Saturday, December 12, 2020

Who is that?

 Today is the LAST day of craziness for this year! Oh - who am I kidding? But it should calm down quite a bit after today. I have two classes today, and I still have two presentations to assemble, and never mind that I had to do the homework for one of them yesterday (and this morning). The girls might have to wait until later for their walk. 

Last night, I had the good fortune to listen to an author speak. This was through my local library. Honestly, these author talks have become HUGE because of Zoom. So this is a very positive thing that has happened because of the pandemic. This would never have happened before - no one would have attended. But now, at no cost, we get assess to authors all over the place, and they get to reach out to new audiences. 

Every month, our library has had an author talk, but last night was the first one that I could participate in. I didn't know the author, but the genre sounded like it might be fun. So I listened in. The author was Genevieve Graham. What a delightful person, and she is PASSIONATE about her subject matter. 

The author talk last night

She writes historical fiction in CANADA. This is not a normal genre for me, but I'm intrigued, and I think I'll have to get one of her books. She talked about The Forgotten Home Child, a heartbreaking story about children sent to Canada in the 1930s to get them off the streets of England and "help" out the farmers in Canada. I think some of them got lucky, and some of them were not so lucky. They were essentially sold as slaves, although that might be going a bit bold in that statement. Slaves versus farm help - you decide. 

She's written other books about the Halifax explosion, and well - I haven't had a chance to investigate all her books. So there we go again - a new author introduced when I don't need a new author in my life! But if you're into historical fiction and want to read about Canadian History - I would suggest this author. 

The library then showed a list of the authors for 2021, and OH MY GOD - Robyn Harding who wrote The Swap, is going to talk in January. I NEED to sign up!!!!  I didn't recognize anyone else on the list, but I'm going to sign up and hopefully get to listen to them all. 

If you are into reading, then I would check out your local library. You need a library card to sign up for this series, where I know some other libraries make the author's talks open to anyone. I hope these author discussions will continue into the future - what a great way to get access to some amazing authors and promote the library, and we can do it in the comfort of our home. 

I plugged my headphones in, and I sewed during the entire lecture!! It was grand. 

So I started a new audiobook yesterday, and well - I'm a bit confused. The moment I heard the narrator's voice, I recognized it (Lorelei King), and it took a few minutes to realize that it's the same person who narrates Janet Evanovich's series about Lizzie and Diesel. I didn't know a thing about this book called A Bad Day for Sunshine by Darynda Jones, but the same person narrating both books and the style of book; I SWEAR that the author is, in fact, Janet Evanovich. I checked quickly, and I don't think it's a pseudonym, but I can't be sure. It's the SAME - I MEAN the SAME style of book and writing. It's very uncanny. 

So that has been keeping me entertained while I've been working! After listening to Genevieve last night, it made me want to write a book. I've no idea what - but I wanted to write. She was so bubbly and enthusiastic. I love her, and I haven't even read her books!!

I managed to get one more quilt done yesterday. I have one more URGENT quilt to do, and I hope to get it loaded later today and start working on it tomorrow. It's not huge, and it's overdue! Then things will be totally under MY control going forward, and well, that's going to be fun!!

Customer quilt - DONE

As I walked around the grocery store yesterday, this display caught my eye. Wait - those are very pale boxes of Cheerios. My first thought, which I'm sure the marketing people would NOT appreciate, was that these boxes had been exposed to long periods of sun and had faded!! But it's FROSTED VANILLA Cheerios. I almost caved and bought a box, but then I don't eat that kind of cereal. Oh - maybe I will next time, but I already had a backpack full of groceries, and a box of cereal would not fit. Has anyone tried them???

Frosted Vanilla Cheerios

Oh my god - who is this person? M was having fun with a filter on her phone, and this is a cartoon version of her. 


And who is this gorgeous person? Why that's the cartoon version of ME. I have to laugh because you go from looking like a harsh person to this beautiful creature. Can we do this during a Zoom call? Wouldn't that be cool if Zoom had filters like this? Oh, yes - I want this. I look awesome!

A cartoon of ME

If you're following along with the Spectrum Quilt A Long, here's the link to my Block 6.  And if you want to check out Paul's block - here's the link and the link to Claires. They all look so different. 

Well, it's got to be short and sweet this morning. I've got to get those pictures loaded into the presentations. 

Have a super day!!


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