Thursday, December 3, 2020

Aviatrix Medallion Show and Tell


This week it's all about "Show and Tell." I'm trying to get the last details of the year tidied up! 

Speaking of Microsoft and all the woes of that software, here's one more thing I need to check. I seem to be paying an exorbitant amount (over $300) for the annual subscription. Yet, when I checked yesterday for plan options, I don't think I need to be paying this much. I could be wrong on that price - I need to check. 

So one of the "to do" tasks for the coming year is to check out all subscriptions that we pay for and figure out if we need them or reduce the service level. If it means I get to save some money, I'm all for it.

It's probably not a bad idea for all of you to do the same thing. If you subscribe to a streaming service, do you really get your money's worth from it? If you only watch one show and you absolutely can't live without that show - then it's worth it. If you signed up just because, then maybe you don't need it any longer. I tell you - I expect to save about $200 a month once I get through all my investigation, and it may even be more. That's HUGE. 

As we were chatting about some of the crazy stuff that Microsoft seems to have changed in their software, one of them was the Move function. Thanks to Linda, I now have some information on that, and I will check it out when I've got some downtime. Don't laugh - it will come!

Let's get on with the Aviatrix Medallion homework. This class was run through Oh Look Fabric. We were eight in the class, and many quilt tops got finished or will be finished shortly. 

Here's the original pattern by Elizabeth Hartman if you're not familiar with it. 

Aviatrix Medallion by Elizabeth Hartman

I'll be sending links to the blog posts for these finished quilts to the designers. I think it's fun for them to see what the group has created.

Let's get started. 

We started this quilt in person at the store and then had to switch to Zoom. I've decided that going forward, it doesn't make sense for the students or me to attend a one-hour lecture at the store. Yes - I know that it's great to get people in the store to buy stuff, which is why they were started many years ago. But I have a couple of other ideas on that front. I've got the "to do" list beside me these days, and stuff gets added while other stuff gets crossed off. It's a busy list. 

Remember that some of the students work full-time, others are retired. Some of them are dealing with small children at home while they work. Everyone is dealing with staying home in a totally different way. 

First up is Dana's quilt. She's working on the last two rows, which won't take long. I love the coloring in this one and that grey in the two larger grey borders sets it off nicely. Notice she was brave enough to make the complicated center block. 


Deb is a newbie, and work got in the way, so she is now trying to finish it off. I have confidence in her that it will happen. This is a gorgeous colorway. I love the teal and purple colors together. 


This is Marie's quilt. I swear I have a picture with the final border on. I don't have it handy, but you get the idea. She followed the coloring of the original pattern. And she also chose to make the complicated center. For some reason, that center just never did it for me. PERSONALLY, I find it very complex for the rest of the quilt. But that's me - I applaud Maria and Dana for making that center happen. The rest of us took the easy way out!


This is Cathy's quilt. She decided that it was large enough at this point and did NOT put the final butterfly border on. It looks great, and the patterning of the blue and yellow blocks in the final row is awesome. Same pattern, but all the quilts look so different. 


Corrie is working on her log cabin border. The jewel-tone coloring of this one is spectacular. 


Gisele picked an unusual colorway of grey, yellow and purple. I love it, and although there's a lot of yellow in this quilt, it's very well balanced with the other colors. 


Here's the rebel in the class - Rita. She made her version very modern and put splashes of black, yellow, and grey through the quilt. All I can say is that Rita has a VERY artistic eye, and it shows in her quilt. 


And the last quilt for today is mine. I chose to use ONE colorway - orange for this one. I"m always on the lookout for new colorways. I've made so many quilts that sometimes it a challenge to come up with something new. I used MANY oranges in this quilt, and it was so easy to find them after I reorganized the orange stash buckets. I should have done that years ago! But the quilt is done, including the last border, and just needs to be quilted. 

My quilt

And that's it - one more of our projects is finished for the year. I still have "Show and Tell" from two more projects, but we won't be meeting until mid-December, so you'll get to see the quilts then. 

Later this week, I'll be sharing the new projects for 2021. Remember they will be on Zoom for the entire length of the project, so anyone can participate. Yesterday, if you followed the link, you could see the new classes held through The Hobby Horse, and I forgot to mention that if you want to sign up, all you have to do is call the store to sign up. 

Don't forget that today, there's another blog post on QUILTsocial about the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q. Be sure to check out all the other cool features on this sewing only machine. Today, it's all about applique, so check it out!

On that note, I'm out of here!

As usual, another busy day, and well, let's get it started. Oh - before I go, Last night, I dreamt that I was going for a job interview. For what job? A pilot! Seriously? I'm not fond of heights! But then we got talking about how I could increase the distribution for my blog! You can help that dream by forwarding the link to my blog to ONE other person. That would help tons. And I will say that there's some NEW stuff coming in the new year. Yep - secret stuff, but I have to wait for my "day jobs" to quiet down. It's coming!! 

Have a great day!!!!


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