Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Machine Embroidery Club

 I haven't been reading much lately. My brain just goes into overload mode, and I really don't want to be distracted. And I have to say that having my thoughts entirely to myself is a good thing. I think a lot, I problem solve and just reflect on who I am and what I'm doing! Something I hope to do a whole lot more next year. 

However, this morning, when I was loading a customer quilt, I listened to an audiobook. WOW -- The Midnight Library by Matt Haig finally came in! What a great concept, and honestly - it's all about life. And regrets. Imagine if it were possible to see yourself if you had made this decision over that? That would be mind-blowing, to say the least. So far, I'm enjoying the book, and I have some major quilting to do today, so I should get a good part of it read. 

I also have two presentations, so I've got other work to do besides quilting. The good news is that I'm almost caught up in all the writing I have to do! That makes my heart sing! I've got to try and get ahead for this month, so the homework notes aren't delayed. I should be able to make that happen. 

I showed you my little Kimberbell pillow yesterday. 

March Bench Buddy from Kimberbell

Well, this is what it looks like this morning. 

The pillow - disassembled 

I didn't like the corners, so I used my corner trimmer to get rid of the excess after I took it apart. I'm not sure how to add the flange and keep the corners smooth. I also reworked the green and white cording. I didn't like the way it looked. Gosh -- I'm so picky - that's why I don't get a lot done in a day!!! I may just end up binding the darn thing and call it a day.

I did get these half square triangles trimmed while I was chatting with everyone on Monday sewing. I took the pillow apart, and I must have done something else, but not much else got done! All these things TAKE TIME!

Trimmed half-square triangles

I started to work on the homework projects for this month, and I can't wait to share all the finished projects, but not until the class sees them first! 

Has anyone heard an update about Tula Pink - The Butterfly Quilt? I was hoping to run that as a sew-along next year, and NO news on the pattern! The pattern is almost written according to an update a while back. If not, I have a different quilt in my back pocket, and I'll be announcing that soon. 

Here's a couple of photos of the machine embroidery happening in our club. As I mentioned, some of the members haven't touched machine embroidery in ages, others are relatively new, and we've got everyone in between. So some of the projects are simple, and some are complicated. All I care about is that we are embroidering and learning. 

Susan made this adorable mask. Wouldn't that be fun for Halloween? 

Susan's bear mask

Barb is working on Love Notes by Kimberbell. 

Love Notes by Kimberbell

Colleen is working on Aristocats. 


Diane has finished Hello Sunshine by Kimberbell. 

Hello Sunshine by Kimberbell

Loretta is quilting in the hoop and learning on placemats. By the time she finishes all twelve of them, she will be a pro!!

Quilted in the hoop placemats

Lynne is doing a winter, or maybe that's a Christmas tile scene by AnitaGoodesign. 

Lynne's tile project

Margot is working on an embroidery a long by Sweet Pea. 

Machine embroidery stitch along

Ronda is working on ChristmasTown by AnitaGoodesign. 

Christmas Town

So you know how I say how fun it is to find a design, do a modification, and hit SEND to send the design wirelessly to the embroidery machine via mySewnet? Well, this is how it used to be. Sharon is using an older embroidery machine (Husqvarna Viking Designer 1) that still works! She needs to transfer her design from CD to a 3½" floppy! And she has the stitch-outs to prove it!!!

I worked on all the stuff you saw on QUILTsocial. I've got a lot that I want to embroider this month, and there's no time to waste! What fun to do the machine embroidery and to be able to share our successes and failures with each other. It's a great learning experience! The club is full -- I don't think we can add more people and do justice to those in the club. 

Miss Lexi was in fine form yesterday as we walked through the woods. This is her version of chasing squirrels. She doesn't make a fuss or bark, but she does her little wiggle and tries to climb the tree. And it's so funny as she is standing on a log to get higher. Smart girl!!! Sigh....................

How Lexi chases a squirrel

Murphy spent some time rummaging in her toy box. Why?? To find a new toy to play with, of course! 

Murphy's toybox

She found a small frisbee that she chewed but then got distracted and left it alone for another day. 

Chewing a frisbee

It's getting so dark in the morning, and with the rain we've had the last couple of days, it's dreary, damp, and dark! I think I'm putting pants on today! It's a bit chilly!

Well, I"m off to make the day happen! 

Have a super day!!


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