Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Slow and steady

I'm happy to report that yesterday was a better day in the sewing department. OH - that's because I didn't sew anything! I did some cutting, but I spent a lot of time on the computer getting the homework assignments done and making videos. I have to say that the video editor on my Smartphone is pretty decent. It doesn't do crazy things, but I learned how to break apart a video and well - you'll just have to watch the video yourself. I'll post the link at the end of this blog.

It was an interesting mail day yesterday. I ordered two things and both of them came on the same day! That's going to make for boring mail days in the future.

One package that arrived yesterday
The second package

The first one is a quilt pattern. I've had my eye on the pattern for a couple of years. It was originally a coordinated Row by Row quilt from the Raleigh, NC area. I was hoping that we could get there to pick up the patterns in person. That didn't happen. Then the designer decided to publish the entire quilt as a pattern. I was hoping to find it somewhere but that didn't happen. I've been following the pattern designer and get her newsletter. When she announced she was having a sale, I jumped and bought the pattern.

Just checked - this is from the 2018 Row by Row Experience with the theme Sew Musical. There's a story that goes with this quilt. I'm not sure I should share as it'll totally show my ignorance of the musical world.

Row by Row Quilt pattern from 2018

OK -- when I first saw the quilt, I contacted the Quilt Posse (my road trip friends) and told them about this great BOB MARLEY quilt that we had to get the patterns for. When I showed them the picture, they all had a laugh. If you are into music, you know that Margaritaville was sung by Jimmy Buffet. Bob Marley is a whole different genre!!  Bob Marley - Jamaica - beach - come on - that's close enough for me!!!!  It doesn't matter  - this is my Bob Marley quilt and I'm sticking to it!!!

Should you want to refresh yourself with the lyrics to Margaritaville, here's a link to them. 

What was in the second package? That was my zipper tape. Too late to work on for the retreat, but that's OK. I never even got close to working on the yoga bag.

Lime zipper tape

The big question is - is the zipper tape the right color???

The color is a definite MATCH

Seriously?? I couldn't have matched that better. I was thrilled. I don't normally order things online, but not many stores around me carry that zipper tape. Yep - I'd do that again if I had to, but I also know a local store that carries it - just not all the colors. It'll depend on how urgent I need the zipper tape.

Just in case you're wondering what happened to the retreat basket, I put the yoga bag and the backpack components back in the retreat basket. It's now back in Studio B on the shelf under the table. I've got a couple of other projects to prep and they'll go in the basket as well. I'm well on my way to having everything prepped for the next 5-day sewing retreat.

Quilt retreat project basket of prepped projects

I liked that system so well, that I went to Studio B and got another laundry basket. I filled it with the thing that I need to work on this week. Some are prepped, most are not. I brought the basket up to Studio U and now I have my work for the week.

Sewing projects for this week

Yes - this helps to keep me focused and I'm all for staying focused. This morning, I did manage to finish the homework assignment for the Summer Moon quilt. Yeah! And with minimal ripping. It's going to be a nice quilt, but as you can probably guess, I've already changed one of the blocks around as I didn't like it. Oh boy!!!

When I went up to Studio U yesterday, I did have a laugh. Look at the cutting table.

The cutting table in Studio U

I'm very good at taking up ALL flat surfaces! However, it looks much better this morning. My Easy Street quilt took up a lot of room on the table. I did the measurements and to put a 4-inch border on the quilt and the binding, I need 1.6 meters. I'm pretty sure that I won't have that big of a piece of purple so that's going on the shopping list.

I won't buy online - I'll wait until we're over this crisis and then get out and buy in person.

The girls are very upset. They did NOT get out for the afternoon walk yesterday. I went out on my bike instead and got in over 30 K. I couldn't help myself - I went out into the country. OK - I ended up on a nice quiet road that runs parallel to the city border. It's 4 K from civilization.

Out riding again

When I started, it was sunny. But then it got cloudy and not quite as warm as I had planned. And I got very lucky because it started to rain as soon as I got home.

I did ride up and down the length of the bike path near me to get in more KMs. I love it - we have this beautiful bike path with big poles on one side!!!  HEY - I'm not complaining - I'm thrilled to have this path. And look there's a fence on one side for added security.

The bike path near my house

What do I have to share with you today??? Well, there's my video - this video is how to shop for fabric in your stash. This is something that we're all probably having to do since we can't get out. It used to be way easier to just go to the store to find something, but no more. I've got things under control and it's easy to look through what I have. That took years and if someone could have given me some advice when I started - it would have been to find a system to organize stuff and keep it organized.

There's also another short video I should share with you. This is how to press things so they stay FLAT. I never realized how much I used my hands to press things until I made the video.

The last one I'll share is how I use a stiletto or quilter's awl INSTEAD of pinning.

I have one more video to edit today and then I'll be done with videos for the homework. And once I get the homework assignment written up this morning, then I'm off the hook. Wait - NO - there are two new blocks due on Friday for Vintage Christmas. After that, then I'll be on a routine as everything will be caught up. But that'll make FIVE of these ongoing projects that I have to keep on schedule. NO problem!!

I"m actually in really good shape as far as getting things done. And I've completely emptied my schedule for April. There is NOTHING on it except for the deadlines of the virtual sew along and our UFO group. Most of May is gone as well. You know what? I'm liking this. It's way more relaxing - I got to lie on the deck with Miss Lexi yesterday. After the crisis is over, I may be given some very serious thought to what goes back on my schedule!

On that note, have a super day!!!!



  1. Loved your videos. I have to admit that I had no idea how to pronounce your last name. Glad that I won't slaughter the pronunciation if by some off chance that we should ever meet in person. LOL!

    1. LOL --- No worries - I've had loads of interpretations. It's easy - TARIO - although that's not how it looks. Have a super day!!!!