Thursday, October 14, 2021

The chopping block

Over the years, I've heard of several people who have created Stitch-Out books for their sewing machines. It's a great idea that allows you to see all the stitches that you have available to play with. It would be great to have the original stitch and perhaps the settings at the maximum and minimum. You can check out the SewingMastery video on what she did for a stitch-out book. 

Has anyone done such a book? And if so, what format did you use? I like the idea of the stitches in the business card pages that she shows near the end of the video. You have a place to write the stitch information beside the stitch. I'd love to see pictures of what you have done. With all the stitches in my machine, creating a stitch-out book would take a LONG time, but it would be something fun to do. 

Something bizarre has happened. I've got classes this weekend, and I'm prepping. However, I noticed that I'm rehearsing the presentation -- not a bad thing, but I'm doing it in FRENCH! Oh dear -- where did that come from? Well, we know where that is coming from! I finished one of my series with one of the French dealers last night. And I'll be starting a new session with them in a couple of weeks. I think I have more French presentations in a week than I do in English at one point! 

I need to sit down and study and memorize the words that I'm still struggling to find. But with my lists, I'm doing well. 

So everyone had a hard time during COVID with their hair. It's not that I'm getting my hair cut every six weeks -- that just doesn't fit my lifestyle, but it was definitely a lot shorter than it's been. It's probably close to two years since my last cut. 

Long hair!

However, I will say that after spin class, I was fed up, and so this happened. 

That's a lot of hair!

And here I am -- new do! 

Much shorter hair

On my way home, I remembered that I CANNOT stand to have my hair in my face, so I've got my hairband back in place, and it looks great. Well, it's just fine -- but it feels so much better. I have very thick straight hair, and it just feels fresher. But boy -- it's not cheap to get your hair cut these days! Maybe it was the length of the appointment? But sheesh!!! Fortunately, they could take me the same day, or I may have changed my mind.

OH -- we chatted about my hair color -- I'm about 70% grey, but that doesn't mean that I'm old! It's just a color! 

But the appointment did put me behind for the rest of the day, and while I did manage to get in my daily KM, I was up late last night finishing off the quilt that I had started earlier in the day. 

Customer Quilt

I also got my book for the Barn Blocks of Simcoe County. All I can say is that Wanda Milankov did a fantastic job with the book. The quality of the drawings, colored diagrams of each block, three quilt patterns, and 34  (12") quilt blocks. The proceeds go to the 4-H in Simcoe County. And the best news of all? This book is $20. You can't go wrong! 

Barn Blocks of Simcoe County

Wanda -- kudos to you for making a super book, and when is Volume II coming out??? You can purchase the book at Thimbles and Things. 

So Murphy - what can I say about this dog? She is smart, very smart, and highly motivated by food and toys. As I was making more whipped cream for the last piece of pumpkin pie, she was waiting to lick the beaters! Just like we used to do when we were kids! 

MOM -- hurry up!!!

Or she is focusing on her ball. She's VERY insistent that we play ball, and I try as much as I can, but I can't play as much as she wants! Oh, Murphy -- we love you!

Waiting for the ball to move

She desperately needs a bath and haircut. I can take her for a bath, and I'm tempted to get a set of trimmers and do the deed myself. It'll save the groomers and us a lot of grief. I watched some Youtube videos -- it's not that hard. 

Well, it's a bit of a relaxing day! There are only two presentations in English, and it's the last class for the panel quilt. The one that we chopped into 60-degree triangles so we could make hexagons. I wonder how many people are finished?? I'm sure there will be some keeners in the group who are done. I'll share my progress with you tomorrow. Slow and steady, although I can't let it become a UFO since my goal is to eliminate UFOs and not add to the pile. 

OH -- I have one other thing to share with you today. This quilt belongs to a friend. She used several different whites in the background - from different manufacturers. The quilt had been previously washed and dried, and there were no issues with it. She had to clean it again and laid it outside in the sun to finish the drying process. Look what happened!!!! It's a mystery, and I'm hoping that someone can provide an answer.

A fabric mystery

Some of the whites picked up the red from the backing. Now how did that happen, and why did it happen ONLY in the sun???? Any clues????

Well, it's time to get the day started! 

Have a super day!!!!


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