meetings or to teach classes but we seem to be managing just fine using technology to keep up to date with things. Yes - I went to the gym, but I'm walking outdoors more which isn't a bad thing. Yes - we shopped for things, but with the exception of a few things, we're not missing anything. That means we mostly purchased from the liquor store and the grocery store which are still open.

We have one family member who lives nearby and we're helping with groceries. So we're not missing any visiting time with people, but if we wanted, there's loads of technology to aid with that as well.

I know loads of people are sewing up masks, gowns, etc. I haven't. I don't have time and yes that's selfish of me and I'm OK with that. There are loads of other people making these items.

One other thing that I think is very important. I would say that both of us are well suited to total independence. I don't feel anxious - a matter of fact, I think I'm sleeping better than I have in a while. I don't worry - I can't change anything so why waste my energy.

Yes - I'd like to get back to normal, but I'm seriously going to scale my normal back. OK - I say that now, but we'll see what happens when we're allowed to get out.

I've noticed that the number of e-mails offering to sell me something has increased. A LOT. I do not need to be buying anything at the moment. The last thing I want to do is rack up a huge credit card bill that I'll have to pay off someday. I've also noticed a LOT of companies, designers, etc. have sew-along. Yeesh - like I have time for that!

I remember when this started, I said I would work on Paula's quilt and I would make that orange/white scrap quilt. I haven't touched either one and I haven't been slacking off. This is an opportunity to finally do those things that I have been struggling to find time to get done. I think we should all seriously evaluate what we're doing.

One day this mess will be over and we do NOT want any regrets about what we bought, what we did with our time because one day, life will get back to normal!! I look at this time as a GIFT. I still have deadlines, but not as many. I love it. That allows me to slack off a bit more, read a LOT more, exercise more and generally a time to ENJOY some peace and quiet. I LIKE IT.

Having said that, I was a slug yesterday. Well for part of the day. It was a glorious day and I had to walk! I did go for a walk without the girls. It's such a struggle sometimes with both of them (even with one) that I wanted some quiet time to myself. I loved it so much, I might do that again each day. Don't worry - they did get out twice, just not for as long as I've been doing.

I read a lot and I lay on the deck relaxing in the sun. I'm also watching two online video classes from Bluprint. Remember those classes are totally free until April 16. The one class is long so I'd better watch a lot today. The resources aren't free, but that's OK. The quality of the classes is excellent. I'm impressed. I haven't learned much yet - and I feel I won't learn much, but I'm hoping to pick up a tip or two.

As we went on our morning walk, we saw some blue and yellow ribbons. Do you know what they mean? These were outside the senior's residence that is close to my house. It's a HUGE complex.

Blue and yellow ribbons
 By the way, the blue and yellow ribbons are a symbol of support and advocacy, showing your love and appreciation of others. That is great. I should try and find some blue and yellow ribbons.

It doesn't seem like a lot of work is happening at the mall. But I think they are done most of the outside work for the moment and will be working "inside" more.

The mall

I normally buy my distilled water from Wal-Mart and I buy in quantity. I wasn't going to make a trip just for the water. So DH snagged the LAST one from our local grocery store. It cost almost twice as much (which is why I buy at the other store). But when you're getting low on water for the iron, you'll take whatever you can.

Distilled water
 I heard that all stores (grocery and whoever else is open) are to be closed on Friday and Sunday for Easter. Holy - the lines are going to be even crazier than they are now. Mind you, I haven't been to the grocery store since all this crisis started.

I did work in Studio U yesterday. Even with all that slacking off. I had to get the homework assignment off to the group. That got done and now that one is under control for a couple of weeks. Oh - since they now have the homework, I can show you the blocks. We're working on the Summer Moon quilt.

Summer Moon book

There are 24 blocks in the book and you make three different sizes of blocks. Here are the three sets that we're working on this month.

Block One

Block Two

Block Three

It was Block three that caused me all that grief the previous day! But I LOVE the color combination. With that crisp solid white, it's going to be gorgeous! Pulled that solid white from the stash and those fabrics are leftovers from another project with a few extras thrown in. I even added a couple of fabrics that were leftover from Easy Street.

 I got all the pieces trimmed for the mini Block of the Month. That's ready to act as an ender and leader later today.

The mini Block of the MOnth block is ready to sew

I've got the blocks cut for the Vintage Christmas homework, which is due tomorrow, all cut and I'm also working on a quilt for a magazine that needs to be in the US in a couple of weeks. I hope to get the top done mostly done today.

So even though I appear to be slacking, I'm not really. I've been reading a physical book called Talk to Me by James Vlahos. About the role of voice computing. Holy - I'm not having nearly as much fun with my Alexa as I should be. But it's kind of frightening when you think that the industry is trying to create "friends" for us and we WANT our smart speakers to be friends. Oh boy!!

There's a talking Barbie that is aimed at being friends for little girls. How scary is that? Watch that short video. One of the creators of this Barbie (at least the technology to make her talk) was an only child and would have LOVED to have one when she was a child). So what do you program Barbie to say when asked,  "where do babies come from?". Oh yes - the programmers have had to deal with a HUGE number of potential situations.

My little piece of advice to everyone today is to TRY to keep your life as normal as it would be if this situation wasn't happening. Try to keep your routine the same. There's going to come a day when we have to get back to normal and it's going to be hard to get back in the groove. So we have kept our schedules and our life pretty much the same so when we do have to go to "work", it's not going to be a huge shock.

On that happy note, it's time to go for a walk.

Have a great day!!!!


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