Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The weight creep

 Well, I seem to have accomplished a lot yesterday, yet I have nothing to share with you. That's not entirely true, as I have one thing to share. I'm participating in the Barn Quilt project with Thimbles and Things, and once a month, we have to make a block. 

Yes -- the class is this Friday, and I always seem to be right at the last minute to get the block done, and this month was a super simple block. I took some time yesterday to make the block, and the task for the extra points is also done. 

My barn block for September

The extra points were easy as we had to take a picture of a log cabin quilt - and one additional point if it was a quilt that we had made. This is my log cabin quilt. 

My log cabin quilt

The picture just doesn't do justice to the richness of this quilt. It's a mini-log cabin quilt. There are 144 blocks in the quilt. All are paper-pieced, and once I got into production mode, I could do one block in 15 minutes. And there are only five colors in the quilt -- red, blue, black, green, and purple. There are mediums and darks in the quilt but no lights. I love it, and it hangs in my hallway. 

One log cabin block

What I didn't do was take a picture of all my blocks. OK -- now here are all my blocks so far. Technically we should have 14 blocks -- 12 from last year, one from this year, and a bonus block that we made last year. I only have 13 blocks in total -- 12 that I'll use in the quilt and one that will be the label. There's one block that I didn't make last year. I decided that I wasn't going to use applique blocks for my version of the barn quilt. And not only will I not use the applique blocks, I decided to not make them. The reward wasn't worth the effort, and I'd have an orphan block!

My barn blocks

The label for the quilt and one extra block

We also did another small bonus block, but it's too small to work with the others. It'll go in the orphan block pile and get used at some point. 

I'm happy with the results and only 11 more blocks to make. My blocks are 9" finished, not 18" as per the original instructions. I intend to make a quilt with 18 blocks (on-point), but I'll make all the blocks and then decide what to do with them. Some of those blocks are intricate, and bringing them down to 9 inches is "fun!"

I see people have been working on their UFO homework as the e-mails are starting to come in. The only reason many of these projects are getting done is the commitment to the UFO Club. It's weird how our minds work, but it's exciting that we are finishing these projects! It's so exciting to see what people committed to make and see them actually get it done.

This is going to be a busy weekend; there are three classes for four different quilts. There is UFO Club, and there's a lecture, which I'll run twice because of the number of people signed up. I'm about halfway through the homework prep. So guess what I'll be doing today? And I have a quilt that has to be done and a couple that needs to be trimmed. 

So there'll be lots of homework to share next week. And I do have some e-mails to get out today reminding people of commitments for the weekend. 

Murphy has lost her marbles! Well, she has lost most of her balls. I have no idea what she has done with them. But one of them surfaced a couple of days ago, and she is INSISTENT that we play ball - in the house, outside  - she's relentless and never seems to tire out. 

It appears that it's missing again. Last night when I asked her to "get the ball," this is what happened. She literally tore her toy box apart, looking for it. OH -- as I read that, I realize that I contribute to her wanting to play ball! That's OK -- she's such a goof! 

Looking for the missing ball

Oh, Murphy -- it's likely under the trees in the backyard! Silly girl!

As I sit here eating my protein bar to go to spin class and not run out of gas, I contemplate how I could have gained FIVE pounds in the last couple of weeks. Yes -- that's awful! Well, I'm blaming it on two things. DH and his habit of buying treats for dessert. NO more desserts. I mean, when you look at the packaging, and it says 500 calories for a butter tart, and when you eat one a day for weeks (OK -- I haven't, but you get the picture), that adds up. 

The second culprit, which is related to the first, is SUGAR. There's nothing like eating sugar for me to pack on the pounds. And I'm walking at least 11.5 KM a day! I do have chocolate (a couple of pieces) every day - it's my little treat. But I'm going to have to start monitoring what I put in my mouth. 

While the five pounds is nothing I can't handle, it's the slow and steady creep that concerns me. If I ignore this, next thing I know, there'll be another 5 pounds and another, and I'm not putting up with carrying all that extra weight. It's hard work to carry all that excess weight, and I'm lazy, so we're going to start watching what we eat - right after I finish off that pumpkin pie! 

The other thing I need to do is drink more water. I don't drink enough water to stay adequately hydrated, which makes a difference in how we eat, feel, and properly maintain our health! I say that all the time, and sadly, I can't get myself motivated to drink more.

I did two presentations yesterday. One was the final in the series for that store, and it's always sad to say goodbye. That's the one thing that I haven't quite gotten used to with Zoom. Usually, people hang around when you finish a class, and there's some chit-chat as you pack up. With Zoom, you say goodbye and CLICK -- everyone is gone. That is the one thing that I dislike about Zoom. But I can live with that. 

And I get the nicest e-mails from people who search me out on Facebook or Messenger to send me the nicest compliments! That's so sweet of them, and I appreciate each and every comment. 

I watched more videos yesterday and downloaded more documents. I'm going to be so bright once I assimilate this information into my way of thinking. I think that's the critical thing to remember -- you can look at someone else's method of working or look at their finished projects, and if you try to copy it, the project or style falls flat most of the time. Why? Because that is THEIR work coming from their heart, and you need to take the information they provide and figure out how to make it work for you. 

That's why I always say - there is NO right or wrong way to do anything. This relates to anything we do -- storing fabric and fabric scraps, binding a quilt, etc. You have to find the way that works for you! What I offer are suggestions. 

Anyway, that's it for me today. I'm off to sweat buckets at spin class. But after a nip in the steam room and a good shower, you feel like a million bucks, so it's all worth it in the end. Do you ever wonder why we put ourselves through all this torture? 

Have a super day!!!


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