Tuesday, September 22, 2020

It’s all about the walking

I’m totally certifiable! Yep - I’m writing this post as I eat a VERY LATE dinner in Vancouver. Yep - that’s Vancouver BC. Actually, I’m at the airport waiting to board the red eye to get back home in the morning. I took a whirlwind tour to bring Mr. Bear back to M. The crazy things that we do for our kids. 

Her flight got in at 3 PM and I arrived shortly thereafter so we did hang around for a wee bit, but there really wasn’t a lot of time. Let’s say that Little bear was very happy to see her. He went nuts. 

It was a bittersweet trip to say the least. We didn’t get a chance to talk much and Little Bear stayed. OK - so I cried!! 

But it’s pretty easy to get around this town. We took the Skytrain to her place directly from the airport. Super easy! And then like a good Mom, I walked to Whole Foods and bought groceries for her. Let’s just say that my kid has expensive tastes and Whole Foods isn’t cheap. But I don’t get to do it very often and thank goodness for that!

Since I didn’t get any sewing done yesterday, I thought I’d share some of my walking adventures. Although I did read through a manual on software on the way out! Oh yes - learning so much. 

AH - before the update on the walks, that sip of Corona sure tastes good. Better than the oatmeal that I usually eat as I write the blog.

I forgot the iPad is NOT conducive to writing the blog. The last part is going to be just pictures as the buffer just doesn’t let me go beyond a certain point. The pictures will mean nothing to you. 

So this first picture is my position on Route 66. As you can see, I’m getting close to LA. 

My position on Route 66

And here’s the mileage that remains. Yes - LESS than 400 miles to walk to LA.  Oh yes - I’ve got this.

Less than 400 miles to LA

The next picture shows me on my walk across Canada. I'm in the middle of Northern Ontario and making great progress as well. 

This is a two-year goal so I've still got loads of miles to walk before I get to the end. But that's OK. Having goals are good. 

Distance remaining on my virtual walk across Canada

This is my little chart. I check it every day. Not that I'm obsessed by numbers, but I like to see progress. The third challenge was something that I added and includes my distance walking and cycling for this year. I should make that goal as well. 

This next picture is where our group of four is located as we walk our way across Canada. This is a different walk than the one above and it's a group effort. We're walking up the border between New Brunswick and Maine and should be entering Quebec soon. 

Group walk across Canada

Where we are on the big map


Lots of fun and games with the walks. So far, so good. We're on track for everything and I like that. It's so hard to get behind and then try to catch up. 

Yes - I'm back home now and quickly added in the rest of the words for the maps. 

Now it's time to get into the swing of things for the day!!!

Have a great day!!!


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