Saturday, September 12, 2020

Even a little bit is better than none!

What do you do when you decide the morning of your workshop that you NEED new samples? 

You get your butt in gear! That's what!!!

I'm teaching a workshop on basic quilt building blocks this morning at 9:30 AM. I dug out my old samples and thought I could just use those. Then I thought I could kill two birds with one stone. Make new samples that I can use as a step out plan live. But hey - why not take pictures, and then they can be used in a PowerPoint presentation, and if I write them up in a handout, they can be used over and over again. 

Yep - so that's what I did this morning! I'm not quite finished, and I haven't tested the location of my cameras, so the girls will have to have an abbreviated walk this morning. I'm good with that, and I know they'll be fine as well. Thank goodness, they don't have any sense of time! They're just happy to get out!

I suppose I could make a video, but I don't think this will translate well to video. You want to see STEP by STEP and who wants to keep starting and stopping a video. OK -- it would work just fine. I just don't need a video as well. 

I edited a ton of pictures, and they just need to be loaded in some PowerPoint presentations. I need to learn to load those files in the cloud instead of putting them on a USB to move files between computers. ACK!!! I know I have a ton of storage space in the cloud, and where is it?? I'd better find it and quick!! I might resort to the USB this morning in the essence of time. 

Thankfully, my computer files are more or less sorted in an orderly way. There's a lot that could be deleted, and I do need to take some time to make that happen. It's all clutter, but at least you can't see that clutter!

I didn't get the entire container of paperwork sorted through yesterday, but I did manage to eliminate some stuff, and a little bit is BETTER than none. A lot of it seems to be stuff I collected at Quilt Market. Well, I guess I don't really need to keep any of that anymore. But I found three patterns in the and a few other things. More sorting later today. 

We had our mini Sit and Sew yesterday and it's always fun to chat in person. Claudette made herself another mask. I love this one. 

Claudette's new mask

You probably can't see very well, but she put crystals on the eyes! It looks amazing! And now the new fashion statement is say "I like your mask!". Nice job Claudette!

Crystals in the eyes on the mask

Lynn was working on her mystery quilt blocks from Border Creek, as well as Christmas Fig. But Little Bear had other ideas for her. He just loved to sit on her lap and next thing, Lynn was sewing away and Little Bear was quite happy to just lie on her lap. He's so spoiled!!  So is he looking at me, saying HAHA, or is he looking at the bag of treats??? 

Little Bear as a lap dog

I got a lot of work done in the morning, but once noon hit, the phone didn't stop ringing and I was running around like an idiot. I still accomplished stuff. I finished ALL the B arcs for the Double Wedding Ring that had been started. That was a nice accomplishment. Then I decided to forge ahead and finish all the ones that were not started. I'll need them for the second quilt and might as well do all the same bits at the same time. There were three sheets that had to be cut apart. 

The sheets of paper pieced sections

I did that after the others left. I opened up a new audiobook. Oh my - this one is going to be good as well. I know what I'll be doing this afternoon. Listening to an audiobook! It's called The Wives by Tarryn Fisher. So far, I'm intrigued. 

Now here's a mystery. On those papers, you can see there are six arcs - three of A and three of B. There was a second side to that sheet as well. So technically, there should be six of A and six of 6 on each sheet. Three sheets times six equals 18? Well, I seem to have only 16 of each. I don't know. I must have been having a moment yesterday!!

Well, doesn't matter, I'm going to get them sewn. . 

Here are the arcs that I cut from the sheets

I started to sew the first pieces on - well, that's a lie. I did some cutting and I sewed fabrics to ONE arc to get the concept of how the first two pieces of fabric get sewn on. I trimmed one of the quilts that I quilted last week and that was it for me for the day!!!

I'm also trying to keep up with the walking goal of 10 - 12 KM a day. We usually go out for dinner on Friday night, so I decided to walk home from the restaurant last night. It's only about 1.5 away. That worked just fine. I should have been doing that all summer when it was hot!! I actually resorted to long pants last night! NOOOOOOO

That's it for today. After my workshop, I get to play with more sample making. Yeah!!

Have a super day!!!


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