Sunday, December 13, 2020

Long Time Gone

 While I'm not out of the woods yet, the level of craziness has subsided! I've only myself to blame, and now that it's a bit quieter, I must keep working, so I don't end up in a crazy time crunch again! I know you're all shaking your heads because you all know that it's going to happen again. I swear that my body thrives on the pressure! 

I'm almost ready for the UFO club this morning. I have less than a half-hour of work to do, so I can just squeeze that in! 

Yesterday was all about Long Time Gone - the quilt by Jen Kingwell. We have a huge group in this class, and the show and tell was amazing! I have to share it with you. It just blows my mind to see the different direction each person has taken with this quilt. Everyone's quilt looks so different, and some have chosen a devil-may-care attitude to the colors, while others have carefully planned. Honestly, it makes me want to a second and a third and a fourth and sigh.........................   That's not going to happen, so I'm just going to enjoy the creativity of each person's choices. 

There were a total of four blocks for homework. I don't have homework from everyone, and we have to remember that not everyone has a lot of time as they prep for Christmas. Loads of Christmas sewing going on! Not at this house - just deadline sewing for magazines, customers, and a challenge! More on that another day. 

We have a private Facebook group where we can share photos, and I noticed some pictures went up minutes before the class started. I'm not a miracle worker - I need time to put those pictures in a presentation! 

Let's check out the Long Time Gone homework. 

There's always one in every class who LOVES dots! These blocks belong to Leslie. Thank goodness this one wasn't sewn together as her personal design consultant has helped her change it up, so we have to wait until next month to see the final block. 


This quilt is definitely a lesson in values. The original quilt uses busy prints of the same values both on the light and dark sides. Keep this block in mind as we look at a couple of the other ones. 


Leslie made all her log cabin blocks the same! Although there was no need to make that happen. No one ever said that their version needs to be identical to the original. That would be boring! 


And more dots - I love the different sizes!!!


This next grouping belongs to Margaret. I LOVE how she has fussy cut the center of that one block (the larger orange square), and she's got more fussy cut blocks in the bottom right for the center of her log cabin blocks. Notice how the high contrast in values on her block makes the diamond pattern really stand out. 


These log cabin blocks belong to Susan. A nice neutral color scheme. I wonder if the sashing is going to have a pop of color? And yes - they are all different, and that's OK. 


Here's another set of neutral log cabin blocks, but with a twist. Two are done similar to the pattern, and two of them have a very definite light and dark side. That's an interesting take. 


These next blocks also belong to Lynn. I love how she made this block symmetrical. Hey - sometimes, our brains just need that symmetry. 


This one has a much more random feel. See how the various value contrasts make some of the half-square triangles really stand out, and others are more subtle. 


And another symmetrical take on the diamond block. 


The next set of blocks belongs to Linda. What very pretty blocks! She says she didn't like the big purple square, but I don't think I mind it al all. I would keep it soft or lighter in contrast. We had discussed something darker, but darker will make it very obvious now that I look at it. I'd leave it. 


This set belongs to Carol, who is having a blast making her blocks. She's got a neutral floral fabric that she's mixing in with her colors. 


Here's the HOT TAMALE version! Those colors just pop!


Cathy is using a very different fabric combination. I'd almost call it country. I can't wait to see this version as I LOVE the color combination. 


Oh my goodness - we had a good laugh when it was Larraine's turn. She realized that one of her blocks was not like the others - well, not like the block in the book. I'm not going to tell you which one. I love it, and you know what? Her quilt will be even more unique!!


This next set belongs to Sheila. I LOVE how she played with the values in the block in the upper left. She got a sawtooth border effect. And the coloring on those log cabin blocks really gives them a lot of depth. 


Kathi got her Trip Around the World block completed. I love the treatment in the corners where she brought back some of the fabrics she used in the middle. 


Lynn is using a couple of very different colors in her blocks. This is one set of blocks. Notice the depth in those log cabins because one side is light and the other side is dark!


Here's the second colorway in Lynn's quilt. Oops - there's a couple of wee changes to make! I LOVE both colorways and can't wait to see them together. It's amazing how much more visible those little mistakes are when viewed in a picture in front of everyone!! Why can't we see them when we press them?


Brenda is doing something similar to Lynn - two different colorways. Her log cabin blocks reflect the two colors - the blue and the gold. I love the fabrics she used in the log cabin blocks. 


These blocks belong to Amy. I LOVE this colorway. See what I mean about wanting to make more than one? So many great choices. And look at the fussy cut fabric in the center. 


Another lover of dots! These log cabins belong to Heather! A different treatment of the colors from the original. Love it!!


Here are the half-square triangle blocks for Heather. And yes - there are fabrics with dots in there!! It's so bright and cheery. 

These next two block sets belong to Bernice. What I love about looking at all the blocks are the colors and the values. Bernice's fabrics are much softer than Heather's above, yet she has just as much contrast. It's all relative to how the fabrics relate to each other!


And she chose to make a light and a dark side to the log cabin blocks. These are more like a quarter log cabin block, but the author calls them Log Cabin Blocks. 


This next set is Helen Anne's. Totally classic in blue and white. It's going to be awesome. 

Helen Anne

This next set belongs to Linda. WOW!! I love them and WAIT - is that more dots in there? Yep - this group has a thing with dots!


The next set of blocks belongs to Cathy. Another classic version in blue and white. I love the pops of the dark blue - it makes my eyes jump around to see everything!




Next up is Jana. OK - one more colorway that I want to make. OK - so I want to make them all!! Each one is gorgeous!


This is Lois' Trip Around the World Block. It looks awesome with a great choice of fabric colors that blend nicely into each other. 


Today's last set belongs to Maria, who fussy cut the center of the log cabin blocks, and she made them like the traditional (well, a wonky traditional) log cabin. Adorable fabrics. 


Wow -- that's so exciting! And I love hearing the stories. Some of the group are using scraps; others have a specific palette picked out. I hear a few groans about twirling seams, but those that have conquered it are pleased with the final look. Yes - there are many pieces, and we have a couple of newbies in the group, but they are doing well - at least I hope they are!!

Way to go, everyone!! This is so exciting! And let's hope after the holidays that everyone can get caught up. I'll be making a list and checking it twice to see if anyone needs some extra help!!

And that's it for today. 

Have a super day!!



  1. Elaine, do you know if Cathy caught that a couple of her HSTs are turned the wrong way in the middle of the HST blocks?

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