Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Finding more treasures

Another super productive day! One of the magazine quilts is quilted and almost trimmed. I've got to make the binding this morning and get that attached. The second quilt is loaded and ready to start quilting this morning. I was going to quilt it last night, but then I was tired, so I abandoned that idea. I still have to make the binding for it and do something for sleeves for the back. I hope I can find one that I can pin on rather than having to make a new one. The goal is to get them in a box for 6 PM pickup today.

I'm still behind on getting the class homework out, and that has to happen today, and I've got another presentation tonight. Thankfully, the prep work for that should be minimal. The more lectures I do, the easier they become, which is good since I've got quite a few booked now.

If you want to be part of these lectures and you own a PFAFF or a Husqvarna, be sure to bug your local dealer so you can sign up!

Here's that customer quilt that I labored away on for way too long. It turned out beautiful. It's going to take a while to trim and cut the threads. That's a job for tomorrow.

Customer quilt - DONE

So do you remember when that pile of books came in from the library? I was deciding which order I should read them and thought I was smart by picking the most recent ones and working my way backward. I believe I got four or five of them read in the three weeks. It was time to renew the remaining books yesterday, and TWO of the oldest books were requested by someone else! The one on the right is copyright 1967!!!  That's hilarious!

Two library books

I returned these two books yesterday and will request them again once they are cleared from my account later this week. It's a hassle that we can't put a book on hold if it's already in our account. I know that sounds silly. We have to wait a fair amount of time for the books to be processed, so I have to remember to do this! One more thing that needs to be added to the paperwork!!!

I see some books slipped through my expired suspend before I could suspend them again. There are four waiting to be picked up tomorrow. I hope by the end of this month that everything will be back under control in my library account. I did take some of the physical books off hold as I found the audiobook version of them. So I have a few of those that will be coming soon. But that's OK. I've got 2 hours left on one book, and a new one came in yesterday. I seem to have that system worked out. I hate having a LOT of audiobooks that need to be read with a deadline, and there are usually people waiting for ALL audiobooks these days. Too much pressure to listen to them. Not as much pressure with physical books.

Here are some more pictures of stuff that I unearthed. OH -- I found another container that I want to keep.

Another bag of current projects

This is the LAST of the fancy containers in that pile of stuff. I added it to the pile of current projects. I know - I probably shouldn't have done that, but I'm OK with it. This was is also a thirty-one bag, and I got it at a family reunion a couple of years ago.

Family name embroidered on the bag
What did I dig out this time?? A piece of black fabric that is covered with dust!!! Yes - this has been sitting under the long arm, and it's very dusty. I've no idea why a hunk of black fabric is there by itself. It's now with the other black fabrics in the stash room. 

A very dusty piece of black

Oh god - just shoot me now, but here's ONE MORE string quilt. This one is being made with scraps of fabric from the SAME collection. I rather like it, and it's totally different from any of the others. That's in the pile of current projects. It's a GREAT way to use up leftovers from a project. Everything is already color coordinated.  There are FOUR blocks sewn together in case you're wondering.

Another string quilt

Then there this project. This one has been cut out for eons. I remember having to rescue it from the water when we had that last leak. It was a mess, but I managed to save all the pieces. You can see one block laid out on the left, and the one on the right is sort of laid out. I was sewing two a day for a while when I had to move everything upstairs to Studio U. The pile of finished blocks is in a drawer of my supply cabinet up there.

Two blocks of the scrap quilt
This is the pile of cut blocks that remains. While the pile is considerably less than it was, there are still quite a few blocks to finish. I need to get those finished blocks together with this, and it all goes in the current projects. 

The remaining blocks to make

HEY - I have a three day weekend coming up, and there are NO deadlines for next week. I have things to do, but NO deadlines. That gives me a LOT of flexibility to try and get more of that stuff cleared up at the bottom of the stairs.

I found the container with the fabric for my Farm Girl Vintage quilt. Now, where are the blocks and the book? Not sure, so that remained in the pile.

Fabric for Farm Girl Vintage

Oh my - I found some hunks of grey fabric that is perfect for a project that needs some low volume backgrounds. It's gone in the stash room - no idea why they were purchased.

Low volume grey material

A kit - that was easy - it got put with the kits.

A kit

Oh my - I found several pieces of white fabric. Again - no idea why those got set aside.

White fabrics

I suspect they were with these two bundles of red strips to do something with. But since I don't know what the something is, the red bundles went into the pile of pre-cuts.


There's more. A lot more, but that's all I have time to process.

What I find totally amusing is the quantity of stuff that got thrown into a bag in the hopes that I would remember what project it was for. I mean - it's totally crazy, and we should know to not rely on our memories over long periods of time. There is only so much that our brains can process. And how many times have you said - Oh - I don't need to buy that pattern - I'll remember how to make it. Well, guess what? I didn't buy the pattern, and I can't even remember what the pattern was - never mind knowing how to make it!!!

Yep - I'm guilty as ever for that. But no worries. It's good that this stuff gets put away properly, and then if I'm looking for something or need something, it'll easy enough to locate in my stash. Besides, it's good to review what one has from time to time. Like taking inventory each year! 

Today is going to be another busy day, and I'm off to my spin class at the gym.

Have a super day!!!!



  1. I love following your excavation :-) I think when you're down to the final container, you should post a pic side by side with the first pic! I'm weird that way.

    Happy quilting! I've run away to the mountains and sewed up a storm last night. 3 days to go!

    1. Elle -- great idea. Getting to the last container might take a while since I've decided to bring the stuff from upstairs down. But that's almost done as well!!! Nice to know you can get away to have some sewing days!!!