Tuesday, December 15, 2020

UFO Show and Tell

 Let's see how today goes. Will Google go down? That was kind of scary because a couple of huge companies out there run many of the services we use. When they go down- we're in trouble! Yesterday it was no YouTube, no Blogger, no Gmail, and no Google calendar. Thankfully, it didn't last long, and the issue was WORLDWIDE. 

We have some great conversations on Monday sewing days. What would we do without those Zoom sessions? It's great to get input from everyone on those wild topics. And to find out some skeletons in people's closets! But those stay with the group. Sorry!  Let's just say that we have a wide variety of people from many different backgrounds in that sewing group and what fun we have as they share some of their stories. 

I've been prepping. There are so many sewing projects that need to be done by the end of the year and well, I need to get to work. So I prepped several projects this morning, and now I'm ready for a good sewing day. That won't be today, but it had better be tomorrow as I don't want to be rushing at the last minute. 

You'll get to see it all as it transpires, but not this morning. 

It's all about that great UFO homework that we saw on the weekend. It's been a huge motivator for me, and even if my progress is slow, that's better than no progress at all. It's all about setting priorities and for me to get this mess cleaned up is a huge priority. My family doesn't know it, but they will appreciate it when I'm not here!

Dede had made these blocks several years ago, and her job was to get them assembled into a quilt top. Mission accomplished! 

Dede's quilt top 

I believe her goal for next month is to get the border on the quilt. That's the beauty of this club - you make the decision of what to do based on how much time you have. Now here's the thing - I know that some people wait until the last minute to get the homework done, and they run into trouble. This is a serious commitment and shouldn't be left until the last minute! Not that that is what happened to Dede - her quilt top was done a couple of weeks ago!

Katheleen finished the last block for the center of her Quilter's Patch quilt. I love how she didn't fuss with the shingles on the roof of the garden shed block but made it one solid piece of fabric. HEY - who said you have to make it like the pattern? Our objective is to get it done!

Katheleen's Quilter's Patch

She also had these napkins as show and tell. I believe there are 24 of them. So cute and relatively easy to make. When they open up, they form a semi-circle. A very clever idea - I'm sure you can find the pattern online somewhere - Christmas Tree napkins. Oh, look - here's a YouTube video to help you along. 

Christmas Tree napkins

She also had some gorgeous show and tell with these blocks that she stitched on her embroidery machine. Well, just the outline. Then she used InkTense pencils to color them in. That was after watching Karen Charles do a video on Micheals.com. Shoot - I can't find the link to that specific video, but there are a LOT of other crafty information videos on that website. Oops -- I found the link to the Inktense session. 

Katheleen's InkTense sample

Here's my sunflower block for the Quilter's Patch quilt. Yep - the same one as Katheleen's working on. 

My sunflower block

I have ambitious plans to get the center part of this quilt done by the next meeting. That means I have to do the three butterfly blocks, one fence, and the garden shed. All of which I've started, so it's doable!

Part of my homework for next month

Elaine's goal was to cut out a new quilt. Yes - I know, not technically a UFO, but some people use it to get current projects done, and she needed a break from UFOs as she has got a good number of UFOs completed this last year. 

Elaine's homework - cutting out a quilt

Diane's goal was to get 2 more cat blocks appliqued. 

Diane's cat blocks

Not only did she get two done, but she got four completed this past month, and now the first six (of twelve) are stitched together!! 

Diane's cat applique quilt

And there's a quilt that she's quilted on her long arm! Yeah, Diane!!!

Diane's snowman quilt

Sharon's goal was to cut out that HUGE tree for her Piecemaker's calendar and get it glued in place on the quilt. She's started to stitch it in place, and her goal is to have it stitched for the next meeting. That's going to be a huge job as there's a lot of twisting and turning involved in that. 

Sharon's Piecemaker Calendar (2000)

Liz has her quilt top together but has decided to make it a bit larger so guess what she'll be doing this month? Cutting four more blocks!

Liz's quilt top with 12 blocks

Jane is trying to get brownie points by making some adorable Christmas gifts. This is a wall hanging where kids (or why not adults) hang their artwork.  One of them is finished (except for sewing the bulldog clip to the top of the frame), and she has one more to do!

Jane's artwork wall hanging - DONE

Here's the pattern if anyone is interested. It's from a company called Pieceful Designs. 

The pattern for the wall hanging

Laura's task was to sew the blue stars in this quilt, but with a few days off work, she managed to get all the stars sewn together!! I love how when people get on a roll that they can make things happen!!

Laura's flannel quilt

Linda was making some gift bags, but life got in the way. At least one bag is done, and hopefully, the rest will be finished before Christmas. What will Santa put the presents in if they don't get done?

Linda's gift bag

Lynne always makes a pillowcase for her quilts. This is what she made for her Dream Big panel. 

The back of the pillowcase

The front of the pillowcase

Shelly is working on Winter Wonderland and got the next section of the largest block done!! 

Shelly's hand embroidery

Isn't that exciting? All of these (well, most of them) are projects that were started years ago. In Sharon's case, TWENTY years ago! Can you believe it? And soon, these projects will be put to bed, and we can pull out the next one to work on. I'm making slow and steady progress, but now with all that cutting sitting by the sewing machine, I'd really like one or two days of focused sewing with ZERO interruptions to make a good stab at sewin. Tomorrow might be just that day since there is NOTHING on the schedule, although there are many smaller things to get done, and let's not forget that looming paperwork. 

I need to get back to my paperwork routine in the morning and sewing/quilting in the afternoon. Perhaps next week that will happen, or I can even try this week. 

Well, that's it for me today. 

Have a super day!!!


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