Tuesday, September 8, 2020

It's a Zoom love fest

I finished the audiobook just before our Monday sewing started at 10 AM! Riveting right to the end. I wonder if Mary Kubica's other books are as riveting? One thing I noticed about my Libby app. There are times when I open it up, and I get a message, "skip the line - download this book now!".  I wonder why I get those messages? For good behavior? For finishing and returning a book early? It's happened twice now. I didn't accept the book as I have four waiting to read, and four is plenty enough for me.

Remember, I like to savor those books. If you read the latest book the minute it gets published, then you want more, and there is no more until the next one gets published. I remember people waiting at midnight to get the latest Harry Potter books. I haven't even read the last two. I don't care. It's a fiction book - I can wait until I'm ready to read them or any other book.

But it so makes me laugh when I was about 6 or 7 that I wanted to read all the books in the world. I had never been to a library, so I had no clue!!

I did not start a new audiobook yesterday. I need to give my brain a break from focusing. I hate to read when walking the dogs because I totally miss everything on the walk. There will be no more books on the walk. I like to enjoy nature, even it is urban nature.

For many, this is the week of back to school. I know that it's a very up-in-the-air situation for parents, kids, teachers, school bus drivers, and all others connected to schools. I'm so thankful that I don't have to deal with it. However, I heard a woman on the radio this morning and her comment - well - sigh. Her kids are in Grade 2 and Kindergarten or something like that. She said she didn't know how her kids were going to cope with distance learning (their choice) because they were OUTDOOR kids and spent all day hiking and biking. Distance learning means they were online for 3 and 4 hours a day.

Hmm - if her kids are so outdoorsy, how the heck would they cope sitting in a desk all day?? For LONGER than 3 or 4 hours. I just wonder how many people are panicking and not thinking the logic through. I don't know how distance learning works (live or recorded), but break up the day and every 45 minutes, send those kids out in the back to run around. Then back in. We have so much more flexibility at home than at school. Sigh -- people just don't think it through. So easy to complain and be negative.

I'm not saying that it's a good thing for everyone - we all have different situations at home. It's just the negativity and the blame! I guess it's a coping mechanism for some.

I'm glad I'm not alone in a love fest with Zoom. Thanks to Linda, who mentioned that Alex Anderson also LOVES Zoom and vows to never travel again (at least to guild meetings). I agree - Think about it. We mostly go to guild meetings to see the quilts of the speaker and to hear their stories. Unless you're right in the front row, you can't appreciate the quilts. But now, with Zoom, everyone gets a front seat! And you can be in your comfy recliner in your PJs with wine and not worry a bit about getting a ticket for drinking and driving. Seriously??? Who would want to ever go back to a guild meeting?

There's no trouble parking, no driving in the dark or the rain, or both or snow, no traffic, and no packing. I think there are a lot more advantages to attending a guild meeting via Zoom than in person!!!

My list of classes is scheduled, and I'm in the process of writing it up, so it makes sense to you! Let's just say that the fall is BUSY!!! Nothing in person - all via Zoom. I'll be getting my money's worth from Zoom!  I hope to have that up by tomorrow. There's EQ8 (three different classes), machine quilting, free-motion quilting, and ruler work, a tote bag, zippered pouch, and a class on binding by machine. I might throw in one small wall hanging if I can find room today. The instructions for signing up will be included as well!!! So watch for that tomorrow. Remember, you can sign up wherever you live - as they will all be via Zoom!!!

I got a lot done, including the latest homework for the Christmas Fig class. That's going to be written and sent out today. Phew - only two more blocks and that project will be done - well, the blocks will be pieced. All these ongoing classes are coming to an end and, therefore, time to start thinking about the next batch!

I saw a goldfinch at the feeder yesterday.

Goldfinch at our feeder
However, I now know why we see rarely see them. My neighbor is stealing them all. As I was walking the dog the other day, I spotted this in their side yard. They have FOUR feeders, and the finches were going crazy!! I see they have a birdbath. Well, I have a pond!

Four finch feeders

I got this customer quilt done. It'll get trimmed later today. The next one is loaded, and it's a big one. Just wait until you see it - it's pretty neat.

Customer quilt - DONE

Of course, the inspector was there to see that that the ¼" seams were consistent! What a little monkey. I will miss him when he goes home in a couple of weeks, but at the same time, I've learned that three dogs are a LOT. And this one is very high maintenance, although he's settled into a pretty decent routine. He's just very vocal and impatient! That's the fault of his owner, but I won't go there.

The inspector

I promised to finish a quilt for someone. Her mother was in one of my classes and has since passed. It's time to get working on that quilt. Not just an ordinary quilt, but a paper pieced double wedding ring! I'm making it 5 rings by 6. There's going to be some leftover pieces, and I'll likely make a second quilt from the leftovers, and it can be donated. I think her intention was to make a queen-sized quilt, but we've settled on a lap quilt.

The pattern for the paper pieced double wedding ring

I did sort through all the containers and made an inventory. I have to make a lot of these B arcs. I decided to finish off all the arcs that Paula started, even though I don't need them all. There will be enough leftovers to make that second quilt. This is going to be all about focus. Get the B arcs done, then move to the next section, and so on. It's sitting in my stack of current projects and takes up a LOT of space.

Working on the B arcs

All the strips are cut and ready to go.

Some of the B arcs were completed, and some were in various stages of completion. I made good progress yesterday. Thankfully, it's the kind of project that one can chain piece the paper pieced sections, and that's what I did.

Chain piecing with paper piecing

I've learned that SCENTS are NOT my friend. Mostly the kind that comes in laundry detergent. The fabrics in this quilt have been laundered, and my nose goes crazy. It also didn't help that the fabrics in the quilt I loaded on the long arm had been laundered with a scented detergent. I've never been this sensitive, but it's becoming pretty evident that there's a problem. Good grief! Well, I did find unscented laundry detergent the other day, so I'm covered fo my stuff.

Well, there's a lot on the agenda for today. I have a lot of prep work to do for upcoming classes. It's the first of eight weeks of a jam-packed schedule, and I need to stay on top of it all! At least, I don't have to worry about losing time to travel. That's the one advantage!

On that note, have a great day!!!!



  1. I'm with you on scented laundry anything! My sinuses go nuts when neighbors dryers are running and they've used that nasty Downey :-( I exclusively use ECOS unscented organic detergent. No softener needed and my clothes last forever not being broken down by all the chemicals.

    Great progress in your studio! So awesome you're finishing the quilt for a friend. My sister did that paper pieced pattern for her son's wedding gift. It went fast!

    Wishing you a terrific week!

    1. I saw that detergent at COSCO the other day. Liquid, not the gel packs. I went for unscented Tide so we'll see what happens. I may buy the liquid. Even if the clothes have been stored away for a couple of weeks, I put them on and WHEW!!!! You are right - we use NOTHING in the dryer and our clothes are just fine and not really staticy at all.
      I hope the wedding ring quilt goes quickly! So far so good.
      Have a great week as well!