Thursday, April 30, 2020

UFO updates

There's so much going on that it's hard to keep track of everything and to keep the blog updated! I know that I'm a bit odd and I don't want to say that I'm thriving on the self-isolation (I am), but it has shown me (and hopefully others) different ways of working. Instead of driving far away to have a meeting - I can have that meeting online and save me a lot of time. I'll be pushing for online meetings for the future!

I've worked hard to get where I can finally wrap my head (almost) around my stuff and my UFOs. Progress is being made and it's all exciting. Don't get me wrong - while I know where most things are when I went to get my bodkins out of their permanent home this morning? They are missing in action. I just checked the spot where I used to keep them. Nope - they aren't there either. AS Pooh would say, "Oh bother!"

ACK -- so now I have to think back to what I was serging months ago and I'm sure that's where they will be. Just when I thought things were going so well. Let's just say that I had a wee chat with myself this morning about that. Oh well - let's move on - it's nothing to dwell on, but it's a good lesson!  PUT EVERYTHING back where it belongs.

This morning, I'm going to share the projects that our UFO group has completed this past month. At the rate this group is completing projects should we want lunch at the end, it might end up being bread and water. They are getting things done and only one person didn't get their homework done! You got to love that. That means the deadline and the $10 incentive is working. Well - it also helps that none of us can go anywhere! Could it be that one day we will no longer have any UFOs?? Dreamer - nothing but a dreamer.................

We'll start with Dede.  Her goal was to quilt and bind four placemats. And here they are - DONE!!

Dede's four placemats
I know these have been kicking around her house for quite some time. I think it was a kit. And now four of them are done.

Her goal for the next month is to get the remaining four placemats done.

The goal for next month - four more placemats

Susan's goal was to get three blocks from her Farm Girl Vintage quilt done.

Spring Bloom 6"
Evening Star 12"

Little acorn 6"

She says those three blocks were so easy that she got one more completed.

Susan's scarecrow block

Her goal for next month is to complete 5 more blocks - all 12" and all from Farm Girl Vintage. Yeah!!!!!

Next up is Jane. Her goal was to quilt SIX blocks on the Christmas tree quilt. She doesn't remember when she started the quilt and is using invisible thread to quilt them which is very hard to see. I know - that's why it's called invisible. Not only is it her first time using invisible thread, but first time quilting a large quilt!!!  Yeah!!!!

But wait - there's more. She got the final borders on the slashed star quilt - 10 years in the making which makes it a true UFO. She has also found backing for it. Jane -- don't forget the binding!

Slashed star quilt top - DONE

The Kaleidoscope quilt top (only NINE years in the making) is also finished!!! It's for her son and so far no backings have been approved! I love this quilt - a LOT of work!!! But worth it.

Kaleidoscope quilt top

Her homework for next month is to bind three quilts. A baby-sized, an almost twin, and one lap. I think the binding is made for all three. Happy hand stitching Jane. You do know that it's OK to bind those by machine!  I've got loads of online tutorials!!!

I have to laugh as she says she needs lessons on how to use her phone and laptop. Hey - we've got loads of time!

Linda's goal was to cut out the last two blocks for the BOM from Cockadoodle. OH - and to sew them together.

Last two blocks completed
Her other goal was to get this string quilt top together. Gosh -- it sure feels nice to be getting all these quilt tops done!!!

String quilt top together

But she still had extra time so she got out her spool quilt top.

Linda's spool quilt 

She basted it and now it's quilted!!!!  Great job Linda!!!!

Spool quilt is quilted

Her goal for next month is to get the binding on the Spool quilt. As she was digging through her stash, she found this pattern. Her goal is to get the top together. I'm assuming that it's partially assembled. Let's hope so as that's a lot of work. I'm going to take her word from what she wrote in the e-mail!

Linda's next project

I'm going through the list in my book just so I don't forget anyone! I'm up next. My goal was to complete ONE of the Night Sky quilt tops.

Night Sky #1

So I got the first Night Sky done. I forged on and got the second quilt done as well.

Second Night Sky quilt

The backings and bindings for both are DONE as well, although I could only find the photo of one of the bindings and backings. Trust me - the other one is done as well and both are logged in the "to be quilted" pile.

Backing, binding and quilt top for Night Sky

And my goal for next month? I pulled this project from my 2017 UFO list. There are this project and ONE more on that list for 2017. 

This is a scrappy red and white log cabin quilt. Just because I like red and white quilts.

Scrappy red and white log cabin
 Some of the blocks are made and some are partially assembled. My goal for next month? ALL 80 blocks to be made. ACK - did I just write that down? I did!!!! It's been sitting in the laundry basket in Studio U. I'd better make it a priority!

Some of the blocks for the log cabin quilt

Sharon is working on her 2000 Piecemaker Calendar quilt. I cannot believe how much she is getting done. Her goal was to get the background set up for this block, but look at how much applique she also did!! I'm so jealous!!!  But I'm focusing on other things so no time for jealousy!

Sharon's Piecemaker calendar block
Her goal for next month is to complete the block. WOW!!!!  There's a water tower, and two barrels to add to the block. Way to go Sharon!!!!!

Ronda's diligently working on her paper pieced wall hanging. She got her six pieces done for the month. I think she should start sewing it together!!!!

Ronda's paper pieced section for the winter wall hanging

Her goal for next month is 6 more pieces and I know she's been diligently working on that!!!

Ronda's homework for next month
Lynne's goal for this month was to make the sashing strips for the cat quilt. Hmmm - I think she finished the top!!!

The finished cat quilt top

Her goal for next month is to get the binding, backing and label made.

Shoot -- I'm running out of time. I'll finish off the UFO homework tomorrow.

It is SO EXCITING to see what everyone is working on. And how much work is getting done and how many projects are getting finished.  Let's just hope that while we're working on our UFOs, that we're NOT starting new things that will become a UFO. I'm not starting anything that doesn't have to be - like a quilt for a magazine. I'm happy as a clam to be working on these UFOs. It's like starting a brand new project that's partially done. Imagine that!!!!

There have been some rumblings on the news and on the internet of people complaining that they are bored at home or want to get out. Please do NOT complain after the economy is reopened that you wish you had time to do something. You have TIME now. Even if you're working, the chances are that you're not having to commute. Use that time wisely!!!  Time is a VERY precious commodity that we can fritter away and we can never get back. Consider all that time a GIFT.

On that note, I'm out of here!!!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Yea on the homework everyone! Fantastic job. I got 4 UFOs to flimsy stage this past week. They are all Happy Blocks and all were 90% cut so went together quickly. I now have 5 in the to-be-quilted pile :-) Tuesday I started a new project and intend it to be a finished top today!

    Happy Thursday everyone! :-)

    1. Elle -- you are so darn productive!!! That's awesome. I'm guessing that you don't have any long standing UFOs. Some day...... Have a super day!!!

    2. My oldest UFO is from spring 2010 so it has now achieved a 10y birthday. It's a t-shirt quilt. I absolutely stalled out! It is my to-do before 2020 ends!

    3. Go for it --- you CAN do it!!!!