Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The countdown


It's December 1st! Oh my! How did this year fly by? Keeping busy, that's how! 

While I'm going to enjoy every day like I do most days, I'm also on my own little countdown until the end of the year. 

  • How many Zoom presentations left to host? (7) 
  • How many Zoom presentations left to participate in? (2) 
  • How many Zoom meetings (1)
  • How many quilts for magazines to be finished? (2) 
  • How many Zoom sewing days, including Virtual Retreats? (6)  
  • How many customer quilts to be quilted? (lots) 
  • How many documents to write? (6)

So that's going to be my countdown for the rest of the year. And I'll be counting down the KM walked as well. 

Yesterday was a day - well, hopefully never to be repeated. I've NEVER had to do such a huge ripping job on any quilt, and it wasn't fun. But I set myself up on a stool with my laptop so I could participate in Monday sewing. Then I moved on to watch a demo from Micheal's. And after that was done, I got my headphones out and listened to another audiobook. 

Set up to rip out a quilt

Let's just say that it was a long day, and at times, it looked hopeless, but I'm happy to report that the stitching is gone! The big question is, do I have time today to quilt it? I don't think so - I do have some stuff that absolutely has to be done today, and I don't want to be rushing around. So I think I'll just wait and get it done later. It's going to put me very behind, but I'll make up for it next week by doing more than one quilt a day. No choice - that's life. 

And let's hope that we can put this nightmare to bed and never to be repeated. Ah - life is just a bowl of cherries with a new learning experience around every corner!

I have four piles of paperwork around me as I sit here. I would so love to get through one of them today. It's the most urgent stuff, and it would make me breathe a little easier if it was gone. Then I'll deal with the other three NON-urgent piles next week. 

And I NEED to get my Christmas cards in the mail. Last chance if you want a card from me. I'll be writing and sending them next week! 

Another great laugh as I sat down at my computer the other day. Another gold thread!! Seriously??? I'll be finding gold threads everywhere for a long time, or so it seems. 

Another gold thread

After a bit of research about AutoSave in Microsoft Word, I caved, and I'm using AutoSave, saving the document to my Microsoft cloud. I have no idea why that has to be. But it appears that I'm not the only one who has the same questions. I found a document that said you CANNOT have AutoSave work as a default. Oh no - you have to turn it on each time you want it. Well, that's just silly. When did they make this change to Microsoft Office? And when you turn on AutoSave, it asks for the name of your document. Now I just have to remember that the file is in the One Drive and not on my computer!

Using AutoSave

I think this is a serious flaw. The AutoSave should ALWAYS work (as in a default). Now, I just have to remember to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE my document every time I start. I know that's not hard, but obviously, it is for me. 

And I must go back and read the article that Linda sent me. I'm happy to report that I have about 10 minutes (OK - more like a half-hour), and that document will be done! That's the last of the heavy writing for this year. I still have a few things to write, but none of them will take too long. 

OK -- so now this palette has become a focal point of one of my morning walks. The other day, I walked past the spot to see that the palette was gone. Oh no - could this be the end? 

The palette is gone!

Well, no, it wasn't gone. It had been moved behind some trees about 30 feet from where it was originally located. 

The palette has been moved

And the strips of engineered wood were also moved. Then yesterday, I see that it's been moved back near its original location. As well as the strips of engineered wood. It's hilarious! Murphy doesn't care at all, but I notice it. All Murph cares about is where the squirrels are! 

The palette is almost back in its spot

I do see the guy walking around, sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. But TWICE this week, I didn't have a chance to get out for that second walk. One day was because I was on Zoom classes all day, and yesterday when I did have a bit of downtime, I looked out and saw the weather and thought - I'll stay inside. I must be sick! That's the first time this year that I said that. I'm allowed to say that. But it felt bizarre to not bundle up and venture outside, but it was rather nasty. 

And now, today, I have errands. I had been saving them for today, and of course, there's snow outside, and the roads will be nasty. But I have my winter tires on, and I'll drive according to the conditions. I'm sure it's going to be fine. 

I almost forgot that this week is my week for QUILTsocial. BE sure to check it out. 

I got to play with a BRAND NEW sewing machine. The Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q - a sewing only machine. 

Here's the link to Day One

And here's the link to today. 

Well, that's it for me. I'm making a list and going to see how much extra time I have. Not much, I'm sure. 

Have a great day. Stay safe and warm. 



  1. Why not try Libre Office? It's free and free of the Microsoft mindset that "the user is an idiot so we make the rules about how things are done". It's also able to read most Word files.

    1. Barbara -- old habits are going to be hard to break. I've used Microsoft for years. And trusted it until recently. I use most of the suite and would be hard pressed to move to another platform. It's already bad enough that our work uses Google Docs. Thanks for the suggestion - if things continue, I may have no choice but to look at an alternative.

  2. I know a couple people who have lost everything in their One Drive, so I would be hesitant about leaving your documents in One Drive as a permanent solution. You could use One Drive as your auto-save location while you are working on a document, and then move it to you usual location when you have it completed and don't need the auto-save function. If you need help with learning how to move documents, let me know. It is as easy to move them as it is to copy and paste.
    If you wanted to use Barbara's suggestion of using another program for working documents, then you could move them into Word as the final if you need to submit documents in Word format for magazines or whatever.

    1. Linda --- OH MY GOD -- how do I MOVE documents. I'm so tired of copying when I want to move. We used to be able to do that!!! I have no intention of keeping stuff in OneDrive, but I'll use it for AutoSave since there doesn't seem to be another choice.